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San Diego Garage Flooring


Garages, though usually not the most glamorous part of a home, still deserve a bit of attention every now and again. Sadly, while other areas of the house are in many cases constantly primped and polished, aside from an occasional sweep, many garages are left neglected. There is no reason, however, why a garage can’t be made into an attractive and enjoyable space. With the right materials, and a little organization, your garage can truly become a place you’ll want to show off.

One part of this space that can generally use a bit of a facelift is the garage flooring. San Diego residents looking to spruce up the appearance of their dull, concrete garage floor will find that there are several excellent options out there. In most cases, a great garage floor is available for every situation, and even the most discriminating tastes.

Options for Garage Flooring in San Diego
The most direct route to change the appearance of San Diego garage flooring is to paint it. This, however, is often not the best option. In colder, wetter areas, rain, snow, slush, cinders, and rock salt can eat away a layer of paint in a season; though these conditions aren’t generally associated with So Cal, a painted garage floor should still be considered merely a temporary solution.

Commercial auto shops and car dealerships have long known the benefits of epoxy coating for garage flooring. Epoxy forms a tough, durable seal when applied properly. It can stand up to years of abuse, is easy to clean, and will be resistant to many of the liquids that are common in a garage environment. Though you can buy do-it-yourself epoxy coat kits, the material is a bit tricky. Hiring a professional crew should ensure that your new floor will look great and function well for years to come.

Rubber tiles or mats are another option for brightening up your garage floor. Far less difficult to install than epoxy, many homeowners will be able to do this job themselves. Rubber tiles and mats are available in a wide variety of colors, and those who do a lot of work in their garage will enjoy how comfortable having a resilient material underfoot can be. This material is also stain resistant, and easy to move or replace.

San Diego Garage Flooring for Remodels
It’s quite possible that Southern California has the most agreeable climate in the entire nation. Not only does this make it a great place to enjoy the outdoors, it provides an excellent environment for a vehicle to be left outside as well. Though not the best choice for every homeowner, remodeling a garage is a cost-effective way to increase the amount of living space on your property, without actually having to add on.

Depending on the amount of money you want to spend, you can basically have any kind of flooring installed in your remodeled garage that you could have put into your living room. To keep costs down, and get the longest life possible from your new floor, laminate or engineered flooring might be more appropriate in this space than materials like traditional hardwood.

Prices of San Diego Garage Flooring
To paint your existing garage floor, the cost can easily be less than $100 if you do it yourself. Rubber tiles and mats start at around $2.50 per square foot. If you want a professionally installed epoxy floor, expect the price to be somewhere in between one and two thousand dollars for an average-sized single car garage. Flooring for a garage conversion will vary depending on the material you choose, but should be consistent with the price of having that material installed in any other area of the home.