Effective Brand management with Anti- Counterfeiting Solutions

The business landscape with its technology enabled environment has provided enterprise opportunities to expand globally and find a strong web footing. Through the process of building their business, enterprises tend to create a relationship with their customers. By maintaining a strong brand worldwide enterprise can maintain a strong customer base. As the brand is not just a trademark or name but an enterprise’s identity, reflecting its intrinsic nature and character, every enterprise needs to protect it. However, with the ever changing demands of the customers, enterprises are challenged to upgrade the technology, products and services. Such environmental changes pave the way for online frauds, copyright and patent thefts and counterfeiting activities.

Wikipedia defines branding as “the process of creating a relationship or a connection between a company’s product and emotional perception of the customer for the purpose of generating segregation among the competition and building loyalty among customers”. Brand management thus aims to create an emotional connection between products, enterprise and their customers. However, when security threats loom large over the enterprises, it directly affects the brand. Hence, while working towards successful brand management, enterprises need to understand the type of threats and their origin.

 Counterfeiting , a major threat that affects the brand reputation refers to the manufacturing and selling of illegal imitation of products, brands, documents, software, works of art, trademarks, patents and even currencies with an intention of deceiving the customers and making fast money. In spite of strict regulations against counterfeiting, this parallel market still thrives, especially with the advent of eCommerce. As per the study conducted by the Counterfeiting Intelligence Bureau (CIB) of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the counterfeited goods have a 5 to 7% market share that makes up for almost $700 billion a year.

The wide use of the internet and e-commerce has further helped counterfeiters to sell their products online. As this affects the bottom line of the enterprise, organizations need to invest in anti-counterfeiting solutions to combat counterfeit threats. With brand management, promotion and brand reputation playing a major role in the market place, anti-counterfeiting solutions will facilitate enterprises to protect their brands, leading to increased market share and higher revenue generation.

For effective brand management, there are a number of leading service providers who offer anti-counterfeiting solutions incorporated with a number of quantitative methods. Such solutions will not only protect the brands from fraudulent products but will also stop them from infringing on the brand’s reputation. Effective anti-counterfeiting solutions will identify the counterfeit copies of any product that are sold illegally. Further by deploying intelligent practices these solutions can not only identify violators but also assess the level of risk, monitor their activities in real-time enabling enterprises to take up corrective measures.