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Light Steel Frame Roof

Light Steel Frame Roof

The roof has a function as a cover or protector of the home from rain and heat of the sun and is one component that can add to the overall aesthetics of homes.

The roof consists of the roof frame and roof cover. Type of roof truss used the wood roof frame and lightweight steel roof truss (truss). As for the commonly used tin roofing, asbestos, shingles and tile.

Lightweight steel roof truss into the functional equivalent option in some ways even better than wood materials as more expensive anddifficult to find good quality wood materials.

In terms of durability, lightweight steel roof truss is superior when compared with wood materials. Material mild steel safe to termites, corrosion resistant and resistant to weather conditions.

Lightweight steel roof truss in addition to more economical because they were cheaper than wood material also has a lighter weight. Character and mild steel weights create more robust structure of the house and the roof is more stable against bending, torsion and expansion so that it meets one of the components that support the earthquake-resistant housing.

Zincalume, galvanized and Galvalume support the application of lightweight steel roof truss is more practical because through the fabrication process is then performed on-site assembly process as well as the more precision, thereby reducing the risk of roof leaks that could cause damage to the ceiling of the residence.

Lightweight steel roof truss or roof truss wood selected and used as roof material ultimately is determined based on the needs and desires of the house itself.

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Houses Eco Friendly / Environmentally Friendly

small house healthyAs the scarcity of gas and oil in the world, prompting many people to innovate to create quality products that are environmentally friendly, economical and efficient. Also the effects of global warming that threatens the world more real, we are required to care for the environment, taking advantage of those things are easily available around us to be of huge benefit.

Switch to environmentally friendly things like this, can produce energy and technology systems that berfariasi. In addition to providing a major contribution to the environment, by utilizing environmentally friendly technologies will suppress / reduce your bill every month bills, and provide more value to the property / your house.

Alternative energy that can be selected, we divide into 3 groups:

Renewable Energy

The energy can be obtained from nature such as: Solar Energy, Wind Energy. Products that can be used such as: Solar Panels, Heat Pumps, Wind Turbins.

Efficient Heating

Natural heat energy can be produced from natural ingredients or products are top quality products such as underfloor Heating, Efficient Boilers, Twin Coil Cilinders.

Water Conservation

Maximum water use and efficient. Product quality products such as rainwater Harvester, Dual Flush WC’s, Ecoplay Water Recycling.

In the application of eco friendly home, many examples of productsin the market that can be used such as:

  • Solar Panels for water heating, electric lights / electronic devices, etc..
  • The roof of a house of glass for natural lighting.
  • Windows of wood with coated gauze, at night it will feel cool air from outside and the mosquitoes can not enter.
  • Landfills separate into 2, for plastic and organic waste.
  • Houses without paint, utilizing the natural color of brick.
  • Floors of wood, from natural stone, stone.

Lots of ideas and creativity to build eco friendly houses. Dumah you will be more comfortable when these ideas to build a house combined with the concept of beautiful homes and home technology. Congratulations to build your family dream home.


In order to house No Heat

Principle overcome the tropical heat in buildings is to reduce the intensity of solar radiation that enters the house. Therefore, the design for a tropical home should consider several things related to climate issues.

Here are some tips to reduce heat in your home that might apply:

Roof ventilation

Ventilation openings are not just for the body home, but also the roof space that receives direct heat radiation from the sun. When the temperature in the roof has cooled, heat is transmitted to the bottom will be reduced.

High ceilings

Distances between floor and ceiling can reduce the temperature of the room karana space that allows air to move freely. The heat from the roof can be cooled with a note, should also be well ventilated space.

Building orientation to the sun

Buildings are often used, such as bedrooms and living rooms, should not be placed in the west. However, if not possible, space is exposed to afternoon sun can be cooled to the temperature with special processing, for example, with a particular material.

Cross ventilation

Air can flow in different places pressure. Therefore, make openings on two opposing sides of the building. Instead, order flow can rotate around the room, make openings with different sizes and do not face each other.

Bright color of the building

In color theory is mentioned, that the light colors will reflect heat and dark colors will absorb it. This also applies to the building. Therefore, choose bright colors like white or peach to paint the exterior of your home.

Page with the plant

To park, you should not let the whole of the pavement without the presence of plants. Plants can absorb heat and the green is quite soothing. Minimal, if the land is not possible, place the green plant in a pot.

Park at the top

In some designs the house, there is the top of the house planted with grass or made fish pond. Both can reduce the temperature underneath. Especially for the manufacturing, utilities note that there is no leakage, moisture, etc.