Building Material Options for Healthy Homes

You know, the little girl 30 times more sensitive to pollution substances hazardous materials in the house?

Who does not want the house into a place that supports our health? The whole family lived in the house, so that the home health care must be strictly maintained. In selecting materials, it helps us pay attention to the health of building materials, especially for a very diverse selection of material lately and we can choose a material that is harmful to health.

Unconsciously, building materials, especially the new often contain hazardous materials that can cause disease, especially the building materials industry, such as wood, particle board, paint, plastic pipes, and so forth. Building materials can cause various diseases such as cancer, respiratory disorders, skin diseases and so forth. Surely the most disadvantaged victims are residents of the house because every day should come into contact with hazardous materials, especially small children. The following table harmful building materials:

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Office demand is still positive

Indonesia’s economy is stable in the first half of this year a positive impact on demand for office space, especially in the city. Demand that happens, good for office space rental and strata title.

Coldwell Banker reported property consultants, office rental occupancy rate in Jakarta in the second quarter of this year could grow 1.35% from the previous quarter to 96.89%. The details are, the occupancy rate of office buildings in central business district of Jakarta (central business distric / CBD) area surrounding the road Thamrin, Sudirman and Brass grew 1.05% in the second quarter to 97.71%. In fact, outside the central office in Jakarta’s business has grown lebilh occupancy rates as high as 1.73% in the second quarter to 96.07%.

“The increase occurred in offices outside the CBD, such as TB Simatupang area and West Jakarta,” said Research and Consultancy Manager Coldwell Banker Meyriana Kesuma in his research.

Projections, the supply in both regions will reach its peak two years. Conditions of strata title office alias that can be sold just the opposite. According Meyriana, the number of strata title office space sold in Jakarta declined to 94.88%. The breakdown is 98.14% for office buildings in central business district and 88.26% outside the central business district. However, Meyriana not mention in detail the level of decline.

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Woodside, City of the Dead in Utah for sale $ 3, 9 Million

Woodside town in Utah, United States, were busy with 300 people who settled there in the early 1900s when it had a water stop for steam engines. Now the city was empty, uninhabited. Owners will sell off some of the city would cost $ 3, 9 million.

Roy Pogue, 63, is the owner of Woodside who want to sell some of his property because he could no longer take care of the area and told his wife as someone who has no neighbors around them.

Pogue bought this property in 1990 from a doctor in Provo. Originally he planned to farm or raise livestock on the land. But he was even more frequently to help tourists vehicle broke down, allowing him to update a service station and started to run his business.

Realtor Mike Metzger said the property is a potential for someone with entrepreneurial flair. “You can be a sheriff, judge, and executioner in your own town. You also can become mayor. Can be whatever you want. It’s incredible,” Metzger said, as quoted

Woodside is located along Route 6 in Emery County, surrounded by the Book Cliff, was named like that because it looks like a bookshelf. Woodside town itself is surrounded by shrubs and cleaved Price River.

Woodside is also home to the legendary. Historians believe that Butch Cassidy and his gang have used a remote region in the San Rafael Swell near the Woodside as a hiding place. Butch Cassidy was a train and bank robber, and the Wild Bunch gang leader in the American Old West.


Design House Fence

The fence not only as a protector of the home, in addition, the fence is also a sweetener of occupancy which is also a symbol of social status and artistic value of the house itself. In choosing a suitable fence, fence Match minimalist model of your home with style, design and advised to avoid complicated and difficult.


The main factor to consider is the aspect of harmony between the fence and looked home. Unsightly fence that is the right proportion, semodel, rhythm










There are many examples of “minimalist fence” for your home property, from the design model of an iron fence railing minimalist classical to modern models.

model pagar minimalis


Model of the fence for the house has many design options, more flexible, ornaments, and materials can be selected more iridescent. It can also be applied in various forms and themes. Trend of ever-evolving forms of the fence to follow the developments in technology and variety of building materials.



contoh pagar minimalis

Minimalist designs generally use pola2 fence line of symmetry, both horizontally and vertically. While using only the color black, and white abu2 in general. Most of the black color of choice because it gives the impression of firm or strong.


