Rules and guidelines when bidding with

All commercial business deals have rules and regulation to follow to ensure there is a fair feedback at the end of the deal. At rules and regulations have also been put to place to ensure there is a fair deal at the end of every single auction. One simple rule that is never emphasized but carry a lot of weight is one should not play unless they understand how the whole bidding business goes about. Ignorance is never considered and therefore not knowing what you’re getting into and breaking some rules will cost you a lot of avoidable problems.
The first rule that is always at the top of the list is that all bidders must all have accounts with us at Sharing of accounts with two or more persons is also against the rules as it will bring unfairness in a field which highly leans on transparency, integrity and fairness among all. Usernames in the bidders account should always be acceptable and not bring any sense of intimidation. Updates on our Facebook fun page should also be free of intimidation. Winning limits are also placed to ensure each and every person gets equal opportunities to become a winner and not just a person or group of persons. Those with relatives or close friends and acquaintances are barred from taking part in our auction as it may raise eyebrows of inside help or given an unfair advantage over the other bidders. Bidding at the same auction with family members is also not allowed as it will bring an unreal bidding activity.