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Light Steel Frame Roof

Light Steel Frame Roof

The roof has a function as a cover or protector of the home from rain and heat of the sun and is one component that can add to the overall aesthetics of homes.

The roof consists of the roof frame and roof cover. Type of roof truss used the wood roof frame and lightweight steel roof truss (truss). As for the commonly used tin roofing, asbestos, shingles and tile.

Lightweight steel roof truss into the functional equivalent option in some ways even better than wood materials as more expensive anddifficult to find good quality wood materials.

In terms of durability, lightweight steel roof truss is superior when compared with wood materials. Material mild steel safe to termites, corrosion resistant and resistant to weather conditions.

Lightweight steel roof truss in addition to more economical because they were cheaper than wood material also has a lighter weight. Character and mild steel weights create more robust structure of the house and the roof is more stable against bending, torsion and expansion so that it meets one of the components that support the earthquake-resistant housing.

Zincalume, galvanized and Galvalume support the application of lightweight steel roof truss is more practical because through the fabrication process is then performed on-site assembly process as well as the more precision, thereby reducing the risk of roof leaks that could cause damage to the ceiling of the residence.

Lightweight steel roof truss or roof truss wood selected and used as roof material ultimately is determined based on the needs and desires of the house itself.


Selecting Exterior Paint Colors

Talk about a color commitment! Unlike painting interior walls-an easily changeable decorating move-painting the exterior of your home isn’t something you want to do on a whim. With the expense and time involved (not to mention the impact your color choices will have on the curb appeal of your home) you’ll want that paint job to last.

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Luxury Property Problem, Jakarta is categorized as “Outperformed”

Investment opportunities in the luxury home market in Jakarta apparently still promising. Based property research firm Jones Lang LaSalle, along the 2012 quarter past two, luxury residential property prices rose most sharply in Jakarta than similar properties in other major cities in Asia.

Based on the index of residential research released on Monday (06.08.2012), Jones Lang LaSalle noted a luxury residential property prices in Jakarta in the second quarter 2012 rose 19.2% from the price in the same period the previous year. Meanwhile, when compared with prices in the last quarter, recorded an increase of 7.9%. Compare that with property prices in Manila, which is only up 10.5% over second quarter 2011.

Meanwhile, when compared to first quarter 2012, the price of luxury housing properties in the Philippine capital is only up 0.5%. Just for the record, a luxury property in question here include apartments and condominiums.

Jones Lang LaSalle-party state, this makes the achievement Jakarta property market luxury homes in Jakarta have outperformed the title of the property rather than luxury homes in other major cities in Asia.

“Jakarta is likely to continue to record strong growth rates during 2012 because local demand is solid,” said the Jones Lang in his research.

Just for the record, the research also shows a luxury residential property prices in Hong Kong is relatively stable. While the luxury residential property prices in Beijing and Singapore continue to drop. Decline in property prices in Singapore even reach 8% compared to second quarter 2011


Planning Your New Home Using Display Homes As Your Guide

Without a doubt one of the most enjoyable parts of actually building your own dream home has to be the planning process. This is when you get to decide what you want your home to look like even though the foundations have yet to be laid. To this end, display homes are great fun and an integral part of the whole planning and researching phase. They help you to see what your home will look like, but more than that, they also provide a great showpiece of a builder’s workmanship. Choosing a building company from all the builders out there might seem like a headache you would rather avoid, but it is a part of the process that requires your full attention and dedication. So display homes are great in that regard.

For many people it might be a little difficult to actually visualize what the new home will ultimately look like when all they have to go on is a set of building plans. Sure there is a walk-in wardrobe, but how big is it really? Although a particular room, such as a bathroom, might look great on paper, it might be difficult to decide if it is properly situated, or if it would be better to have it elsewhere. This is why visiting showrooms is such a good idea and why it can be really advantageous. It affords you the opportunity to see what it will look like in reality so that you can decide if you want the same, or if there are differences you would prefer instead.

Of course it is important to remember that showrooms and display homes are usually fully kitted out, right down to sporting the best paint jobs and so on. But remember that this is really not the most important workmanship that you need to consider. You need to consider whether the home feels strong or a little bit on the flimsy side. Look at all the features and decide if you want them, or if you could happily do without them. You might even want to consider different options that might be available, assuming that is within your budget plan.

Another very important aspect that many fail to realize is that the plans for the show house might not be the same as the plans you hold in your hands. Understand that these show homes are really advertisements for the builders and therefore they might well make them larger. They might also upgrade certain fittings that do not appear on the original plans. To avoid misinformation and disappointment, always make sure that the plans of the show home that you are viewing are the same as the show home you are actually walking through.

