Choosing the Right Colours For Your Bathroom

When choosing a new home it is common that two most frequently used rooms in the house play a important role in deciding to purchase. The two rooms are the bathroom and kitchen. The appearance of a bathroom can often give an indication of the lifestyle you lead and is one of the rooms that most people see when they visit. A clean bathroom with towels and fancy hand washes does not add character however a nicely decorated bathroom does. When decorating a bathroom be sure to consider the perfect colour schemes as well as the type of paint.

Before choosing the colour of paint for your bathroom consider the type of paint that best suits the bathroom wall. It is wise to purchase durable and water resistant paints that will be easy to wipe down. Here are a few tips you may wish to consider when decorating your bathroom.

1. White colour for bathtub, sink and toilet

If you are applying paint to your bathroom for the first time, you will have several easy options unlike if you were redecorating the bathroom. The colour will be your bathtub, toilet, shower and sink will most likely dictates the colour you should go for as the overall bathroom colour should compliment the bathtub, sink and toilet. The choice in colours is greater if you have a white sink, bathtub and toilet as most colours compliment the colour white. If the colour is beige or any other colour, consider using colours that blend well with your bathtub, sink and toilet..

If you decide upon fixture colours, the best option will thus be white; because this will allow you to decorate and redecorate without necessarily changing the big things. If it’s already painted with beige colour, then its best to incorporate the beige colour into the colour scheme. Colours like cream, leafy green, blue and chocolate brown are usually good combinations with beige. Always try to paint the wall with light colours in order to keep the room look bright and fresh.

2. The size of the bathroom dictates the type of colour to use

If your bathroom is small, it is best to apply light coloured paint in order to make the room appear larger. If the bathroom has a window, you will have a wider choice, but if not stick to white or try pastel shades.

If your bathroom is spacious the variety of options is greater therefore you may choose something dramatic, modern, traditional etc. Always consider the source of lighting when you are deciding on the shade.

3. Bathroom has special paint

When choosing paint for your bathroom, the type of paint you purchase is important therefore be sure to select paint that is specifically meant for bathrooms. Remember that the bathroom is a room with high humidity and thus you will require paint that will hold the moisture. The type of paint you wish to purchase is entirely your choice however consider whether you want the matte finish or semi gloss look.