Pillar, Building Strength Symbol

Pillar is not only a symbol of the strength of a building. Along with the development of architectural design, pillar also has its own aesthetic value as a sweetener occupancy.

Functions are always used as a pillar in front of the main complementary, can now be represented by a particular architectural style. Currently pillar has a variety of models. In the development of the 18th century pillars are still following the old concept, which is played on a picture of anatomy, such as the head, torso, and legs. However, in the era of 70 – an evolved form of the pillars have started with a more complex design.

“In the fields of architecture, pillars functioned as an addition to the beauty of a building and has various shades and patterns. Meanwhile pillar size is usually adjusted to the building,” said one of the architects Rizky Arnando pillar style design usually has its own characteristics, such as the Roman style, more using a curved shape. Furthermore, the addition of carving the shape and the addition of decorative elements such as the addition of the paintings.

Ancient pillars with very attractive large size, use of earth tones such as brown and red brick to be a much loved. However, the development of the era of the 70’s, Pillar has a lot of play in the simplest form, as in games and not much use geometric carvings. The use of cement paste is also stone, used for makeup brushes are always last on the pillar.

In making the pillar is not as easy as it looks, it takes a certain calculations because the pillar part of a building that can sustain another building. Big and tall pillars depends on the size of the building that will be supported. What is important and should be noted, do not build the pillars beyond the entrance. Materials is the main ingredient that must be considered in establishing the pillars as the pillars are very influential in the construction of a building. Not all types of the same pillar.

For example, the type of steel pillars will look thinner than the pillar type of wood. To get the ideal between the pillar and the main door, you should be spaced about four feet. Actually, the function of the pillar as part of the exterior also should pay attention to in terms of beauty. Therefore, the required accuracy in the determination of materials and finishes to suit the building.

Better materials used are structurally strong and hard, and resistant in the open. Concrete materials are most commonly used. However, materials such as wood, bamboo or palm trunks can also be an option for ethnic-style house. Wood samarinda, bangkirai, marine resin, and camphor wood most commonly used for the pillars.

In addition to durability, wood can also be formed into a variety of models, can even be carved. With the development of technology, you need not fear the wood will be eaten by termites. Try to polish the wooden pillars at regular intervals with liquid termite.