Taste Muhalabiah, Lebanese Pudding Creamy

ENDING enjoy cooking a tasty and slightly acidic, this pudding will add a complete dining experience Lebanese dishes. Very simple and easy to make.

Chef Raymound Abou Rjeily of Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur and teach specialized dispensing manufacturing processes muhalabiah milk or rice pudding. Chef Lebanese descent is shipped directly to prescribe terlezatnya to visitors Cinnamon restaurant, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, in the framework of Lebanese food festival titled “Lebanese Food Rendesvous”. Festival was held from 15 to 20 April 2013.

In terms of ingredients, the menu is similar to porridge marrow, it’s just that the texture is not as thick as porridge marrow although it has cooled in the refrigerator. Manufacturing process, mix 250 grams of rice flour with a little milk and stir until blended.

Meanwhile, cook together 800 ml milk 200 ml cream, over a low heat until boiling. Add flour mixture and stir constantly with a spoon. Keep the stove temperature remains low. In addition to not clot after being given a batter of flour, stirring process serves not become too hot temperature which can lead to burned meals. Cook for 15 to 20 minutes.

After starting condensed milk cream, add the sugar. Also add rose water and cook for a further minute, stirring constantly. Chill before serving is poured into the container. Add the chopped pistachio nuts and walnuts on it. To taste, chill in the refrigerator before eating.

“The addition of rose water at the end of the point to give a nice flavor and aroma in the pudding,” Raymond said on the sidelines Chef cooking demo.


The Right Solution Avoid Vaginal Infections

Vagina is susceptible to infection. Many experts recommend that you use the underwear using cotton. But, do you know why cotton underwear is recommended?

Symptoms of infection can include vaginal itching, odor, and spend a lot of discharge. Everything can be removed only by wearing cotton underwear. Cotton fabric made ​​of cotton helps keep the vagina free from excessive moisture and allows the vagina “breathe”. Many women are turning to a different material for good design, but it does not give comfort to your vagina, as reported by eHow.

Clothes made ​​of latex or polyester can make the growth of yeast in the vagina creating a yeast infection. The warmth and humidity also contribute to the overgrowth of yeast in the vagina. Wearing cotton clothing helps get ventilation and eliminate vaginal yeast production. Underwear made of synthetic materials can trap moisture, making your vagina a perfect place for yeast to grow.

Vaginal itch is another sign of discomfort for wearing improper attire. The sensation of itch can be the beginning of a yeast infection or a disruption in the natural pH balance. Try changing your underwear, skirts, or shorts that are not made ​​of cotton for the best prevention.


Slate Stone As a Conventional Resource Used to Create Contemporary Art

As per the present scenario, stone paving has become a preferred choice of the town planners, architectures and furniture designers. Most of the designers and architectures have designed landscaping projects and furniture which prove that even today the Contemporary Art makes use of conventional resources. Selecting the natural stone for complimenting the home Furniture Design is not that complicated as there are various options which are available reflecting numerous colors, designs and textures.

Slate pavers are made from the natural slate stone that is known for durability and strength. Slate stone is available across the world in different colors and properties. It consists of quartz, Muscovite and very small amount of chlorate, magnetite and graphite. Slate stones for paving are available in straight edges, straight size and in various sizes and thickness. With these features it is really very easy to get beautiful slate pavers and slate patio pavers.

You can make various patterns and designs of slate pavers with this stone that has different textures on it. Also this stone has less than 5% absorption rate and has high compressive strength. Slate pavers can be a great alternative to walkways, decking and patios. It is recommended to install slate paver stone and slate patio paver on mortar. For high grade exterior installation the slate paving can be done on high grade plywood. But never install it on the sand. You can polish the slate stone if you like glossy look. But the gloss needs to be rea after wearing off.

If you are looking for a low maintenance patio,slate paving is really a good choice. Due to the low porosity of the Slate stone you will not have too much trouble keeping the slate looking like new.

