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Special kitchen, Avoid Facing Position Northwestern

The kitchen is the most vital for a building (house), because there are stoves that emit energy Fire. This room is where the food is cooked so that if bad energy in it, then it will be bad because of the fire, and automatically affect the food produced.

In some people found some of the myths surrounding the kitchen layout. Myths include kitchen should be located in the eastern sector of the building, put the stove should be such that when the cook position (facing stove), then swing towards the spatula should be in the direction of the house so that money can be scooped or fortune.

Both views are incorrect. Because, there are still other considerations are more important.

Northwest Sector (Chien), is a metal sector. Therefore, avoid placing the kitchen, especially the stove in the sector. Since the elements of Metal and Fire are very contradictory. If it happens, the greater risk of health problems (respiratory organs) for the residents.

In addition, to house two or more floors, the location of the stove should not be in the bathroom (pit toilets), and not at the bottom of the stairs. Avoid placing the cooker under the exposed concrete beams.

In addition to length and stoves, is actually important to know the quality of energy according to the theory Flying Star (Xuan Kong Flying Star). However, given the energy mapping is based on the direction toward each of the buildings (there are 24 directions or variations), and when the building or house being built (there are eight periods or variations), it is necessary to measure accurately the direction toward which each building. Thus, the general advice can not be described here.