Toshiba Launches Four Power TV

PT Toshiba Visual Media Network Indonesia launched four new TV Power has a number of advantages that technology has become the standard for Toshiba’s TV Power. Four of the newly launched TV Power is the PB 201, PX200, PU200, and PS200.

Type size 23-inch PB 201, marketed with a range of Rp2, 5 million and 3.2 inches (Rp3, 5 million). This type is sold freely in the market.

PX200 types consist of 32-inch type that are sold with a range of 5 million, 40-inch (Rp 8 million), and 46 inches (Rp13 million). While type PU200 consists of size 23 inches (Rp2, 5 million), 32 inches (Rp3, 5 million), and 40 inches (Rp6, 5 million). Both types will be marketed in August.

Other types of Power TV, the PS200 to the size of 32 inches and 40 inches, each marketed with a range of Rp 4 million and Rp 7 million. This type is only available in the market early September 2012.

In general, four types of power TV has a slim design and LED display. As for the Power TV PX200 has a number of features, including Music Search function that lets users find the song title, artist name, album or genre. This TV also lets users watch the video via YouTube, listening to music through the application of I-Concert, receiving radio broadcasts AUPEO, EuroNews broadcasts international news or French 24, interact on social media Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr.

“Toshiba is very serious about the development of television in the design and engineering technologies that can be enjoyed by more circles. We understand people’s desire to get a television with attractive design, latest technology, and an affordable price. “Said June Nishioka, President Director of PT Toshiba Visual Media Network Indonesia, the launch of Power TV, Wednesday (25/7).

Bayu Sinulingga Golden Murti, Product Marketing Manager for Toshiba said the technology is in the auto view Power TV will adjust the background light and a parameter image display with room lighting. “So if more and more dark, more lighting down because the system can automatically read the conditions of the room. Technology makes it a lower energy consumption,” said Bayu when talking with

Bayu explained that the decrease in energy consumption to power a TV with auto view will greatly depend on the room lighting conditions. Auto signal booster can increase the sensitivity of the receiving radio frequency signals in areas with low-level signal reception. While the auto clean auto complete signal booster to improve image quality through the cleaning process interruption during transmission.

Home Furnishings

Wood Frame with Aluminum Frame

frameWith the development time, we are more pleased with something practical and doable. Just as in building a house, something that is more easily applied will tend to be selected by the consumer. Previously, we only know the sills derived from wood base materials. For now with the development era wood frame can be replaced with aluminum frame.

The basic ingredients of wood that are increasingly rare and increasingly expensive to be a trend of consumers currently choose aluminum as an alternative to replacement. In terms of cheaper prices for aluminum. In addition to treatment also requires no special treatment. Aluminum is more resistant to weather and of course, resistant to termite problems.

For the wood itself is hard to find good quality. If no price is very high. The base price does not include processing and finishing, when compared with aluminum, then to fall still cheaper aluminum.

But all sides there must be a weakness. For wood frames are particularly vulnerable to the weather. If we choose wood that is less good then the erratic weather changes can make the wood shrinks and expands. In the event of expansion at one corner of the wood (on windows / doors), then it may result difficult to open (blocked). For aluminum also has disadvantages. For example, if when we do the installation by using the Fischer system. This technique relies on the power screw fischer diborkan and planted along the jamb against the wall around the door jamb that has been plastered neatly and very accurately the size and angle elbow. For this installation technique, if something goes wrong in the installation then it can be fatal.

For wooden frames can be applied to any concept of home. But for the aluminum frame only to certain concepts, eg, minimalist or classic European. To use all the back to the consumer.