Do not forget to consider the needs and the habits of you and your family when you like a particular layout. You are supposed to use the opportunity to determine whether or not the plans you are favoring produce an end result that you and your family will be happy and content with. After all, this is probably the largest single investment you are ever likely to make, so you want to make your choices and decisions having taken everything into account.


Buying Patterns

Paisley Fabric Image

Once you have worked out what sorts of patterns you prefer and what you’re thinking that can fit your home it is time to travel looking.

Depending on where you reside there’ll differ choices obtainable to you. If potential visit cloth stores, style stores, showrooms and furniture stores. Explore and speak to the workers regarding your needs and wishes. attempt to slender down your selections and then take home some samples (most places can either lend you cloth or wallpaper samples or sell them to you for atiny low fee).

If none of those choices are obtainable in your space use your pc. the web may be a wonderful supply and may open up a lot of potentialities. whereas it isn’t ideal to shop for off the web while not seeing the item (colors will vary counting on your monitor), you’ll typically have samples mailed to you so you’ll see and feel the item before creating a commitment. there’s typically atiny low fee related to this, however it’s higher than paying for some rolls of wallpaper or many yards of material and then discovering that you just do not adore it.

Remember when selecting your samples that you just ought to get an outsized selection. Get some large-scale patterns and a few small-scale ones. select some that feature one or all of the colours in your space (or all the colours you’d like in your room). you’ll realize after you get home that you just do not like one thing you thought you’d or vice versa. thus it is best to require home plenty.

Once you have lived with the samples and selected your favorites it is time to choose where they will go and the way a lot of you would like. comprehend where you wish every pattern to travel and then order it accordingly. If you are still a bit degree|somewhat|slightly|alittle} unsure begin with one thing small like accent pillows. you’ll continually add a lot of pattern later if you decide on.


Wow, There are 300 Haunted Villa in Italy

Because abandoned and not maintained, a number of luxurious villas of the Italian royal relics of the medieval villa has been transformed into a ghost. In Italy, it is estimated there are more than 300 villas ghosts or phantasms paesi Renaisssance relics.

Fine art photographer from Paris, Thomas Jorion traveled from Piedmont (northwest region of Italy capital of Torino) and Lombardy, which borders the Piedmont area of central Italy, Tuscany and Emilia Romagna is to perpetuate the villa in northern Italy through the camera shots.

Luxury villas located in the village was abandoned for various reasons, such as fears of mudslides, family tensions, the desire to migrate to big cities, as well as the construction of nuclear power plants. Most of the castle-like villa is located in an area with depressed economic conditions.

The term ‘villa’ was originally intended for a summer residence on the outskirts of the ancient Roman city. Roman villa and asymmetric terraces built on a hillside with a complex-with long poles, towers, gardens with ponds, fountains, and large reservoirs. In the 15th century, Italy began to uncover ancient ruins and building models of their own after the Roman prototypes.

Villa Renaissance is often used as a second home for members of the Italian nobility, like the Medici, a political and dynastic banking families who will be the royal house.

Home Improvement

Home Improvement

It’s never too late to fall in love with your home again. Whether you want to customize a basic builder design or renovate an old home, you can convert the existing space into your dream home with smart updates, careful planning, and the right professionals. Create a home that is as functional as it is livable with updates that help it reach its fullest potential. Browse these ideas to restore beauty in your home, and maximize space with projects that fit your time frame, budget, and style. share our best home improvement updates, budget ideas, material recommendations, and remodeling advice to get your project started on the right foot. Learn how to budget for home remodeling costs, how to plan a home addition, how to update your home’s exterior, how to add architecture to your home, and more. Try new interior and exterior paint colors for free with our virtual Color Finder tool, and take our countertop and floor finder quizzes to discover your perfect material matches. Find inspiration to create bathrooms, kitchens, garages, home offices, decks, patios, and entryways you’ll love.

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How To Create Your Own Fabric Wall Art

Wall art and wall decor don’t have to be just about paintings and/or photographs. That’s the more traditional approach to decorating walls. Fabric wall hangings, however, can really make a room more decorative and really do add a personal touch to your decorating theme. Maybe it’s time to consider using some fabric in your next decorating project?

There’s so many different ways to create this type of wall art so don’t panic if you don’t know where to start. How far you go with this will depend entirely on what your artistic leanings are and how much time you can invest in the project itself. Some people are satisfied with fairly simple wall art, while other people find it fun to spend a lot of time making their own unique piece of wall art.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to create fabric wall art is just to find a design that you are fond of, an then to stretch it over a frame. You can then hang this piece of fabric art in your room without much trouble. In fact, this will end up looking just like another painting or picture but have that added touch of style to it from being created with fabric.

This is a good thing to do if you have a quilt that you like but don’t use on a regular basis. You can take all or part of the quilt, and frame it to create your new work of art. Another option, of course, is just to find a tapestry and hang it up. However, it can be relatively hard to find tapestries – unless you’re in the habit of finding such things.

