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Elegant Foyer Lighting Makes a Great First Impression


Foyer lighting is probably the furthest thing from your mind when you are thinking about new lighting for your house. After all, when we think about our homes, we are usually thinking about the kitchen or the den or the master suite. Entry lighting rarely cracks the list. Yet, the entrance is the first impression that your interior home makes on your guests, and your foyer lighting goes a long way to make that impression.

The Art of Shadow
The great artists are masters of shadow and light, and to have an artistic home you have to master this as well. Home lighting is most often used as a utilitarian mean, in that we have light where we need light: for cooking, to television, so we won’t trip going down the stairs, so that people can walk down the sidewalk at night. However, light can be used to accent certain areas that are more pleasing to the eyes (such as a fireplace or sculpture), and downplay items that are better left to the shadows (coat racks and electrical outlets).

Perfectly placed foyer lighting can also employ shadows as a method of mystery. Leaving certain areas of your entry in shadows encourages guests to follow the light and be curious to discover what those lights are accenting. It sounds crazy, but this is how the core of home lighting affects people.


The Introduction to Your Home
Certainly the exterior of your home speaks volumes to your guests as they drive up, but who you are is really assessed by how you live, and once that doorbell rings and you open the front door, other than your warm welcome, your foyer or entryway is doing all the greeting. Foyer lighting with light and shadows can do some very smart things to welcome guests, to show off a piece of art, or to have the lighting itself by the display, as with a chandelier.

No matter what home lighting design you choose, just know that it is the introduction to your home. So make sure you show off your best side.