Using Home Window Security Stickers

Whether you actually own a home burglar alarm system or not, you can benefit from the use of home window security stickers. These bright easy to read decals attach to any window to alert people passing by of the home’s protection. The stickers bear announcements such as “Warning! Protected by no brand security systems – 24 hour monitoring” The stickers are printed on high quality paper in professional looking fonts to give the design authenticity. They are easy to apply to any clean surface, you just peel and stick.

You can also purchase a security sign to use on your property. The signs are available with or without a stake to place into the ground. The security signs are designed to look professional and often incorporate the image of video surveillance equipment. If you have an existing system in place, the signs are a good notification to would be intruders. If you do not have a system in your home, using signs is a good deterrent to intruders. You can not tell whether a home is actually equipped with alarms or not just from seeing an outside sign posted. This is an advantage for people that can not afford an extensive system to be placed in their home.

Home window security stickers are available in several different designs with different types of warnings on them. You can find some of these stickers at your local hardware store. They also work well when placed outside of a business to keep possible intruders from breaking in. The cost of purchasing a sticker or sign is a small investment in the security of your home or business. A simple warning can be enough to keep your place free from potential burglars. If you can not find the warnings at your hardware store you can check the internet for online sites that carry home security products.