Now, The Increasingly Popular Hair Coloring

Phenomenone look beautiful now is not only stylish with a neat haircut. Coloring hair with a touch of variety to the demand.

Lifestyle metropolitan residents led to a lot of loopholes. In addition to fashion, the world of beauty, in this case the hairstyle become significant progress.

One that stands out is the desire to dye her hair to create a different look.

The great desire was to make the world hairdressing excited. Flood of customers who want to dye your hair to make income increased hairdresser.

It is like the spoken Ivonne Vania, Product Manager Color Loreal Professionel at the Media Luncheon at Restaurant Meradelina, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Thursday (28/02/2013).

“Coloration is one of the biggest categories of income hairdresser,” he said.

Dituturkannya that further market penetration increased since 2006.

“Customers are always looking for professional products coloration than he bought at the supermarket,” he concluded.