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A number of basic design styles apply to everything from furniture to interior and exterior home design. Here are some general guidelines for some popular design styles:

Contemporary/modern design features sleek, unadorned cabinets, plain panel doors and hardware that’s hidden or unobtrusive.

Traditional is more formal and elegant. Raised panel cabinet doors or clear glass panels separated by thin strips of wood are often seen. Rich wood finishes or painted white wood may be accented with sparkle from brass or brass-tone hardware.

Craftsman bungalow houses usually have low-pitched gable roofs with large overhangs and exposed rafters. Under the gables are often decorative beams or braces. A craftsman bungalow commonly has a generous front porch with a roof is carried on square, tapered columns. Stone or brick frequently is used for the porch’s base or columns. Masonry may also be used for a tapered chimney on one side of the house.


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Country features light stain or distressed-color finish, simple cabinet and door styles and unpretentious wood or ceramic knobs and handles.

Colonial style homes take advantage of classic architectural elements, notably symmetry, columns and formally framed doors and windows. These residences, often elaborate, typically have large front and rear porches, providing an opportunity for cross ventilation in sultry climates.

Victorian styles often reflect the romance of the 19th century with contemporary convenience. Common cabinet woods are oak or cherry and with the right color scheme, even white can be used. Many different types of hardware will work, from hammered iron to antique pewter.

High-tech design areas feature stainless steel, metal tubing, chrome and black accents. Kitchens often feature an industrial look with sleek metallic appliances and storage cabinets. Glass block or curving transparent window glass may be set in a wall.

Southwestern homes, with their stucco or adobe exterior and orange or red tile roofs, are gaining in popularity these days, especially in the west.

Likewise, log homes, which today include construction techniques that may or may not use whole logs to yield a house that looks like it’s built with logs, have a solid, somewhat romantic and secure ambience that attracts many people.

French country design is more of a style than a set of specifics. The rural homes of France that provide the basis for French country style are diverse in all but their charm. One common trait is the multi-paned windows extending to the floor, which are called French windows and that are used like doors, inside and out. The kitchen is enormous and comfortable, with exposed, sturdy beams and tiled floors. The living room is also large, often with a fireplace.

Mediterranean style favors stucco as it weathers well, especially in damp or sea-side areas), as well as bay windows or narrow, deep windows and doors flanked by slat-board shutters and painted vividly. Ceramic tile flooring, airy, large open living areas are also hallmarks of Mediterranean design.


Presents Shades of Nature in the Bathroom


The bathroom does not have to be shown “as is”. The design uses elements of natural stone and plant life can add to the impression of beautiful bathroom.

Objects used as ornaments bathroom not only soothes the eyes, but also stimulate the other senses. For example, the sense of hearing can diransang the gurgling sound of water, or soles of the feet can feel the roughness of the floor is made of natural stone.

“Application of bathroom design with the feel of the countryside is already widely applied by using a wide aperture for better functioning of the lighting and incorporate colors from outside the trees,” said architect Rizky Artando. If at this time you want to start designing a bathroom with a natural feel, the main thing to consider is the type of material.

“What is needed to give a natural impression of the bathroom is the addition of coral or natural stone used for flooring. Addition, these rocks can also be used as wall decoration,” said Rizky. Usually natural shades bathroom often use wooden bathtub or shower that dikreasikan like artificial waterfall. If you want to use the shower, you should use a conventional shower that does not give the water was too swift.

“The advantage of using a shower as this is the creation of the concept go green. Especially if the bathroom is also equipped with the circulation path is good, so more sunlight can freely enter into. Way bathroom will feel much better,” beber Rizky.

In addition to the use of natural stone and adds showeruntuk natural selection, other ornaments that you can use the wooden limb that could dikreasikan as towels or clothes hanger in the bathroom.

The addition of other bathroom appliances should also get attention. As a sink, faucet, and bathtub can take inspiration from the design of nature. “The equipment is made of clay are more often added in the bathroom with the natural feel,” says Rizky.

If you want a stronger impression on them, there’s no harm in trying to give an animal or a touch display with a lighting system that can play to give the impression of more soft and romantic in nature bathroom.

Not infrequently the bathroom with the natural background is presented with the feel of a slightly open, which does not use a cover on the roof. The concept is fairly open and natural unik.Kesan can be directly perceived. “In essence, the concept of nature makes the bathroom like this that should be considered is the use of material.Usahakan choose material that is resistant to water and easy to clean,” advises Rizky.

Talk about the use of materials, natural stone given coating is the right choice to bring the sensations experienced in any room. That’s because it is derived from natural stone. Only, to be considered for natural bathroom with open roof concept is the possibility of rain.

“The way to get around this is to consider the distance of the shower area with an open area of ​​about 60 cm,” said Rizky.

