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Woodside, City of the Dead in Utah for sale $ 3, 9 Million

Woodside town in Utah, United States, were busy with 300 people who settled there in the early 1900s when it had a water stop for steam engines. Now the city was empty, uninhabited. Owners will sell off some of the city would cost $ 3, 9 million.

Roy Pogue, 63, is the owner of Woodside who want to sell some of his property because he could no longer take care of the area and told his wife as someone who has no neighbors around them.

Pogue bought this property in 1990 from a doctor in Provo. Originally he planned to farm or raise livestock on the land. But he was even more frequently to help tourists vehicle broke down, allowing him to update a service station and started to run his business.

Realtor Mike Metzger said the property is a potential for someone with entrepreneurial flair. “You can be a sheriff, judge, and executioner in your own town. You also can become mayor. Can be whatever you want. It’s incredible,” Metzger said, as quoted

Woodside is located along Route 6 in Emery County, surrounded by the Book Cliff, was named like that because it looks like a bookshelf. Woodside town itself is surrounded by shrubs and cleaved Price River.

Woodside is also home to the legendary. Historians believe that Butch Cassidy and his gang have used a remote region in the San Rafael Swell near the Woodside as a hiding place. Butch Cassidy was a train and bank robber, and the Wild Bunch gang leader in the American Old West.