The Best Kept in the fridge while Milk

Milk pasteurization or UHT milk if it has been opened, it is the safest place put the refrigerator. Milk is a food of the most vulnerable contracting sharp aroma.

Storage process milk in the fridge should pay attention to other foods around it. Pungent raw foods, such as meat and seafood, should be placed under the milk.

“If the right home refrigerator no freezer, no more space underneath for meat, milk nah placed underneath it. But, the most secure order, are milk, keep a food that smells sharp baseball, new meat or seafood, “said Chef Sham, Tim Cook Kitchen The Soop, the Okezone in Jakarta, Wednesday (10/04/2013).

In addition to the sharp scent, droplets of raw meat and seafood feared to go down and go through the gap on the packaging of milk. If the milk has been opened, then the safest way is put it in the refrigerator door shelves. But remember, cover tightly also packs milk carton so that bacteria do not easily fit.

“Actually, if there are no items in the fridge that smells stronger, better in the freezer, or if there is no meat and seafood that smells strong, place it on the rack, because milk is vulnerable to contamination,” he continued.

Fresh milk with unopened packs can last kick at the kitchen table. While, UHT milk can last up to a year as it has been pasteurized.

If it is opened, fresh milk can last for three days when stored in a chiller while able to withstand UHT milk a week. “So, it’s better if it had been opened, quickly spent because milk susceptible odors, bacteria, worry if we are open and no one else is open, the lid tightly baseball,” he concluded.