Walk-in Closet, Private Boutique in the House

Mentions walk in closet is now increasingly widespread, this room is a storage room garments, bags, shoes, and more. Unlike the closet or wardrobe, walk-in closet with a storage of personal items in accordance with the characteristics of the goods. So it can be well coordinated, making it easy to hold and look at.

As the name implies, it is a walk-in closet allows users through (walk in). If the user can through it, it must be bigger than usual cupboard or wardrobe.

Walk-in closet into the wall and can not be moved or can not be placed anywhere. This will normally be the zone with a bathroom located in the bedroom, so it blends with a dress. The process of bathing into a single unit by choosing clothing and ornate, so out of the bedroom was in order.

To get the maximum grooming, walk-in closet is equipped with large mirrors and lights are pretty bright. Walk in closet also needs to be equipped with lights that turn on automatically when you open the closet door and take the clothes off the lights after we closed the cupboard.

We recommend using a halogen lamp whose light a small neon light or light intensity is adequate, so as to reveal the original color of clothes in the closet. So, we are not wrong to choose or make a mistake unified frontier colors. Seeing the shape, walk in closet are made pursuant to the user’s needs, the room shape and size of the room, so it must be.

walk-in closet is made to order (customized). Walk-in closet was not confined to adults, it can also be used for children and adolescents. Of course, size is also concerned with the safety and convenience in use.

In addition to clothing, be prepared storage bags, shoes, and accessories, such as belts, scarves, scarf, watches, hats, and more. Once the lists of goods to be stored, also specify the amount and character of the goods. Whether it is stored should be hung, or placed in a cardboard box.

To provide a clean room, walk-in closet using a door that closed to protect from dirt and dust. If any part of the storage will be exposed then there is no harm in glass or doors were open. Indeed, sometimes there are items including collectibles, that every moment unsightly, these cabinets can add lighting and sliding doors or folding of the glass. Once the needs and characteristics of the items to be stored is known, after it was noticed amounts.

Module sizes can be formulated to be used on a walk-in closet, the shape and size of elements such as walk-in closet doors, shelves, drawers and hanging area. The module is the size of each unit to be used repeatedly. For example, the module rack width 40 cm depth 60 cm, and 40 cm high. This rack modules made several pieces, which will be used to store the folded towel, folding clothes, and blankets. The drawer of a certain size will be used to store socks and underwear.

Meanwhile, ties, scarves, veils and scarves stored by hanging. No less important is the type and frequency of use of use. Frequently used items placed in cabinets within easy reach, while rarely used items neatly stored. The style and color of a walk-in closet can be varied to adjust the style of the bedroom and bathroom. In addition to functional, walk-in closet can also look beautiful with the presence of proper lighting.

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