Threaded Tube

Tubes used in certain specialized areas like plumbing and sanitary fittings, transportation of pressurized gases or liquids, inflammable gases and liquids, jet-pump tubes, etc. have ends which are threaded so that the pipe caps can be fitted, screwed and locked on securely to provide complete safety, prevent leakage and reduce hazards during transportation or storage. Sometimes a sealing material is required for extra safety otherwise, the tapered threads allow the end caps to be locked securely in place.

Threaded pipes are manufactured in a variety of materials, sizes, colors and thicknesses. Materials used are generally metals, plastics, hard rubber and rubber compounds, etc. Dairy, food-products, beverages, cosmetics and drinking water tubes need to be leak-proof and efficient so that they don’t harbor harmful bacteria. These threaded tubes are usually made of plastics or acrylic of varying flexibility and hardness. Sizes of tubes and of threads are usually in compliance with international standards and dimensions, so that replacement and consistency are made easier across projects. Plastic threaded tubes come in a variety of colors which makes it easier to identify the function and purpose of different tubes. Clear and transparent threaded tubes are used extensively in environments where light reactions are necessary, otherwise, clear threaded tubes are not generally used in water transportation systems since the presence of light encourages growth of algae inside the tube. Thickness of threaded tubes depends on the purpose for which they are being used. Large water and waste transportation tubes may be huge, up to four or five feet in diameter, while thinner tubes are used to convey pressurized gas etc. Additionally, threaded tubes that are used in drainage systems must have secure locking systems otherwise the danger of contaminating surrounding areas is very high. In both instances, the threaded section has to be in compliance with the function. The end caps that are used provide the secure locking and these may be made of similar or specialized materials. Elbow shaped or jointed pipes have extra threaded fittings on them like brass locks and connectors which should also be securely tightened and locked into place.

Threaded tubes can also be used for assembling structures like shelving and open display units. In these cases, the threaded ends can be fitted with screw-on decorative caps and knobs to give a good finish and attractive look.

Depending on your requirements, you can purchase threaded tubes in lengths if they’re the hard variety or in rolls or coils if they’re more flexible.

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