Naah, for those who want to inspire more complete, please search using the “Mbah GOOGLE” guaranteed lots of ideas for your minimalist fence design.



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Skyscraper Becomes Trends in Asia


The phenomenon of an office building with a height of 150 meters above the center of a worldwide trend. Interestingly, the development of a skyscraper or referred to these skyscrapers have sprung up in Asia.

“The phenomenon of a skyscraper is interesting, because many would be built in Asia. Outside Asia, the tallest building in the Empire State Building New York,” said Anton Sitorus, Head of Research Jones Lang LaSalle Indonesia, the exposure to the second quarter – 2012 in Jakarta , Wednesday (07/18/2012).

Anton said, the countries in Asia precisely ambitious skyscraper project. Based on data collected by property consultants Jones Lang LaSalle, until 2020 the most widely built skyscrapers in Hong Kong with 300 buildings skycrapers, Shanghai with 150 buildings, 150 buildings in Dubai, and New York as many as 250 buildings.

According to Anton, the tallest building in the world today is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. However, the future appears to predict the other competitors, one of which is The Kingdom Tower in Jeddah. Then, what about Indonesia?

Anton said, Indonesia was in fact not miss because it would have called Signature Tower skyscrapers built by PT Danayasa Arthatama. Building 638 meter altitude this will be the world’s five tallest buildings in 2020.

He acknowledged, though still about eight years longer, Indonesia, especially Jakarta, will have the tallest building. In Jakarta today was marred by the construction of skyscrapers. According to him, development is quite high as in 2009 still amounted to 40 buildings, now in 2012 to 75 buildings. In 2020 a tall building in Jakarta is predicted to reach 250 buildings.

The tallest building in Jakarta is still held by the Pensions 46 with a height of 262 meters, followed by Menara BCA building with a height of 230 meters and third in Equity Tower is the building with a height of 220 meters. The third building is destining to high office.

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“The House” World’s Most Expensive Apartment Unit

Japan Sotheby’s auction rate a one-bedroom condo for JPY1, 8 billion or about Rp226, 8 billion. With the exorbitant prices, making the condo unit that is named “The House” has become the most expensive in the world.

Floor area of 412 m2 Penthouse 10 apartment is sold JPY1, 8 billion. For comparison, the average price for apartments of similar size “only” reached USD1, 982 million (about Rp19, 6 billion).

This luxury apartment units and a variety of rare furniture accessories from around the world, including accessories made from wood and stone imported from Italy. Terinsiprasi interior shape local culture of Japan, but it influenced modern culture. One of them, form a kitchen and dining room are open, stylish Ryotei.

In addition, this property features a number of facilities such as jacuzzi, walk-in wardrobe, large closet behind voyer, Parisian-style terrace, and a garden in the courtyard outside.

Condominium Minami Azabu, where “The House” is located in the most luxurious condominium complexes in the district Minamiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo. Known as the celebrities and tycoons, the price of apartments in this area can range from JPY1, 27 billion (Rp160 billion).

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Jakarta has 13 New Condominium

Until the end of the second quarter – and 2012, a total of 3688 completed condominium units. This adds to the cumulative supply of condos to be 93 846 units, or 4.5% higher when compared with last quarter. Thus the results of research conducted by Cushman & Wakefield Indonesia.

According to Arief Rahardjo, Senior Associate Director of Research & Advisory Indonesia Cushman & Wakefield, a total of 13 new projects launched and will be completed in stages until 2015. “Thus, the cumulative total to 57 947 units of condominiums coming,” Arief said in a press release received

The projects are:

Central Green (Tower Cerberra)
St Moritz (New Presidential Suite Tower)
Grand Center Point (Tower D)
U Residence (Tower 2)
Green Bay Seaview Tower L
Sherwood Residence (Tower Regent)
Scientia Residence (Tower C & D)
Providence Park Apartment
The Gianetti Apartment
One 8 Hotel
Northland Ancol Residence
SOHO @ Podomoro City

Condominium sales price continues to rise. At the end of June 2012, the average selling price of condominiums in the CBD reached Rp 23,106,618 per m2, up 12% from the previous quarter.

