8 Tricks to Make Delicious Pancake

PANCAKE easily made. Although simple, there are a few tricks you need to consider to make pancakes as expected.

Here’s a tip to make perfect pancakes, as reviewed Mydailymoment:

Use a low gluten flour
Low-gluten flour has a slightly yellowish color because it does not undergo bleaching process. While, if you use bread flour, the pancakes become too tough and chewy.

Do not over-knead the dough
Stir flour with butter. Mix the dry ingredients together to remove the entire yeast of flour. Meanwhile, mix the wet ingredients in another bowl recipe.

Next, enter the wet dough into the dough dry ingredients and stir just until everything becomes wet or damp. Do not worry if there are lumps as it will be lost when cooked.

Proper viscosity
The dough should be quite watery, because the pancake batter into the pan will be deployed. If too runny, the pancakes will have a crunchy texture, like crepes. When the batter is too thick, then when cooked will be too thick due to the content of the yeast. Add water or milk little by little until the right consistency is obtained, but remember the stirring to a minimum.

Prepare the pan
Use non-stick pan and spread with butter or vegetable oil sedikikit.

Pan should be hot enough temperature
Adjust the heat of the fire with fire or flame medium to large. Pan is hot enough when you look streaked dough, then spread the batter into the pan though. Once the dough is laid on top of the pan, immediately reduce the heat to medium heat.

Cook pancakes with uniform size
Use 1/3-cup size for medium sized pancakes and 1/2-cup sizes for larger pancakes.

Cook properly
Pancake can be seen from the formation of bubbles up into the hole, and the edges begin to dry. You need a bit of practice to make perfect.

Keep the pancakes still hot
Delicious pancakes if it is still hot. If you do not eat immediately, then move the pancake into a container and then wrap it with aluminum foil.

When pancakes have a cold, when you want to eat, preheat the oven to a temperature of 135 degrees Celsius. For a special touch, heat the empty dish in the oven before being used for serving pancakes.

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