Building Material Options for Healthy Homes

You know, the little girl 30 times more sensitive to pollution substances hazardous materials in the house?

Who does not want the house into a place that supports our health? The whole family lived in the house, so that the home health care must be strictly maintained. In selecting materials, it helps us pay attention to the health of building materials, especially for a very diverse selection of material lately and we can choose a material that is harmful to health.

Unconsciously, building materials, especially the new often contain hazardous materials that can cause disease, especially the building materials industry, such as wood, particle board, paint, plastic pipes, and so forth. Building materials can cause various diseases such as cancer, respiratory disorders, skin diseases and so forth. Surely the most disadvantaged victims are residents of the house because every day should come into contact with hazardous materials, especially small children. The following table harmful building materials:

sources of danger: the use of camphor, Melamine (urea formal-dehyde)
Allergy skin, eyes, mucus membrane disorder

PVC pipes, PVC glue, PVC paint, floor Vilil, plastic carpet (made of PVC), adhesive contact
Cancer, hydrochloric acid vapor combustion (kill plants), liver disease, kidney

Synthetic paint (paint metal / wood), paint thinner, paint containing etylalkohol epoxy, epoxy machines
Nerve disease, blood, respiratory, eye blindness, impaired balance, mucous membranes, eczema of the skin

Asbestos (ceiling and roof)
Asbestose (lung disease), cancer

Radon gas (evaporation from the soil)
Mutagenic and carcinogenic (causing cancer)

With many hazardous materials that may exist around us without realizing it, the dangers that arise are always lurking. This is why new residents frequently get diseases of the head, nausea, stress, etc. caused by pollution in the home.

The selection of building materials and materials for the house

The selection of building materials can affect your health, because of building materials, air pollution can arise and health problems due to the release of toxic gases, substances carcinogenic (causing cancer), and so forth. Examples of materials that can harm our health:

Paint finishing, wood finishing, metal finishing, can contain formaldehyde, toxic materials that can remove toxic gas that can cause poisoning, allergies, trigger asthma, throat and respiratory diseases, and cancer causing (carcinogenic). Because these materials are widely used in materials for houses such as paint, wood glue, and so on, so maybe this is a major source of air pollution inside the home. Suggestions for this, when the house was just painted, or finished to any new furniture (painted), while the former should not be occupied until the smell of formaldehyde does not smell anymore. Normally, these emissions remain high for 6-12 months. Ventilation should be used indoors and well thought out so that gas can be neutralized by fresh air.

At this time many developed finishing materials, water-based, which is more environmentally friendly because the chemical content of volatile organic lower. A variety of housing materials that are both used quite a lot actually. These materials are usually directly derived from nature and not through the industry involving hazardous chemicals.

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