Wow, There are 300 Haunted Villa in Italy

Because abandoned and not maintained, a number of luxurious villas of the Italian royal relics of the medieval villa has been transformed into a ghost. In Italy, it is estimated there are more than 300 villas ghosts or phantasms paesi Renaisssance relics.

Fine art photographer from Paris, Thomas Jorion traveled from Piedmont (northwest region of Italy capital of Torino) and Lombardy, which borders the Piedmont area of central Italy, Tuscany and Emilia Romagna is to perpetuate the villa in northern Italy through the camera shots.

Luxury villas located in the village was abandoned for various reasons, such as fears of mudslides, family tensions, the desire to migrate to big cities, as well as the construction of nuclear power plants. Most of the castle-like villa is located in an area with depressed economic conditions.

The term ‘villa’ was originally intended for a summer residence on the outskirts of the ancient Roman city. Roman villa and asymmetric terraces built on a hillside with a complex-with long poles, towers, gardens with ponds, fountains, and large reservoirs. In the 15th century, Italy began to uncover ancient ruins and building models of their own after the Roman prototypes.

Villa Renaissance is often used as a second home for members of the Italian nobility, like the Medici, a political and dynastic banking families who will be the royal house.

Exterior and Garden

The Dry Garden Practical

Dry GardenThe concept of a dry garden is a practical alternative to garden design that provides ease of maintenance. Dry garden is as famous as the trend of minimalist-style dwelling house, one of which tropical minimalist style.

The first step to create a dry garden is determining the concept and character of the park to be made. This needs to be done so that the presence of a dry garden can further reinforce the desired house style as a whole.

Plants grown in dry gardens selected types of plants that do not require extra care, such as Pandan Island, Casuarina or palm – Paleman. As for small plants can be selected types sanseviera and Cactus. Plants – the plants are plants that do not require much water making it suitable for homeowners who do not have much time to perform maintenance garden.

Other additional components to the park can use a dry powder coral, coral brushes, stone and sand mixed with other elements desired such as garden lights, pond, trails, gazebo and even bridges.

Things to note on a dry garden is the availability of sunlight, whether it be the location of a dry garden in the shade or in a sunbathe. It is closely related to the types of plants suitable for the location of the park.

Basically a dry garden can be made at the residence anywhere, could be on the front, rear, side or below the void that is at the center of residential houses as well as more flexible against the available land area.