Most dirt will simply wash off in the rain, but should you require anything harsher a light jet wash will normally do the trick. Another positive regarding slate is its versatility. Slate will look at home in a super contemporary garden and is also comfortable in a more traditional design setting. The riven surface will lend itself to traditional whereas the swan edges will deliver when a contemporary feel is required. If you are looking for a natural stone you will not have to be too precious about, you could do a lot worse than slate. Stone paving augments the resale price of any real estate property. You can look forward to landscape the driveway or the garden; you can get the best value for your money which you have spent on improving your home. This will create a visual statement concerning your home – an impression which will improve the lifestyle and desirability. You can also use the stone paving for many kinds of Product Design also.

Furniture Tips

“Glass Pen”, To be no Drink Provides Confused


Have you ever experienced, how hebohnya invite so many guests at home and serve drinks to them? There is so much glass, yet somehow, all the glass collected into one with no more that you remember, where the cup is used by whom.

Willy-nilly, you have to constantly wash the glass so as not to run out and the guests did not wait for thirst. You’ve been there?

Now, you do not have to experience it again. You just need a new idea and a little preparation. Give the name of the “temporary owner” on the glass that you suguhkan guests.

Instead of using an indelible marker or label that would waste a lot of paper, you just need to “attach” the board and give yourself a name in the glass room with chalk. Here’s how to create a “glass board” with the neck of a wine glass and you can try it yourself at home:

Prepare tools and materials

First of all, you need to set up a few glasses of wine-necked, a can of black chalkboard paint specifically, containers for paint, old cardboard, tape, scissors, and chalk. Prepare a glass of wine with a special paint to give the tape to provide a flat boundaries between the parts to be painted and the paint will not be affected. Then, pour the chalkboard paint in a container.

Dip the glass leg

The idea is to put the foot into the glass blackboard special paint, dry it, and write the guest’s name at the foot of glass. However, you should make sure not too much paint is gathered in one part of the glass.

Do not rush

After dipping the glass, you have to rotate the glass to take advantage of the pedestal on the neck of a glass that has been taped. This avoids the collection of paint that will make the paint into a thick part.

Give your guest’s name

When dry, give the guest’s name at the foot of a wide glass. You can only write the name or may give pretty pictures under glass. All depends on your creativity!

Now, with the advent of holy month of Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr means the closer. For those of you who will receive relatives at home and planning a little party as a place to stay in touch, you may want to try this idea. Not necessarily with a dish of wine, of course. To give you a treat with this personal shock. You can serve cold syrup, fruit ice, or even a soft drink in a “glass board” of your creation.


So as Rice Not flabbiness

SOMETIMES, you do not know how to cultivate rice that are too ripe or do not have time to process them. Before going on, you have to reset your cooking strategy.

Here’s the trick reduces the possibility of overcooked rice, as reviewed SheKnows:

Do not many activities at once
If your kids are fussy and the phone does not stop ringing, it means it is not the right time to start cooking. Wait until the kids a bit quiet or there are other people who can look after them while you cook.

Set the timer early
This is a clever way that a lot of help. Whether you are cooking rice or baking, always set the time a few minutes earlier than stated in the recipe. If the timer goes off while you are busy with other matters, such as calming the child, then you still have time to complete the task without making any charred food.

for task
When you cook rice and other foods, divide the kitchen work to other family members. Children who are older can set the table or responsible for preparing side dishes. While, children younger can do small tasks with you.

They will feel included and to learn responsibility. They will know how to prepare the dish slowly and helps you keep an eye on a dish to prevent burning or tenderness.


In order to house No Heat

Principle overcome the tropical heat in buildings is to reduce the intensity of solar radiation that enters the house. Therefore, the design for a tropical home should consider several things related to climate issues.

Here are some tips to reduce heat in your home that might apply:

Roof ventilation

Ventilation openings are not just for the body home, but also the roof space that receives direct heat radiation from the sun. When the temperature in the roof has cooled, heat is transmitted to the bottom will be reduced.

High ceilings

Distances between floor and ceiling can reduce the temperature of the room karana space that allows air to move freely. The heat from the roof can be cooled with a note, should also be well ventilated space.