Until June 2012, the sale of condominiums built in Jakarta and surrounding areas reached 95.3%, up 0.4% from a year earlier and up 0.2% over the first quarter of 2012. In addition, the occupancy rate stands at 66.2%, up 1.8% from the previous quarter.

Meanwhile, sales of pre-sales rate reached 61.6% with 22 274 units remaining unsold. The figure shows an increase of 2.7% from the previous quarter, up 2.5% from 2011 last year. Pre-sales activities of the upcoming projects is dominated by middle-class projects, or about 65.52% of total transactions.

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Luxury Property Problem, Jakarta is categorized as “Outperformed”

Investment opportunities in the luxury home market in Jakarta apparently still promising. Based property research firm Jones Lang LaSalle, along the 2012 quarter past two, luxury residential property prices rose most sharply in Jakarta than similar properties in other major cities in Asia.

Based on the index of residential research released on Monday (06.08.2012), Jones Lang LaSalle noted a luxury residential property prices in Jakarta in the second quarter 2012 rose 19.2% from the price in the same period the previous year. Meanwhile, when compared with prices in the last quarter, recorded an increase of 7.9%. Compare that with property prices in Manila, which is only up 10.5% over second quarter 2011.

Meanwhile, when compared to first quarter 2012, the price of luxury housing properties in the Philippine capital is only up 0.5%. Just for the record, a luxury property in question here include apartments and condominiums.

Jones Lang LaSalle-party state, this makes the achievement Jakarta property market luxury homes in Jakarta have outperformed the title of the property rather than luxury homes in other major cities in Asia.

“Jakarta is likely to continue to record strong growth rates during 2012 because local demand is solid,” said the Jones Lang in his research.

Just for the record, the research also shows a luxury residential property prices in Hong Kong is relatively stable. While the luxury residential property prices in Beijing and Singapore continue to drop. Decline in property prices in Singapore even reach 8% compared to second quarter 2011

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Peek “plant” a Unique Trip

Pittsburgoffice space for creative business, Google is one of the serious work related to the comfort of its employees. It looks at Google’s new office in Pittsburg, California, United States, which previously was an old factory with an area of 45,000 square meters.

Citing the Inhabitat page, Google’s new office in Pittsburg this is an old building which is then processed by retaining structures such as the original building. Brought the concept of “reuse”, Google is trying to apply the concept of sustainable building, which adapt to take advantage of the old building into a new place efficiently. As infectious, buildings and environments around the office that was formerly named Nabisco factory, also participate.

Office of the “factory” Google has been designed by local architecture firm named Strada. According to Strada, this office not only to maintain the atmosphere of the factory as a function of the building before, but also offering views of the entire City of Pittsburg.

In it, the office interior inspiration from Kennywood Amusement Park, which is a famous park in Pittsburg. This design combines the feel of the original factory building with a modern twist on it.

Frame buffer before retained factory buildings, buildings made of natural lighting, and office atmosphere is made cheerful and playfull, so that Google employees can work comfortably as if not at the office. That said, this brilliant idea obtained with the help of Google employees themselves.

Yes, for four days, the employees asked to contribute suggestions to determine the ideal form of a work space, including any thing like this in the office and vice versa. All were then summed to materialize into a unique office, other than normal.


Solid Wood Flooring

When one conjures up a picture of a conventional wood floor, it always is classic solid-wood flooring. Solid-wood flooring options strips (up three|to three} inches wide) or planks (greater than 3 inches wide) created completely from one wood species. Such strips and planks, every cut from one piece of lumber, feature tongues and grooves (tabs and slots) on their long, vertical sides that permit them to suit along.

Parquet flooring is another solid-wood flooring choice. Parquet flooring tiles are made up of little items of solid wood laid in intricate geometric patterns like herringbone and basket weave. Older floors could have individually laid items, however trendy floors are generally laid in 6- to 12-inch tiles.

Most solid-wood flooring is 3/4 of an in. thick and is put in over a plywood subfloor by nailing or stapling down the strips or planks. however recently, some makers have started providing solid-wood flooring product that are available in different thicknesses— like 5/16 of an in..