Using A Preformed Pond in Your Backyard

One of the fastest ways to get a pond constructed in your backyard is using a preformed pond. The premise is simple; you dig a hole and drop a preformed plastic liner into it. Actually, it is a little bit more complicated than that, but you get the idea. The first step is to go to the hardware store and select the preformed pond that you want to install in your backyard. When you get the plastic liner home, you need to measure the diameter of the of the pond section. You also need to make sure you dig the hole deep enough to accept the liner.

Most liners today have multiple levels, so your hole needs to be staggered in order to fit the liner properly. It is important to dig the hole a little deeper than the preformed pond is tall. Place sand in the bottom of the hole to protect the liner from sharp rock and roots. Try to get the sides of the hole as close to dimensions of the preformed pool to provide adequate support for the liner.

When the liner is placed in the hole, native river rock and plants can be placed in and around to camouflage the black plastic. These rocks can also be used to hide the pump and tubing used to circulate the water. A large fake rock can be used to hide the hydrant and electrical outlets used to provide services to your new fountain. A few simple plants and you now have a beautiful lush oasis to welcome you home after a hard day fighting traffic.

Using a preformed pond liner is a lot simpler than digging a hole and lining it with mortar or cement, and it will not leak like a cement pond does either. And if you do happen to poke a hole in your preformed pond, don’t panic, there are repair kits available to patch up your liner quickly and easily. Yes, if you want a fast and simple backyard water garden, the easiest way to construct it is using a simple preformed pond. Most people can complete this project in a single weekend, and still have time to watch the big game