How to Eat Ice Cream Cone In order not easily melt

EAT ice cream feels good anytime. Unfortunately, the ice cream tends to melt before it runs out, let alone a cone shape. You need the trick!

Here’s how to enjoy an ice cream cone with a comfortable and not easy to melt, as reviewed wikiHow:

Immediately eat ice cream
You certainly do not want to waste an ice cream, so eat immediately especially if it begins to melt. However, do not rush, because you may shed ice cream to clothing.

Wrap in aluminum foil
Wrap a small piece of aluminum paper or napkins around the base of the ice cream cone. Aluminum foil not only prevent the rapidly melting ice cream, also keep your hands cold. This method is very useful for children. Provide napkins or facial tissue to wipe the affected lumeran ice cream.

Eating in a safe place
Find a place to eat ice cream that will not be vulnerable to bad things. It could be someone accidentally bumps into you and spilling ice cream to your outfit.

If you eat in the area that there are ants, do not be afraid of insects will swarm ice cream. Because even though the ice cream is fairly sweet, cold unwelcome insects.

Eating ice cream from the top
Spend ice cream at the top of the first before trying to devour the crunchy ice cream cone. If you take a cone bottom though the ice cream was not seen in the above, there is still worried melting ice cream cone at the base. This could trickle down and can even contaminate you.

If the ice cream cone melted already, then drink or suction discharge before you devour an ice cream cone. While, if the cone already leaked, then suck the ice cream cone melting from below.

Lick not bitten
Ice cream should be licked, not bitten. Because the ice cream cold can freeze your teeth and make sick so enjoy your ice cream is not even in pain. If you are familiar bite of ice cream, then gigitlah small in size to prevent tooth pain. In addition, your tongue is able to absorb more flavor if you lick it!

Ice cream in bowl cleaner
Ice cream is served in a bowl is not easy to contaminate your clothing if melted. Additionally, to save you from the hassle of licking an ice cream cone if already melted. The best idea is to use eating ice cream bowls, cups, or other containers that can hold even melted ice cream.

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