Building orientation to the sun

Buildings are often used, such as bedrooms and living rooms, should not be placed in the west. However, if not possible, space is exposed to afternoon sun can be cooled to the temperature with special processing, for example, with a particular material.

Cross ventilation

Air can flow in different places pressure. Therefore, make openings on two opposing sides of the building. Instead, order flow can rotate around the room, make openings with different sizes and do not face each other.

Bright color of the building

In color theory is mentioned, that the light colors will reflect heat and dark colors will absorb it. This also applies to the building. Therefore, choose bright colors like white or peach to paint the exterior of your home.

Page with the plant

To park, you should not let the whole of the pavement without the presence of plants. Plants can absorb heat and the green is quite soothing. Minimal, if the land is not possible, place the green plant in a pot.

Park at the top

In some designs the house, there is the top of the house planted with grass or made fish pond. Both can reduce the temperature underneath. Especially for the manufacturing, utilities note that there is no leakage, moisture, etc.


Hiring a Roofing Columbus Contractor – Things to Consider

It is important to ensure that the roofing contractor should have license and insurance before starting or giving the project to them.

Any Roofing Columbus contractor the homeowner or customer hire, whether for roofing repairs, roofing restoration or for installing new roofs, should have insurance. One of the most important things while hiring a roofing company the homeowner should consider is the liability insurance that protects property in the incident it is damaged by the company’s employees or contractor. Any roofing company or contractors that the homeowner or customer is considering should also be covered under the worker’s compensation insurance. The main reason for this type of insurance is that if the workers or the contractor is injured while installing the roofs or doing roofing work, the homeowner do not have to pay the medical expenses or do not have to be liable. If the roofing worker is not covered under the worker’s compensation insurance, the homeowner will be liable to pay the medical expenses, if the worker is injured in the property of the homeowner while doing the roofing project. Make sure to ask any roofing company for proof of the insurance before getting into the deal or handing over the project to them. A reputed roofing company or contractor will expect to show the proof of insurance to their potential customers.

In order to protect oneself any roofing company the customer hire must be licensed. Anybody could come in and claim to be a professional; however without the license the homeowners could potentially expose themselves to monetary harm. If property damage or an injury occurs during work with an inexperienced and unlicensed roofing person, the State Contractors Board cannot help the customers with decision to a complaint against that particular roofing contractor. Appointing a licensed roofing professional also ensures a level of quality in that it provides the customers the guarantee that the service provider has met the credentials essential by that particular city or state.

Many of the roof materials have a warranty or guarantee, however the roofing service provider should also provide warranty to their services. The work done by a Roofing Columbus company, such as roof restoration and roofing repairs, must be guaranteed for at least for twelve months or more. Ensure the guarantee is in writing which includes a guarantee against defective materials, defective workmanship and leaks. It must also detail what will be done in order to sort out the problem and fix it correctly. Before getting into the deal the customer should read the terms and conditions of the agreement thoroughly.


Decorating with Yellow

Decorating with Yellow

Cheerful and versatile, yellow may be a well-liked alternative for interiors.

Despite its popularity, yellow incorporates a name for being slightly troublesome. It’s simply influenced by what is around it and it will modification dramatically with the number of sunshine that comes into the space. It will seem heat or cool; bright or dark; civilized or outlandish; all counting on what it’s paired with and therefore the kind and quantity of sunshine that enters the house. for instance, when paired with red, yellow takes on a reddish hue. When paired with inexperienced it takes on a citron-ish hue. regardless of what quantity time you pay pouring over paint chips, you never very acumen yellow can look till the space is complete.

If you wish to embellish with yellow you only got to opt for it. simply attempt to follow a number of rules.

Tips for Decorating with Yellow

If you are nervous regarding decorating with this difficult color, begin tiny. Some accent pillows, a footstool, or a number of ornamental accents like vases are an excellent thanks to begin while not creating a giant investment.

Pale and muted yellows are easier to use than bright hues, which might become overwhelming. Use soft tones for walls and enormous items of furniture and save the stronger shades for accent items.

