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Eco-Friendly Paints from CIL..

I’m continually on the lookout for eco-friendly product and that i was delighted in the week to find out concerning CIL Paints’ new ultra-low VOC paint. consistent with promoting Communications Manager, Alison syndicalist, ” The paint itself has no VOCs, and is tinted victimization new low-VOC colourants, creating the ultimate product one in all the foremost environmentally-friendly paint choices on the market.” this is often sensible news! I long for the day once all paint corporations build the switch and not sell product containing harsh chemicals – higher for your home, higher for your health, higher for USA all


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Make your Home Office more Comfortable

Home Office Colors Image

Do you have a home office? If thus, you ought to consider carefully regarding what color you paint it. “There are forever distractions when performing from home, nonetheless studies show that whereas some colors divert from tasks at hand, others will considerably increase a human productivity, concentration and motivation,” says Alison Goldman, promoting Communications Manager for CIL Paints.

Think about your job and what reasonably setting you wish to make.

Blue are often calming and might lower your pulse rate whereas increasing productivity.
inexperienced creates a serene, soothing atmosphere, which may relieve stress.
Red and orange promote excitement and enthusiasm.
Purple is believed to market inventive creativity.
Yellow is cheerful.
lightweight browns and greys deliver a sense of serenity.
Darker browns offer a stoic, earthy atmosphere.

If you cannot decide, the safest alternative can be inexperienced wich is that the preferred color for home offices in keeping with CIL. “Considered to be the foremost balancing hue on the color spectrum and therefore the best on the attention, inexperienced is restful nonetheless rejuvenating.” whereas i really like inexperienced, after I had a home workplace (my current place is thus little it’s all my office!) I painted it cream. I found it relaxing, calm and therefore the least distracting.