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Making Wood Kitchen More Functional

Wood-KitchenCooking is the main activity in the kitchen. But it was not only processed foods are biased in the kitchen. New story, new inspiration, even exciting interaction with family members and relatives can be done in the kitchen.

How do these activities become more pronounced? Attention to detail the function of the kitchen is the answer.

In general, the kitchen is divided into four areas. Area, the area stores (storage), cooking, washing, and preparing food. But in the era of the all compact, the kitchen is required to accommodate the volume of activity and a lot of goods. Then came the kitchen products that support these demands. Among them is an integrated storage system with kitchen cabinets, cabinet systems open and close an increasingly varied, and technology of wood materials that are biased to maximize detail the character of wood materials.

More easily processed wood materials. Samarinda camphor wood, teak wood, or composite material of wood shaped, can be combined with storage systems, so as to create spaces that are more compact and maximize storage volume. First, the spaces in areas of difficult angles utilized. But now it becomes easier because there is a special cabinet shelf for corner area.

Similarly, the durability of wood. More options to improve the durability of this wood. From the use of anti-termite technology, advanced drying system, until the processed material, can be done. Processed composite material kitchen supporters are getting lighter. It certainly lighten the load of wood structure. Wood is not easy to warpage due to stress. Age kitchen can be more durable.

Supporting Materials Wood Furniture

Function is directly related to kitchen equipment and furniture. But remember, the design becomes important when the device was in the match with solid wood kitchen cabinets. So what can be done?

  • Make sure the purpose of the cabinet, so you get a picture of the size of the device and the necessary furniture. For example, certain cabinet design is intended as containers plate, then make sure the size of the cabinet according to the size of the device’s built-in plate rack on the market.
  • Plan the use of tools and kitchen furniture brand since its inception. Do a survey on the market to know the needs of furniture that fits in your kitchen. Ask for a brochure that shows the product specifications and size. It is important to align the device and furnishings with our kitchen design.
  • Kitchen devices require treatment. Make sure the kitchen design that makes it easy to care activities. Use a design that makes it easy to remove and install such devices in the kitchen material, without causing damage, such as peeling or damaged wood is too hard mounting bolts.

“tips for you”

  • Choose materials that have been in dry wood. Use anti-termite. Dry wood can reduce the weight of wood and not easily deformed.
  • When you choose to use wood resale of doors, frames, furniture or preparations that have good quality wood (teak, merbau, or camphor), choose the parts that are not exposed to pressure due to compression force of the structure. This is to prevent the hard wood is processed and formed.
  • Wood requires care, especially the often exposed to water. Layering of wood with a waterproof material should be done at the beginning of creation, so the dryness of wood is maintained.
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Piping systems

pipesMany people build up the exterior so good but they did not heed it – little things. Piping is a small thing that must be considered extra. The slightest error in the plan will be fatal. Misplacement or one designed, it can be detrimental to the future. Such as to pipe dirty water, dirty water piping to be divided up dirty water from the rinse (dirty water bath) there is also the dirty water that comes from the zinc or closed. For pipe sizes have been distinguished especially for the setting is also different.

To pipe dirty water from the closed and zinc installation should not be angled 90 °, because of the water pipes are not only wasted water. There is still dirt also carried so as to pipe used typically measure 4 “and the installation should not be angled to avoid congestion in the future. To pipe dirty water from the rinse water can be used pipes 2.5 “which is used commercially because of water disposal is its only liquid that without dung.

pipe connectionFor rain water piping (disposal) is also noteworthy. If not planned because it could lead to many things. For problems arising from the piping is also quite a lot. Among them are clogged. Clogged water pipes, especially for the dirty. There are so many complaints about it. So many of the above discourse that must be considered. For tips to overcome congestion also must have a great deal. From the start of the regular with only salt that is mixed with water 1 ltr then poured, or by the use of caustic soda and even now a lot of fluids that are sold to address the problem of clogged pipes. But problems remain to be corrected again if the things we have done above. It could be the fault of the pipes resulting in sewage inhibited. So for each problem should always be corrected deeper.

Home Improvement

Loft Bed Plans and Loft Design: Add Some Levity to Your Home


In rooms that are particularly small, a loft is a great way to save some space. It keeps the area that would usually be covered by a bed open for a desk, dresser, or anything else that needs to be in the room. The extra space is all the more significant in a smaller room where 35 square feet can mean the difference between plenty of leg room or standing room only.

Loft Bed Plans
Those with a pension for building can have a lot of fun constructing their own loft out of lumber and elbow grease. A few common tools and a good loft design is all you will need. Loft bed plans are usually pretty easy to follow and will make the journey to a larger floor space a safe one. They can sometimes be found online for free, or if you want something more impressive, they can be purchased from a designer (often quite inexpensively). Plans for loft ladders are also available online.

Even someone with very little carpentry knowledge can achieve structural success with a loft bed plan. Those who are new to building, however, should stick to the loft design exactly to make sure the finished product is sound. Deviating from the plan you use might seem like no big deal while you’re doing it, but it could have unforeseen effects later. Remember people are going to sleep up there.

Easy Assembly Lofts Kits
While pretty simple as far as projects go, a loft bed plan is not the right fit for everyone. There are many loft kits that are widely available for those who would rather get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

These loft designs are meant to go together without a lot of hassle. Basically, you purchase a box with all the wood and hardware you’ll need, though you might have to provide a hammer or screw driver. Many kits will come with loft ladders, but some may not. Loft ladders are generally not very expensive, but the price should be taken into account when comparing kits.

Custom Lofts
The most expensive and most impressive option is to have a contractor design and build a custom loft. A professional will be able to come into your home, take all the necessary measurements, and build you the optimal loft for your space.

Many times, a carpenter will be able to see options that you might not think of yourself and would certainly not be found in a free online plan or kit. Small additions like built-in shelving underneath can really save a lot of additional space in the room.

Hiring a custom builder is often the only option available (unless you have a fair amount of carpentry experience) for those who need a loft made for a large bed. Most kits and loft bed plans are for twin or kid beds. Some can be found made for full-size beds, as well. Anything larger than that will probably need to be a custom job.