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Newark Tree Service

In Newark, tree service can take many forms (routine maintenance, treatment for disease or ailment, tree removal) and serve many ends (enhance your landscaping, create shade for your home and yard, help sell the home faster). Newark tree service companies are able to offer a wide range services. With ServiceMagic, you can make sure you find the best local contractors out there. Each and every contractor in our database is put through a rigorous ten-step screening process. Our quality-controlled ratings and reviews allows you to see what other homeowners have said about individual contractors, while creating a powerful incentive for contractors to meet and exceed your expectations. Here are some of the things to consider, before and during your professional Newark tree service.

Newark Tree Service: Tree Removal
As great an asset as a tree can be, there is any number of circumstances that will convince or force a homeowner to remove a tree from the lawn. Diseased trees are a hazard to family members, passersby, other trees, and homes. You may need to remove a tree to allow other trees to flourish. Root systems may be causing enormous problems with your home’s foundation or underground electrical wiring. Other homeowners remove trees simply because they feel the tree is cluttering the landscape. Whatever your reason, the only golden rule is that you shouldn’t remove any tree of notable size on your own. It doesn’t matter how obvious it may seem that a tree will fall in a certain direction or that nothing will get in the way. As mystical as a tree may seem while standing, when it falls, its behavior can be truly mystifying.

Before your Newark tree removal contractor gets started, be sure to discuss what will happen after the tree is down. Who will haul it away? Do you want the limbs put through a chipper and returned to you in the form of free mulch? Is the company going to grind down the tree stump? This should help keep you and your contractor on the same page.

Newark Tree Service: Tree-Trimming
Tree removal is far from the other type of tree service in Newark. Most trees need to be periodically trimmed to promote new growth and general arbor health. While many homeowners take care of this task on their own with generally successful results, professional tree trimmers offer several advantages that are worth considering. First and foremost, Newark tree service is the best way to get your tree efficiently and safely trimmed. You won’t need to teeter on a ladder, purchase shears and extension poles, or spend a good chunk of your weekend trying to do your best to give your tree(s) a haircut. Moreover, the professionals will know exactly where and how to trim. The average homeowner frequently doesn’t trim enough, or has little idea where on the branch to cut, leaving an uneven or improperly trimmed tree that doesn’t “bounce back” like it should. You may be surprised or even shocked to see how much trimming the professionals do, but you’re likely to be equally shocked by how your tree responds in the following days and weeks to this expert trimming. In the end, your tree will be healthier and look better than it ever could have on its own.

Tree Service in Newark: Propping Up Property Values
You can’t put a monetary value on a living thing, or can you? Research shows that homes with well-placed and well-groomed trees will outsell more barren homes nearly every time. When a prospective home buyer looks at homes, he or she can see what they may want to do with separate areas, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and guest rooms. Planting and nurturing a tree that can take 10 or 20 years to grow is not something that can be quickly added to a home’s landscape. You may not be able to undercut the prices of nearby foreclosures, and you may not want to, even if your property is “distressed.” Homes sold at bank auctions don’t see any improvements and are often in an advanced state of deterioration. Sometimes, buyers aren’t even allowed inside the house before making their bids. By hiring a landscaper and emphasizing your trees and their value, you may be able to attract more discerning buyers.