Children More Like Fresh Fruit In Pieces than the Whole

If the fruit served whole or large pieces dala children tend not to eat them. A U.S. study suggests an accurate solution that is cut up the fruit into small pieces to encourage kids love fruit.

The team of researchers from Cornell University found that U.S. school children are more likely to eat apples that have been cut into pieces while the whole apple is more likely to not be selected. Studies conducted in recent months, involving six schools in New York, United States.

Three schools of them selling apples in pieces. Meanwhile, the other three schools in the form of selling apples intact. Choice, consumption, and the amount of apples wasted calculated before, during, and after the experiment.

Results of a study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, said there are two main reasons why children do not like to eat the whole fruit. Mouth size factor and prevent a messy meal.

Younger children who have smaller mouths, wearing braces, or have lost teeth, looked at the consumption of whole fruits is very hard to do. As for the older girls eating whole fruit in front of other people making a mess and eating is considered shameful.

The study found that sales of fruit increased by an average of 61% when the apple slices served. The research team also adds the percentage of students who consumed more than half of apples increased to 73% when it is dipotong.Efek last a long time even after the experiment ended.