Apart from the use of materials and a few ornaments, light and color in the bathroom was required attention. “Usually use the bathroom light on the concept of nature is not too flashy. Lamp types can be selected soft tone to give emphasis to the ornament in the bathroom,” said interior designer Ary Indra.

Regarding coloring, natural bathroom more likely to use monochrome colors like green and brown. Elements such as wood and stone is always highlighted with the natural form, meaning without the use of polish. “The bathroom with natural elements typically use the color maroon or brown,” said Ary.


Linkages Between Houses And Interior Your Birthday

As the development time, many people are now not only build a home in the interior of the house. There are many factors that ultimately included in consideration when you want to have a comfortable dwelling. Some people always trust the calculations and in view of Feng Shui is one of them is related to the factor of one’s birth date.

In the science of Chinese Metaphysics Ba Zi is the technical term (read: paa € ™ Chea € ™), which is usually referred to as the Pillar of Life 8 (Eight Characters) with calculations based on data analysis pehitungan and a person was born. The trick is to convert these data into the elements â € “elements that will form a certain formation system based on solar calendar (Hsia Calendar or Calendar 10 thousand years).

Meanwhile, in addition to Ba Zi, also known as Feng Shui terms of its main object is the building. In addition to the data of birth of a building, it is also necessary direction toward the aesthetics of buildings or structures that are typically used two approaches to form and a compass.

It approaches the shape, it relates to the room layout and function – a function that is in a building, without the slightest attention to the approach direction. While the approach compass, the room layout is more calculated based on energy formed by a direction toward and development time. One is the Feng Shui Flying Star (Xuan Kong Flying Star). Compared to the approach in the form, the compass of this approach is much more complicated and complex.

But keep in mind that the merits of a building is more determined by the building itself rather than by the data of one’s birth as an owner or occupant. So what to do with a person’s birth date (Ba Zi)? This calculation is more necessary especially for the room â € “which is personal space like a bedroom, where the beds, work desk. Feng Shui of a home is more influential on who occupies the dwelling, not on who owns the residence.

In short, actually less accurate if someone asks direction toward the building and layout of buildings associated with a person’s birth date. The first thing to do is Feng Shui analysis of the building first, not the data was born residents. Hopefully this article simply explain to you that still puzzled to find a suitable layout for the interior of your home relates to the date of birth.



Roof Renewal: A Crucial Home Improvement

Above all, other home improvement tasks, the most important will often be roofing replacement. The roof is vital for the sustainability and stability of one’s whole house. Next to the groundwork, the home cannot last without the shield from above. Replacing a roof covering might be costly, but when it needs to be done, don’t be reluctant, simply because it’ll hit you up for a lot more eventually for sure!

From the moment the roof is mounted, it’s constantly degrading. It’s predictable that you’ll have to restore it. Whether you have to rebuild or change out your roof can be puzzling. Here are some easy things to look for:

– Do you have wood rot?

– Are your roofing tiles cracked or broken?

– Is the metal on your roofing rusted out in places?

– Is your roofing saturated beneath the roof tiles or iron?

– Is the sarking rotting?

If you answered yes to a couple of these issues, you should probably consider changing your roof top.

The answer to whether or not you be needing to upgrade your roofing is most appropriate put to an experienced Sydney roofing contractor who can look over your roof and give you with sensible help and advice from several years of experience. Nonetheless, here are the good reasons for you to entirely replace your roof covering:

Age – the most important factor in figuring out if you need a roof top renewal. Even if you don’t experience any obvious leakages and don’t notice any of the signs of challenges in your roof, if the lifespan of your roof is over in respect to manufacturer’s recommendations, you need to think about replacing it. The best for nearly all roofing is twenty years.

Do you notice any misplaced material, which includes shingles or even flashing? If you do, this may be simply a restore, but if you have a significant section or a couple of sectors, upgrading your roof is almost certainly necessary.

Is there any deterioration of your interior walls that make contact with the roof? This is a quite solid indication that you must take action quickly.

Pros and Downsides of Roofing Replacement


– You’ll be assured that your completely new Sydney Roofing replacement will wholly look after your household from the weather for a long period, for sure!

– All of our workforce of Sydney Roof professionals will be able to examine your roof and repair it if needed.

– It will significantly boost the sale worth of your residence. It’s one of the major things home purchasers and inspectors hunt for when analyzing the value associated with your home.


– The most noticeable is the price. There’s no doubt this will run you $5,000 or much more to totally replace your roof.

– Delaying the complete replacement of your roof structure can finish up costing you a lot more in the future. Not only will a subsequent layer last 25% as long as a total roof renewal, it could capture heat and dampness, which may bring about more difficulties later on.

The Process Of A Roofing Replacement

Here is what you can insist on from an expert roofing company.

– First the skilled crew will get rid of all your ruined roofing materials from your household.

– Laying damp proof paper is the 2nd stage. This will provide a water-proof buffer between your roof top and the roofing materials.

