Tricks Potluck Cook with Kitchen Tools

FEEL irritated want to cook something but there is no equipment? Ceramic with magical tools around you. The results were not much different, even save money without having to buy a new tool.

Here’s a trick you get around the lack of kitchen equipment, as reviewed SheKnows:

Dual cooking
Dual cooking will save you a lot of time especially when cleaning. For example, cook the chicken with the sauce from the meat and use the fat to fry an egg.

Do not waste cold rice or noodles
Most people already do not like to eat rice or noodles yesterday. You can create new foods with added soy sauce and some frozen vegetables and stir-fry.

Bottle of syrup to form cookie dough
If you love to bake, but the equipment is not adequate, then evade. For example, roll dough to replace glass bottles like syrup bottles to grind the batter. Cover with plastic before, guaranteed you will get the same results. To prevent the bottle gets hot and sticky when grinding, insert it into the fridge, and remove it when you want to use.

Melt chocolate without a double broiler
Most recipes require you to use a double broiler to melt chocolate or make a cream-based sauce. You can simply melt the chocolate with the microwave, but will burn if it gets too long.

The trick, fill a pot with water, and use a heatproof bowl suitable for inclusion into the pot. The bowl should not touch the bottom of the pot or float.

Metal bowl or pyrex will work properly and safely used. Do not melt food together with one piece of equipment.

Steaming vegetables quickly
You can steam the vegetables with steamed quickly without the need for tools. In addition to expensive, these tools also can only do one thing.

Enter vegetables into heat resistant container with a little water. Heat in the microwave for a few minutes. If you have a steamer steamed, steamed vegetables by putting a strainer steamer and cook over boiling water.

Bake the chicken in the oven
Chicken roasting in the oven does not need to use the oven rack. Put your vegetables in the bottom of the pan and the chicken on it. This method is very effective, because in addition to grilling chicken, grilling your vegetables too.