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Loft Bed Plans and Loft Design: Add Some Levity to Your Home


In rooms that are particularly small, a loft is a great way to save some space. It keeps the area that would usually be covered by a bed open for a desk, dresser, or anything else that needs to be in the room. The extra space is all the more significant in a smaller room where 35 square feet can mean the difference between plenty of leg room or standing room only.

Loft Bed Plans
Those with a pension for building can have a lot of fun constructing their own loft out of lumber and elbow grease. A few common tools and a good loft design is all you will need. Loft bed plans are usually pretty easy to follow and will make the journey to a larger floor space a safe one. They can sometimes be found online for free, or if you want something more impressive, they can be purchased from a designer (often quite inexpensively). Plans for loft ladders are also available online.

Even someone with very little carpentry knowledge can achieve structural success with a loft bed plan. Those who are new to building, however, should stick to the loft design exactly to make sure the finished product is sound. Deviating from the plan you use might seem like no big deal while you’re doing it, but it could have unforeseen effects later. Remember people are going to sleep up there.

Easy Assembly Lofts Kits
While pretty simple as far as projects go, a loft bed plan is not the right fit for everyone. There are many loft kits that are widely available for those who would rather get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

These loft designs are meant to go together without a lot of hassle. Basically, you purchase a box with all the wood and hardware you’ll need, though you might have to provide a hammer or screw driver. Many kits will come with loft ladders, but some may not. Loft ladders are generally not very expensive, but the price should be taken into account when comparing kits.

Custom Lofts
The most expensive and most impressive option is to have a contractor design and build a custom loft. A professional will be able to come into your home, take all the necessary measurements, and build you the optimal loft for your space.

Many times, a carpenter will be able to see options that you might not think of yourself and would certainly not be found in a free online plan or kit. Small additions like built-in shelving underneath can really save a lot of additional space in the room.

Hiring a custom builder is often the only option available (unless you have a fair amount of carpentry experience) for those who need a loft made for a large bed. Most kits and loft bed plans are for twin or kid beds. Some can be found made for full-size beds, as well. Anything larger than that will probably need to be a custom job.

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