Cooking Time Less? Use Quick!

COOKING ekoomis at home is a great way for families serves best. Unfortunately, it can take a long time to begin preparing material to present it on the dining table.

If you include people who are short on time, then it follows from Sheknows five tricks to make your cooking experience easier:

Cook rice quickly
Rice is perfect to accompany a variety of main dishes of chicken and processed meat than vegetables sauteed. You can eat it directly without being processed or add vegetables, cheese or seasoned rice. We recommend that you cook yourself, because after all it’s not instant rice so tasty.

Eliminate your intention and go cook instant rice cooking. There are a lot of rice sold with aroma and texture fluffier. You can cook rice using a rice cooker or the microwave to save time.

If you cook too much rice and not exhausted in one meal, then store the leftover rice. Reheat by steaming for 10 minutes or so before eating the next meal. The result will be the same with the new rice, but it’s still good.

Minced garlic quickly
Fresh garlic gives a delicious flavor to most dishes, but sometimes you do not have enough time to mencincangnya. Indeed, you can replace it with garlic powder, but the flavors are added can be different and less flavorful.

Try the garlic geprek hassles while you cook as much to do. Minced garlic can be used for soups, but also it will be the same dikeprek with chopped. If you are cooking the main seasoning is garlic, then you must use fresh garlic.

Use chili sauce
Want to get more tasteless dishes without having to measure and mix the seasoning? Try using chilli sauce. Perhaps the same instant soy sauce, chili sauce but tasted better. More chili sauce flavoring BBQ sauce and add flavor to many dishes without the hassle of processing the marinade.

Cut quickly
Intend cutting vegetables for soups and sauces? Cutting by hand would require a lot of time, but it does not mean you should always do it this way.

You can use a food processor or electric food chopper to chop onions, carrots or whatever you need to cut, cut to the size of the piece you want.

For foods that need a sliced ​​texture, use high power in a food processor. This method will produce vegetable pieces with time.

Have a measuring cup
How many containers do you use to measure ingredients quickly? This method is very time-consuming and making a pile of dirty dishes to grow, especially if you have to get the right size.

Save time by having a gauge or scale in the kitchen. In particular, the tool is needed to measure the flour, granulated sugar, brown sugar and others.