Lumu “Green Graffiti”, Make Mildew More Meaningful



After a full day under the pressure of work stress, there is nothing more relaxing and enjoyable than spending time in a beautiful garden. Unfortunately, this time not many people who are lucky enough to have homes in the area of land with verdant gardens.

Many people have to forget his dream of a garden in their house, because they do not have enough land area. One solution, as was written in some time ago, is creating a vertical garden or a vertical garden. With limited space, you are still able to get the oxygen supply to the mechanism easily, cheaply, without the need for extra care.

Indeed, in the midst of a beautiful garden is no longer just a dream. But, you know, that the concept of vertical garden you can use for other purposes in your small house?

Combining the concept of vertical gardens and graffiti, for example. With this concept, you can decorate your house with greenery.

Green graffiti is the technique of “drawing” a wall with moss. With these materials are relatively easy to find, you can remove moss that disrupt and transform it into something more nyeni and informative. Because it can be formed in accordance with the will, you can take advantage of green graffiti is to make your home number, for example.

How, you just need a moss, natural yogurt (or buttermilk), half a teaspoon of sugar, blender, plastic pots with lids, brush, and manual water spray. Then, clean the moss from the mud. After that, combine the buttermilk (you can also use yogurt), which has been cleaned of moss, and sugar into a blender. Mix until you get a green milkshake.

Next, enter it into a milkshake green plastic pot container. By using a paint brush and a mixture of moss that fit inside a plastic pot, draw something on the walls of your home. You can create various shapes, write your name, or the like which had been alluded to before, write your house number.

However, after so made, make sure your work is always moist by spraying water with a manual spray to taste. After a few months, you will see your walls decorated with graffiti of moss green.

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