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Plate Racks to Dry For


While many modern homes are now equipped with that most wonderful invention, the dishwasher, a dish rack is still necessary if you want to keep your kitchen as clean as possible. Though a plate rack is generally a very simple apparatus, finding the perfect one can be a bit more complicated.

Though many inexpensive models will hold a few plates at a time, a dish rack for a large family might be harder to find. In addition, many models aren’t set up to accommodate silverware or mugs and glasses. The amount of space in your kitchen and the style and number of sinks in it will all come into play when choosing the right rack for you. Plate Racks for Small Kitchens
If you’ve already got a cramped kitchen, adding another item could seem like a bad idea. There are, however, some interesting dish rack designs that could be just the right fit. To start off, those with a fair amount of mugs or stemware should really consider an under cabinet drying and storage system. These are incredible space savers, creating extra room in the plate rack, as well as in cabinets. They are usually not very expensive and only require the most basic skills to install. Those who are looking for something even more interesting could try a custom plate rack above the sink. This will save space during drying time, but can also serve as a permanent storage space, too. Dish Racks in Larger Kitchens
In a big kitchen, the problem is less about space to put a rack and more about space in the rack. While the simplest solution is to have multiple plate racks, it is often not the most appealing. Larger racks are difficult to come by in many department stores, but can be found online from the manufacturers.

Those concerned with spotty dishes should take a look at electric drying plate racks. You simply pop the dishes in, and the rack uses warm air to dry them and leave them with no water spots!

Sometimes it seems like the more room you have, the more room you need. Homes with large kitchens also tend to have storage space issues. A high-capacity, wall-mounted rack, though probably not the best place to dry dishes, can free up cabinet and counter space for food storage or small kitchen appliances. Drawer Dishwashers
Though they’re not meant to be used as storage spaces, many of us have fallen into the bad habit of turning the dishwasher into a semi-permanent home for clean plates and the dirty ones, as well. As we all know, habits are difficult to break. A double-drawer dishwasher is a useful tool for those with this particular ailment. It has two separate storage areas for dirty dishes that can be run individually. This means, while you’re still living off of the clean dishes in one drawer, you can run a load of dirty pots and pans in the other. A dishwasher is a very expensive way to solve storage problems, but if you’re in the market for a new one anyway, a double drawer model could be a convenience that’s worth having.

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