Improve Your Home With A Fireplace Installation

There are many reasons that people decide to install a new fireplace. Perhaps the parents of the home are concerned about the costs of heating a home throughout the winter or one spouse wants to increase the feelings of romance in the bedroom. In new home construction, a fireplace is often given as a choice in upgrades and many people with the chance to remodel will include the fireplace in their plans. Fortunately for every one of those situations, there is a wide selection of fireplace types to choose from. And in each situation there is the potential to increase the cost efficiency of the heating for the home.

A Consistently Popular Choice

It’s easy to recognize why fireplaces have remained such a popular choice in homes (and even in businesses and other buildings.) The cheery glow of a fire is a soothing, comfortable presence. Just think of the many relaxation sites with video of a crackling fire! As homeowners are looking for ways to include a fireplace in smaller spaces or in uniquely shaped rooms, the styles of fireplace are becoming more and more varied. A corner fireplace may be tucked into an awkward space and surrounded by bookshelves or a family-friendly arrangement of furniture. Fireplaces that can be accessed from two separate rooms are finding new popularity. Free-standing fireplaces are competing for the top spot with the traditional draw held by the full mantel fireplace.

A Choice for Every Room

Throughout history, the fireplace may have held a central position in the kitchen and then, eventually, in the family’s main gathering room, but today’s fireplaces can be found scattered throughout the home. As mentioned before, the bedroom is a popular place for a fireplace and with the availability of the pass-through fireplace, both the bedroom and the bathroom could enjoy the warmth and ambience of the firelight. Libraries, dining rooms, and outdoor spaces are continually being upgraded with the addition of a fireplace. With today’s modern fireplaces and wide range of choices, you can pretty much stick a fireplace just about anywhere you’ve got the inclination.

Which Fireplace Is The Right One For You?

Trying to choose the fireplace that will feel best to you for the next several years is an important decision. How can you narrow down all of the choices without wishing that you’d gone with the gas fireplace instead of the wood-burning fireplace? There are plenty of factors that can influence your decision:

Purpose – Do you want to roast marshmallows over a fire or simply flick a switch for a soothing background noise?

Your willingness to provide maintenance – Will you really be willing to hire a chimney sweep every year?

Size of your home

Age of your home – These two factors will be important to discuss with the provider of the fireplace.

Your need for added heat during cooler seasons – If you are really looking for a fireplace to save you money on cooling costs, then this will be your first consideration.

Your history with fireplaces – Will you be able to keep a wood-burning fire safely contained in the firebox? If you haven’t had much experience with this type of fire, you may prefer the convenience of a gas fireplace.

Your personal preferences – Ultimately, your choice will really boil down to what you like and what you really dislike.

Probably one of the best ways to choose which fireplace will satisfy you is to counsel with some of the professionals who install fireplaces. Or you could spend some time in homes with fireplaces and ask the owners about their experiences, both good and bad.