Brighter colors Boiled Eggs, Use Vinegar!

USE vinegar not only gives a sour taste in cuisine. Other benefits also give color to food, one boiled egg.

“If you want a brighter color eggs after boiling, just use vinegar,” said Fajar B. Sugiharto, Managing Director of Boutique Resto, at Hotel Dharmawangsa, Jakarta, recently.

The use of vinegar should be limited. If too much, the sour taste of vinegar would actually dominate on hard-boiled eggs. Affirmed Fajar, vinegar give as much as two to three tablespoons to boil 3-5 eggs.

Then, give the vinegar along with the eggs or when the water has not boiled. “With the water placed in the still cold, vinegar extract process will move slowly. And, when the egg is inserted together egg, vinegar began maintaining eggshell. Unlike when inserted when boiling water, the temperature of the heat so the levels of acetic acid is lost,” he concluded.

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