Since it is a primary color, yellow will be paired with around the other color. strive mixing it with pink, turquoise, green, or perhaps purple and orange. Even the foremost unlikely pairs will work if you employ the correct quantity and intensity.

do not be afraid to combine many shades of yellow within the same space. simply take care to ground it with one thing else. Black is often a decent alternative. it’ll connect all the shades along and provides the attention an area to rest.

as a result of yellow may be a sturdy color, you may not need to possess too several giant scale items worn out it. It will become overwhelming therefore it’s well-suited to facet chairs and accent pillows than it’s giant sofas.

When it involves bright hues, alittle yellow goes an extended approach. forever balance it with another color.

A yellow and white space tempered with bits of black is sure to be cheerful.

If you wish to color the wall in an exceedingly sturdy yellow, attempt to balance it with neutral furnishings. Paint the trim white to relinquish it a crisp look.

Decorating with yellow could also be troublesome, however the rewards are worthwhile. When done properly a yellow space will be bright, cheerful, dramatic, and debonair


Find Outstanding Leather Corner Sofas For Your House

Are you fed up of your present furniture and yearning for something new? If you’ve had a similar style of furnishings for a long time, it may be time to introduce a little zest. You can find some fantastic styles and colors of leather corner sofas that are relaxing and pleasant to the eye. Who says that fashion and function can not meet up and harmonize? I consider that the definite assessment of any wonderful piece of furniture is whether or not you truly enjoy having it in your living space.

Many times, people buy furnishings for their homes on looks only. Agreed, it is true, we all love to have an aesthetically satisfying apartment and above all, our living room where we entertain. Then again, if you are buying furnishings just because of appearance, you may finish off disillusioned. If you don’t enjoy the sensation of the piece of furniture, odds are your guests won’t either. Expect to have visitors uncomfortable if you don’t judge more than looks.

If you obtain a sofa or other piece of furniture simply for the comfort of it, you can lose out on appearance. It actually seems that it is problematical; the undertaking of finding appearance and utility in a piece of furniture, especially a sofa. There’s hope for your lounge yet. No matter what your interior decoration, you can obtain a leather corner sofa that will flatter your room as well as your sore hind at the end of the day when you want to sit down and put your feet up.

Leather corner sofas are plainly superb. You can improve any apartment with a piece of leather furniture. The terrific thing about this durable, yielding and tasteful material is that it can be dressed up or down. Merely because you have a leather sofa does not have to suggest that your apartment will rapidly look hollow or off putting to guests.

Leather is a fantastic substance to have in the house when you’ve got kids. Regardless of what some people seem to think, leather is very robust and keeps its unmarked look for years. A corner sofa will free your area so that you and the children can have more room. When you and the kids enjoy sprawling around on the carpet playing and having fun, at times your furniture can take up too much room. No one enjoys incessantly having to push furnishings back and forth across the floor, so why not take up as little space as achievable, while providing lots of restful spaces to sit with a leather corner sofa?

You can find corner leather sofas in all kinds of styles and colors, as well. The brilliant factor about leather is that not only does it feel brilliant and preserve its appearance nearly without end, but you can obtain it in very nearly any color of the rainbow to complement your decoration and judgment. Go with an indistinct and darker shade if you’ve got children and animals as you don’t want to be bothered about seeing little marks that they may well leave behind or a spill.

Though, leather is exceedingly painless to clean. You should have your leather corner sofas treated before anyone sits on them to ensure that they are extra stain resistant. Ask your furniture salesman on what can be done to make the life of your leather as prolonged as feasible. Leather is excellent when you have pets that leave loads of hair behind. They are brief and straightforward to clean and you don’t have to fret about a stain getting deep into the textile and never coming out if someone spills on your leather corner sofas.

You can acquire leather corner sofas that are exceedingly modern looking or ones that are plainly basic and will go with whichever furnishings you already have in your apartment. You never have to be anxious about leather going out of fashion, either. Where many furniture designers like to use prints on the fabric that they use to cover their sofas, leather has a classic, appearance. I have known a great many people who were very discontented when the fad look of their flower-patterned printed sofa went out of style and they were stuck with what was perceived as an out-of-date item of furniture.