Interior Design

Beautiful Wallpaper

Wallpaper wallAn effective way to renew the house look lived in an instant, affordable, can change the game of house paint colors in this beautiful wall with wallpaper or wall decoration.

Installation of the right wallpaper can create characters as well as foster a new spirit in one room. Of course there are some things to consider when choosing to install the wallpaper beautiful wall decoration, such as:

1. Material Type

Wallpaper material there is from the paper and there is also from vinyl. Knowledge of the types of wallpaper materials to be purchased will certainly make it easier in terms of treatment for both types of wallpaper materials, the course requires a different way of treatment.

2. Styling And Color

To mix and match the wallpaper in a room of the house, of course, need to also pay attention to style and color harmony wallpaper the wall color and other elements in the room such as furniture and also the color of the floor so that it can create the desired theme of the room.

3. Installation Method

Installation of wallpaper can be done by way of horizontal, vertical or any combination of horizontal and vertical. Installation of striped wallpaper horizontally could certainly give the impression of space becomes wider. In contrast, mounting vertically striped wallpaper can give the impression of the room look taller. To install the wallpaper combination of horizontal and vertical as well as special techniques required to plan accurately, so it does not deviate from the desired theme of the room.

Increasing number of choices of materials, style and color wallpapers available in the market, of course, can give itself its own preoccupations in arranging the interior of houses.

Interior Design

Spatial Tiny Houses

Small-Home-InteriorIf your house is small, do not be discouraged thereby eliminating the urge to buy furniture because they thought the house would narrow. There are several ways to work around.

‘Small house’ forces you to maximize the function of furniture in the house. That is, you are advised to choose furniture that can be used for various purposes. To overcome this obstacle, the partition is one answer. Partitioning can be a cabinet or shelf as a room divider. In this case the partition has many functions other than as a barrier to the views of the ‘living room’ to the ‘dining room’.

Partitions can be made ​​of plywood which were combined with glass coatings import motifs combine dark and light brown. It’s very in tune with yellow house paint is ivory. On the other hand, the partition will serve as a cabinet, tv rack, and a long shelf. Under Television, part of the partition can be used as a storage closet compact disc collection. In order for the device that you want to keep visible from the outside, use frosted glass in the door. Then be the living room is minimalist but still stylish. Do not forget to place the chair and one back of three separate modern coffee table with glass transparent model of the elbow.

To conjure up so impressed spacious bedrooms, you can put clothes storage cabinets are made of fused multitripleks in the corner with a vanity that direct contact with the bed. Thus these devices can connect in a single unit.

The master bedroom can be transformed into more freely with a bed that is not too large and given a touch of bright color so impressed at large. In order to more functions, bed or cot can be given a drawer for storing clothes, or your favorite linen.

Get around the tiny kitchen can be done by presenting a kitchen set that deliberately matching with the room so that the present alignment.

Home Improvement

A Stellar Cellar: Spruce up Your Basement Ceiling


Basements have come a long way from the root riddled, spider stocked cellars of yore. Many homes are now equipped with finished basements that are functional as well as fun. From extremely drab to absolutely fab, the basement is one place in the home that’s had a heck of a makeover in the last hundred or so years. With all its exposed pipes and dark shadowy nooks, the basement ceiling is a grim reminder of yesterday’s trends in many modern day cellars. The situation is, however, not a permanent one. Many homeowners are finding out that their basement ceilings can be made, with a little effort, every bit as pleasing as the rest of a finished cellar.

Basement Ceiling Paint
The most direct way to change the feel of your basement ceiling is to paint it. A few cans of ceiling paint can add beauty to any dreary room. Before painting any pipes, they first need to be scrubbed down and left to dry. Depending on how long it’s been left unattended, this can sometimes be quite a task. Ceiling paint should be used on the actual ceiling (after it has also been cleaned and prepped of course), while paint designed for metal should be used on the pipes. Since you’ll be buying two types of paint anyway, some people opt to make the pipes and ceiling two different colors. If you’re not that familiar with basements, you might want to check with someone who is, as some of the electrical equipment found there should not be painted.

Basement and Cellar Paint
Both basements and cellars present one glaring stressor to interior paint: moisture. Even finished basements may very well face greater moisture levels than the rest of your home. Naturally, the solution for basement and cellar paint is to use water-resistant products. In fact, using a high-grade water-resistant paint product, such as DryLok, can even help block and reduce moisture from infiltrating these spaces. Wine cellar paint is also useful in helping control the environment of your cellar. Wine should be stored in a place where the humidity stays between 50 and 70 percent.

Basement Ceiling Ideas: Drop Ceilings
A drop ceiling is basically a grid of metal that holds up large tiles. It is installed below an existing ceiling. Because there can be a fair amount of space between the drop and original ceilings, it’s easy to hide any exposed pipes. They are not difficult to put up, are inexpensive, and if leaks occur above them, replacing one or two tiles is a small job.

Before rushing out and buying drop ceiling materials, it’s a good idea to measure the distance between the floor and the lowest exposed pipe. The new ceiling will reduce headroom (significantly in many cases). If low pipes exist in out of the way areas, the new ceiling can be installed below the original but above said pipes.

For the Handyman
If you’re pretty good with a hammer and want to really remodel your basement ceiling there is yet another option. Frames or boxes can be built around ductwork and attached to joists in the ceiling. After all the pipes are framed, wood or drywall can be fastened to the boxes. The end results can be spectacular.

One important thing to remember about this technique is that inside those frames are pipes and ducts that may need to be repaired at some point. It’s a good idea to make sure everything is in excellent condition before it is boxed in and access becomes limited. Ideally, excellent condition should include both an evaluation of structural integrity of the pipes and duct canals, as well as an evaluation of the insulation. Without insulation, you can be throwing money down the drain with higher heating and cooling bills.

Concept Information

Houses Eco Friendly / Environmentally Friendly

small house healthyAs the scarcity of gas and oil in the world, prompting many people to innovate to create quality products that are environmentally friendly, economical and efficient. Also the effects of global warming that threatens the world more real, we are required to care for the environment, taking advantage of those things are easily available around us to be of huge benefit.

Switch to environmentally friendly things like this, can produce energy and technology systems that berfariasi. In addition to providing a major contribution to the environment, by utilizing environmentally friendly technologies will suppress / reduce your bill every month bills, and provide more value to the property / your house.

Alternative energy that can be selected, we divide into 3 groups:

Renewable Energy

The energy can be obtained from nature such as: Solar Energy, Wind Energy. Products that can be used such as: Solar Panels, Heat Pumps, Wind Turbins.

Efficient Heating

Natural heat energy can be produced from natural ingredients or products are top quality products such as underfloor Heating, Efficient Boilers, Twin Coil Cilinders.

Water Conservation

Maximum water use and efficient. Product quality products such as rainwater Harvester, Dual Flush WC’s, Ecoplay Water Recycling.

In the application of eco friendly home, many examples of productsin the market that can be used such as:

  • Solar Panels for water heating, electric lights / electronic devices, etc..
  • The roof of a house of glass for natural lighting.
  • Windows of wood with coated gauze, at night it will feel cool air from outside and the mosquitoes can not enter.
  • Landfills separate into 2, for plastic and organic waste.
  • Houses without paint, utilizing the natural color of brick.
  • Floors of wood, from natural stone, stone.

Lots of ideas and creativity to build eco friendly houses. Dumah you will be more comfortable when these ideas to build a house combined with the concept of beautiful homes and home technology. Congratulations to build your family dream home.