Other examples of fabric wall hangings that you can look for are expensive or detailed carpet. There are some carpets that are so beautiful that they will decorate any wall in any room. This might sound a bit off the wall but it’s worth investigating.

If you have more time to spend on your wall art, then you might want to consider doing some embroidery. You can either embroider your own design, or you can find a kit that makes it very easy to put together an embroidered picture on a piece of fabric. Either way this will give you a truly unique piece of wall art for your (or a friends) home.

Most people who are into embroidery will find that this is a fun way to create decorative wall art. Embroidery can be very time consuming but the final results are always worth the effort.

Finally, the last type of wall art involves painting directly onto the fabric itself. This is not all that different from making your own painting, but some people find that painting on different types of fabric is more fun. The reason for this is that every fabric will give a different texture after it has been painted on and this will allow your creative streak to run wild and create some real conversation pieces.

So it’s time to think outside the box and use more fabric when you decide to redecorate your walls.


Pillar, Building Strength Symbol

Pillar is not only a symbol of the strength of a building. Along with the development of architectural design, pillar also has its own aesthetic value as a sweetener occupancy.

Functions are always used as a pillar in front of the main complementary, can now be represented by a particular architectural style. Currently pillar has a variety of models. In the development of the 18th century pillars are still following the old concept, which is played on a picture of anatomy, such as the head, torso, and legs. However, in the era of 70 – an evolved form of the pillars have started with a more complex design.

“In the fields of architecture, pillars functioned as an addition to the beauty of a building and has various shades and patterns. Meanwhile pillar size is usually adjusted to the building,” said one of the architects Rizky Arnando pillar style design usually has its own characteristics, such as the Roman style, more using a curved shape. Furthermore, the addition of carving the shape and the addition of decorative elements such as the addition of the paintings.

Ancient pillars with very attractive large size, use of earth tones such as brown and red brick to be a much loved. However, the development of the era of the 70’s, Pillar has a lot of play in the simplest form, as in games and not much use geometric carvings. The use of cement paste is also stone, used for makeup brushes are always last on the pillar.

In making the pillar is not as easy as it looks, it takes a certain calculations because the pillar part of a building that can sustain another building. Big and tall pillars depends on the size of the building that will be supported. What is important and should be noted, do not build the pillars beyond the entrance. Materials is the main ingredient that must be considered in establishing the pillars as the pillars are very influential in the construction of a building. Not all types of the same pillar.

For example, the type of steel pillars will look thinner than the pillar type of wood. To get the ideal between the pillar and the main door, you should be spaced about four feet. Actually, the function of the pillar as part of the exterior also should pay attention to in terms of beauty. Therefore, the required accuracy in the determination of materials and finishes to suit the building.

Better materials used are structurally strong and hard, and resistant in the open. Concrete materials are most commonly used. However, materials such as wood, bamboo or palm trunks can also be an option for ethnic-style house. Wood samarinda, bangkirai, marine resin, and camphor wood most commonly used for the pillars.

In addition to durability, wood can also be formed into a variety of models, can even be carved. With the development of technology, you need not fear the wood will be eaten by termites. Try to polish the wooden pillars at regular intervals with liquid termite.


One of the most popular games

One of the most popular games to play outdoors is baseball or softball. With baseball or softball, you may find that your family already has the equipment that is needed to play. If you don’t, most gloves, bats, and balls can be purchased for an affordable price. While baseball and softball can be considered an affordable outdoor sport, not all can be. If you are interested in playing basketball or volleyball, you may need to purchase large pieces of equipment. Most volleyball nets and basketball hoops are fairly expensive to purchase. If money is not a factor, you should be able to purchase these items online or from most department stores or sports stores.

In addition to outdoor sports games, many families enjoy cooling off with water. If this seems like something your family would enjoy, you may want to consider purchasing a swimming pool, if you don’t already have one. When it comes to purchasing swimming pools, most are a fairly large purchase. If in-ground pools or traditional aboveground pools are too expensive, you may be able to find a cheaper alternative. In recent years, large inflatable swimming pools have been developed. In a way, these pools are similar to kiddie pools, but they can have water depths as high as three or four feet. If you have enough backyard space for one of these pools, they are a great and reasonably priced way to go for a swim.

The above mentioned equipment and accessories are important, but they are not the only things that you may want to purchase for your next backyard adventure. While outside, whether it be swimming or playing a game of baseball, you and your family may want a drink or a snack. Instead of running back into your house, you may want to think about brining these items outside with you. With a small cooler, you can easily store your perishable snacks and drinks. By keeping plenty of drinks and snacks on hand, your family should be able to take quick outside break without having their fun interrupted.