Minimalist Houses and Gardens

Since a few years ago and minimalist house minimalist garden into the housing trend that became the favorite choice of consumers who became a symbol of a new house lives a cosmopolitan society, which is a reflection of the way of life – think – and the urban working very practical, lightweight, efficient, and management simplicity .

home and garden is a social and cultural values of nature and place of residence life. Where the house is a dwelling place – rest – socializing, family – and worship. While the park is a reflection of natural energy, and the source of life. When home and garden is designed as a harmonious whole life will provide energy to the occupants.

The concept of a minimalist home and garden aims to increase the value of an entire room to the exterior and interior to reduce the excess of everything in the room. The concept of lifestyle minimalism suggests a practical, dynamic, quick, effective, and efficient, which is applied in all aspects of life including house building architecture, interior space and exterior gardens.

Collaboration minimalist house and garden is a mix of communication media between the architecture and landscaping in the form of contrast, hard-soft, stiff, soft, geometric, dynamic, and between man-made or cultural nature.

Minimalist home eliminates the saturation on the use of decorative ornaments, knick-knacks accessories. Character and quality of spaces created is determined by the existence of space itself, not by the furniture and knick-knacks accessories in it. Space to be felt relieved the major needs of residents, to optimize the circulation of healthy fresh air and abundant sunshine lighting.

Typical minimalist house has a source of natural light from windows, doors, transparent walls, shade trees, plants and the composition of pavement, the right will bring the shadow of the objects of sunlight reflected off the walls as a natural aesthetic elements of its own. While the game is very artistic lighting lamps, spotlights well, planting bulbs, up to the chandelier with geometric shapes, will liven up the evening at home minimalist.

Form of a minimalist home design is straightforward, plain, simple, uncomplicated, compact, space-effective and efficient. Blocking mass, materials, lighting, repetition, circulation compact, multifunctional space optimization and sequential. Do not rely on the beauty of home value of ornaments and artificial objects, but more significantly to an honesty of form, function, and the inspiration that created spaces.

Settlement houses and the overall appearance of a minimalist garden requires a harmonious blend of hard materials, the physical structure of buildings and exotic plants, exotic colors, as well as supporting elements (such as: lights, ponds, benches, sculptures, furniture). Minimalism requires the alignment of materials, shapes, colors, and textures with the impression conveyed to the warm, intimate, romantic, natural, or futuristic. Game with the theme of monochromatic colors like shades of one or two primary colors to create unity between house and garden space.

Minimalist furniture arrangement requires an order, where everything is organized in each position. Room in a house filled with furniture that is highly efficient and functional course. Selected furniture that is only really needed, not a decorative element, if possible multifunctional so that the space was clean and seemed relieved. Furnishing interior and exterior with geometric forms have a goal of maximizing the use of space, there is no gap or space left to die.

Parks play an important role include the beauty and harmony of nature into the building and uniting with the surrounding natural environment. The presence of the element of water in the form of geometric pool and a tranquil water, waterfalls, or water spray (fog effect) brings stillness and coolness of the space and audience space.

Unity minimalist house and garden they should belong together forming outer space, buildings, and space in a balanced, mutually intertwined in harmony, and not dominate the other. The division of space is very efficient, functional, and clear hierarchy, and reduce the space needs that are not important.

Unites a minimalist home and garden will bring a home environment is calm and soothing.

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