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Skyscraper Becomes Trends in Asia


The phenomenon of an office building with a height of 150 meters above the center of a worldwide trend. Interestingly, the development of a skyscraper or referred to these skyscrapers have sprung up in Asia.

“The phenomenon of a skyscraper is interesting, because many would be built in Asia. Outside Asia, the tallest building in the Empire State Building New York,” said Anton Sitorus, Head of Research Jones Lang LaSalle Indonesia, the exposure to the second quarter – 2012 in Jakarta , Wednesday (07/18/2012).

Anton said, the countries in Asia precisely ambitious skyscraper project. Based on data collected by property consultants Jones Lang LaSalle, until 2020 the most widely built skyscrapers in Hong Kong with 300 buildings skycrapers, Shanghai with 150 buildings, 150 buildings in Dubai, and New York as many as 250 buildings.

According to Anton, the tallest building in the world today is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. However, the future appears to predict the other competitors, one of which is The Kingdom Tower in Jeddah. Then, what about Indonesia?

Anton said, Indonesia was in fact not miss because it would have called Signature Tower skyscrapers built by PT Danayasa Arthatama. Building 638 meter altitude this will be the world’s five tallest buildings in 2020.

He acknowledged, though still about eight years longer, Indonesia, especially Jakarta, will have the tallest building. In Jakarta today was marred by the construction of skyscrapers. According to him, development is quite high as in 2009 still amounted to 40 buildings, now in 2012 to 75 buildings. In 2020 a tall building in Jakarta is predicted to reach 250 buildings.

The tallest building in Jakarta is still held by the Pensions 46 with a height of 262 meters, followed by Menara BCA building with a height of 230 meters and third in Equity Tower is the building with a height of 220 meters. The third building is destining to high office.

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