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San Antonio Attic Remodeling


Living in the Alamo City, you’ve probably noticed that you and your neighbors don’t generally have attics with pull down stairs that lead to living space. That’s because homes in the southern United States almost always use their attics for the ductwork of their central air conditioning. This makes attic remodels a difficult prospect, but far from an impossible one. The operation is more feasible than ever today with the advent of ductless air conditioning.

San Antonio Ductless Air Conditioning
San Antonio ductless air conditioning is a solid home improvement project in its own right, particularly for homes with older central air conditioning systems. Filthy, dilapidated ducts that wreck indoor air quality can give way to refrigerated coils that efficiently exchange cold and warm air. Small, quiet air distribution fans then circulate the air throughout your home and can be customized to create different air conditioning zones. Ductless air conditioning is more energy-efficient as it circumvents the need to cool the air as it travels through your super-hot San Antonio attic. These systems are easy to install and are often cheaper than replacing an old duct system.

San Antonio Attic Remodeling
Once you’ve got the duct system removed from your attic space, work can begin on the attic remodel itself. You’ll probably want to upgrade your attic insulation and ventilation. New floor and wall coverings can then create any number of looks for your new living space. Home offices, work spaces, artist studios, and extra bedrooms are all common uses for remodeled attics. What you want to do with your attic will probably dictate your attic installation choices and final touches including lighting fixtures and room d├ęcor.

San Antonio Attic Renovations
All of this may seem like more than you’re able to handle. Even if you’re not set on an additional living space, a San Antonio attic renovation can improve your home without demanding an entirely new central air conditioning system. Your ductwork may still present problems for your San Antonio attic renovation contractor, but you should be able to install additional insulation and a roof vent system without completely tearing out the ductwork. Plus, your contractor can also probably clean your air ducts while he or she is working on your attic. This type of renovation can significantly reduce your utility bill, and you’ll have the satisfaction of doing your part for the environment.

Cost of a San Antonio Attic Remodel
The cost of remodeling an attic in San Antonio is rooted in the nature of the remodel. A simple insulation upgrade can run as little as $1,000-$2,000. To increase insulation without sacrificing air quality, you’ll probably need to install roof ventilation as well. This can cost from a few hundred dollars up to a thousand or more, depending on the system and the size of your roof.

A full San Antonio attic remodel, on the other hand, will cost a pretty penny (probably somewhere between $10,000-$25,000). These higher end remodels can often include the cost of a ductless air conditioning system and will produce a living area that will rival those in the rest of your home. When considering the cost of a major home improvement project like this, you should also take into account the increased resale value of your home. There are few reliable statistics for San Antonio attic remodeling in regard to increased property values. Not only will you have a new central air system to boast, but a remodeled attic in San Antonio is a novelty. Since San Antonio homes typically have neither a livable basement nor a livable attic, you’ll probably have the only home on the market with this type of space. In fact, your remodeled attic can very well be the thing that sells your home.


Project Length of San Antonio Attic Remodeling
The average time to install attic insulation is about 2-4 days. It may take an extra day to install roof vents. A full attic remodel, as you might expect, is another animal altogether. Expect it to take a couple weeks, instead of a couple days. No major home improvement project comes without a considerable amount of day-to-day inconvenience, but look ahead and use your excitement for the finished project to make it through. In the end, it’ll be worth it.

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