A Quick Four Step Process To Building A Business

When we want to start a business, we put a lot of thought into what kind of business we want to do. We decide where we want the business, when we want the business to begin and usually how much money we want to make. What we don’t think of is the process we need to have in place to be successful in our business.

This four step process will enhance you success in most any business.

STEP 1: Accountability: Being accountable means you must stay on track if you want to reach your goal. When you work from home or alone in a shop or office, who are you accountable to? You need to be accountable to someone other than yourself. It may be a friend that wants to see you succeed. At the end of each day send a text, e-mail or call that person & talk about whether you reached your goal that day or not and why. It will help to keep you focused when you answer those questions from someone other than yourself.