Waste Oil for Electric Power

Waste from thousands of restaurants in London and food companies seem to be widened fired power plant fats in the world. This was stated by Thames Water official cooperation with a utility company, 2oC.

Every day, there were 30 tons of trash in the form of leftover cooking oil from restaurants collected by the two companies. The remaining fuel is mostly derived from waste vegetable oil and tallow (animal fat). This amount is sufficient to provide more than half the fuel to run the power plant.

In cooperation agreement worth more than 200 million pounds over 20 years, has made it possible to build a plant for 70 million pounds in Beckton, England. The plan, the plant will start operations in early 2015.

Not only that, it also claimed the plant will generate 130 gigawatt hours (GWh) per year, which can be used for home 40ribu. Thames Water will buy waste oil from various restaurants in Beckton which used to serve 3.5 million people. Then the waste is processed in order to produce 75 GWh to be used in times of drought or other emergencies.

“This project is a ‘win-win’ for all parties because we will memparui resources, protect parties from fluctuations in the price of electricity, and help solve operational problems in the city sewers during this mess because of the waste oil,” said Executive Director 2oC, Andrew Mercer.