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Building a Healthy House

healthy-home-for-the-familyBuilding a home is not just about the form and building materials, but also a design that supports healthy living.

One of the qualities that are very important in building a house is the house should be healthy! Outside of the pursuit of quality of health of interest or application materials you have the latest products on a house. This is the most basic question that must be met.

A healthy home is a home design that supports the health of its inhabitants. The house is quite open, flexible, and easily maintained. The material used is free from harmful chemicals. Children and parents can access easily and safely to various places in the house.

Of course there are still a number of other requirements. Some are practically presented here, and can be a point in the planning of your home.

Natural lighting

Natural lighting coming from the sun. Light will illuminate and give warmth previously dark corners. Thus preventing damp room. Sunlight can kill 80% bacteria and germs that could potentially grow.

Plug the opening of doors, windows, bouvelicht, or vent. The percentage of openings in the ideal home is 10% -20% of floor space.

The location of openings should be adjusted to the room in need of natural light. Also, sync with the direction of the beam so that he can enter through openings that we make.

Air Circulation

Smooth circulation of air makes the air inside the house cooler and healthier. Easy exchange of air, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels balanced. Keep the ceiling is not too low. Hot air under the roof will be easy on the body, if the ceiling is too low. Minimum ceiling height is 3m from the floor. That way, the temperatures at the top is not easy on the body.

You can also request made under the cavity or hole in the roof. Height ranges from 10cm-20cm in length which can be adjusted to the size of the roof beams. This will make the air cavity under the hot roof, easily exchanged with a new air cooler.

Water Supply

At least, every one occupant requires 60 liters of clean water per day. To ensure the provision of water, a house requires a water storage tank (reservoir).

Making water wells must have a sufficient distance from the septic tank hole. Minimal is 3m. If less, it is feared choli bacteria from septic tanks will seep into water wells clean.

Waste Water Channels

A healthy home is also characterized by a good sewer. Waste bias comes from the kitchen, bathroom, service area. Consider the following.

  • Installation of pipe bends should be minimal in order to smooth the flow of waste water flows.
  • The slope of the discharge pipe from the source to roil the city is 70 degrees. Degrees that will make waste water flowing lancer.
  • Use a trap for the goose neck pipe under the sink and the sink so that the insects caught and prevent the musty odor.
  • Replace the bathtub control in the range 4m distance between one another.
  • Channel effluent wastewater from toilets to be made separately and distributed only to the septic tank.

Walls and floor are dry

Moisture may occur in the walls and floors. This will create a room that tends to wet and become a source of breeding of germs.

You can apply the tiles. Ceramics is a type of waterproof material. Floor or wall to be easily dried.

The walls are attached to the wall of a neighbor’s house will generally moist. Between the two walls with water-resistant materials (waterproofing) before it is closed ceramics.

Garbage disposal

Make sure that in making the design of the house there is adequate landfills. Bins should be sufficient to accommodate the amount of garbage daily. There is a cover, and have holes for drainage if the trash was cleaned.

Wells penetrating

Clean water is increasingly difficult to obtain. Meanwhile, we often let the rain water flushing into the city line. You can ask the architect of your home to provide rain water wells in your yard. A minimum by making a biopori hole.

Some things about the above you can discuss with the architect. Once the stage was built there to always care for and maintain the cleanliness of the house. All this will make your stay more calm. Living comfortably with the family for a long time.


What Kind of Kitchen Healthy and Safe?

s the cornerstone of a healthy kitchen should be kept in your home. Moreover, any food to be consumed daily is processed first in it. For that, you should notice the following points, so that food intake remains healthy and good for your family.

Air circulation and light

To create a healthy kitchen, the kitchen needs air circulation and sun exposure is good. Origin of the cooking can damage the health penbghuni home, especially if poor circulation in ryumah.

Meanwhile, the lighting is required to work in the kitchen at night. During the day, solar lighting is required in addition to lighting, is also capable of killing germs. Moisture is lost, if the kitchen is always bathed in sunlight.

Choice of material

You should not one choose material for the kitchen. Assume, for example dishwashing area. If you only use skim the walls are painted only, it is quite possible that part wet damp that mushrooms will quickly grow and multiply easily.

In addition, the material quality kitchen set also has an effect. If using perishable materials, it is possible to easily create holes. Over time, this will invite a mouse nest in it.


If you clean the kitchen was created, something else is also important to create a safe kitchen, this will ensure user comfort kitchen.

However, the security here is not safe in the sense that the thief is free, but the security of dangerous things. Because, in the kitchen there are many things that are potentially harmful, such as gas, electricity, fire or sharp objects.

Therefore, for safety’s sake, to consider the laying of each object and its control. Some things to consider include:

– The placement of gas cylinders are safe. Make sure there is adequate air circulation around the gas tube.

– Put the power outlet away from water sources.

– Keep sharp tools in place that is not within easy reach of children.

– The next safety standards is to provide a lightweight fire extinguisher. This is standard procedure for the prevention of the first case of a fire in the kitchen.

Well, now with a healthy and safe kitchen, all the activity that is passed on in the kitchen was much more comfortable. Your life and family as well as the quality of the household.