Secrets Has Shining White Teeth

HAVE A white and healthy teeth can certainly beautify your appearance. To get beautiful teeth, you can follow the guide below.

brilliant smileBeautiful smile feels incomplete without the support with a row of white teeth and immaculate. If you think to get white teeth shining, only a doctor can do that, then you are wrong. Some simple ways to help you get your dream white teeth.

Drink with a straw

To avoid yellow teeth, use the help of a straw when drinking. Especially when you consume colored drinks, such as coffee, soda, and tea. Contact drinks with substances such as this can make teeth whiter.


Crunchy food such as apples and carrots can clean your teeth when you chew. Bleach effect can also be seen although very little. Especially if you are a heavy coffee drinker. As reported Prevention, mild acid levels in apple, coupled with rich fiber makes it ideal to clean and whiten teeth.

baking soda

Brushing your teeth with toothpaste mixed with baking soda and a little water can reduce the crust and whiten teeth up to some extent.

“It can neutralize stains and polish your teeth, but not rough enough to damage your teeth,” says Jennifer Jablow, DDS, a dentist in New York aesthetic.


Dow Jones Back Touch Record High

Stocks on Wall Street closed broke. The Dow Jones again touched a record high after the previous day recorded a new record.

Quoted by Reuters on Friday (03/08/2013), the Dow Jones ended a smooth movement and a record for three consecutive days as jobless claims data showed the labor market begins to recover.

In addition, the Dow Jones and and the S & P 500 index as investors look for opportunities to buy stocks that move rally recently. However, investors continue to be cautious ahead of the employment gains.

“This step is pretty quiet these days. But the market clearly in an uptrend,” said New York-based head of asset allocation at ING Investment Management, Paul Zemsky.

As is known, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJI) rose 33.25 points, or 0.23 percent, to 14329.49, closing a record high. The broader Standard & Poor’s 500 (SPX) rebounded 2.80 points, or 0.18 percent, to 1544.26. And the Nasdaq Composite Index (IXIC) was up 9.72 points, or 0.30 percent, and landed at 3232.09.

The strong economy and the desire to strengthen the loose monetary policy by central banks around the world have pushed U.S. stocks higher this year. Investors continue to buy into the stock market rally since Tuesday, despite weaker profits.

However, the latest economic data was encouraging, because the number of filing claims for U.S. unemployment benefits, unexpectedly fell last week to 340 thousand. Investors will continue to focus on the labor market ahead of non-farm payrolls on Friday are expected to show the U.S. economy to add 160 thousand jobs in February.

Although it has been a weak spot in the economic recovery, the labor market is seen as the U.S. economy is slowly healing.

“If the payrolls disappoint, we will have a setback, but it will not be enough to derail the rally. If reports strong, the market still has room to grow,” said Zemsky.