– The step everybody understands about is at long last ready. Undoubtedly, that’s the installation of the roof material itself.

– The closing action is to install flashing and ridge vent(s) everywhere in the roof.


Duct Cleansing By Atlanta Heating And Air Heating and Air Companies

Heating and Air companies are not just for heating and air conditioning system installation. There are so many services provided by Atlanta Heating and Air that can make your home healthier and more comfortable. Take some time to research these services online; you may learn a few things about the cleanliness of your home and your ventilation system in the process.

There is nothing wrong with running your air conditioner or heater for long periods of time (aside from the amount of energy you are using and its affect on your monthly energy bill and the environment), but it is necessary that you proportion how often you use your ventilation system, with how often you clean your ventilation system. Most people clean their house on a weekly basis, but don’t think twice about the cleanliness of their air ducts. Air ducts are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and dust particles to become trapped and contaminate your breathing air.

As well as causing respiratory problems and worsening asthma, a buildup of bacteria in your ducts provides for a less than efficient ventilation system. If you notice that your energy bill has been gradually becoming more and more expensive without you augmenting your usage, this could be because of built up contaminants impeding the free flow of air.

In addition to impeding the free flow of air, contaminants make the product’s parts work less efficiently and break down more easily. The cost of maintaining a dirty ventilation system through high energy bills and repairs far outweigh the cost of getting your ducts cleaned. It is an investment not only in your health, but in the efficiency of one of your home’s most important appliances.

The most plentiful contaminant in dirty ducts is dust. Luckily, it just takes a little bit of work and determination to keep your home dust free. Dusting and vacuuming just take a few minutes out of your day and can add significantly to the cleanliness of your household ducts and vents, making everyone happier and healthier.

If dust building up in your ventilation system doesn’t worry you, mold should. It can have seriously negative health affects on people, especially those who already suffer from asthma or respiratory problems. Get your ducts cleaned to improve the health of your family; they will thank you for it.

The process of getting your ducts cleaned is simple and will not cause a huge disruption to your daily life. This is not like the process of getting a ventilation system installed; it is a simple cleaning. The professional will bring with him the necessary materials to get the job done, such as a vacuum and an air compressor, and he will clean up after himself before leaving. The fees paid and the time spent will definitely be worth the new clean air running through your home.


Finding the Right Home Improvement Hardware

When it comes to converting your present residence into your dream house, there is a lot to be done before you can get started on the renovation work itself. It doesn’t matter if you are just changing the door knobs or the kitchen cabinets; the point is that you should find the right hardware for the purpose.

What Is the Right Hardware?

Form the user point of view, the right hardware is something

o That should meet the required purpose.
o Should be at least decent in its appearance.
o Should be long lasting.
o Should meet the quality standards for construction material in your area.
o Should be worth the money that you are paying for it.

Where to Find It

o The easiest place is the hardware near you. This has its advantages and disadvantages. The biggest advantage is that you can get hold of the guy quickly if the item is defective. But the price is going to be much higher.

o Through mail order from the manufacturers. Through this means, you will surely get the best quality from that company that you trust. But deliveries take a long time and the shipping and handling charges are over and above the price.

o By placing an order through the internet sites of renowned hardware dealers. This way you will also get the lowest competitive price for anything. The other advantage is that in most of the cases the delivery is fast and there is no shipping and handling charges involved, as most of the companies offer free deliveries to their online customers.

When you have located the hardware that is right for you it is best that you also get professional help if the home improvement involves bigger changes required. This will facilitate you in getting the job done much faster and with the professional neatness which you probably will not be able to achieve, unless you are good at getting them.

Home Improvement

Home Improvement Imports

Designers & Decorators

Whether it’s the form, function, or aesthetic of their home, Americans would do well to take a look at what’s going on in international communities. From adding a distinctive flavor to your home to reducing your monthly utility expenses, people in other parts of the world have developed innovative solutions over the past year and previous centuries. Take a look at these three areas of home improvements and whether it’s time for you to import one of these international innovations.

Home Heating Costs: Latin-American Tankless Water Heaters
In truth, tankless water heaters are the dominant form of hot water in most places outside of the U.S., but a lack of reliability in the public water supply makes tankless water heating particularly popular in Latin-America. Of course, tankless water heaters are becoming more common in the U.S., as energy conservation becomes a bigger and bigger issue. Most of these new systems, however, are designed to provide hot water to the entire home and can cost quite a bit to install. Latin-American homeowners get around this issue by installing an electric shower head that heats the water as it comes out of your shower head. Rather than installing an expensive tankless water heating system, you can simply turn down your hot water tank to a minimal temperature for the rest of your home. This type of low-cost alternative is sure to be the sort of thing that more and more Americans look at, as they try to scale back their monthly expenses.

Most electric showerheads cost less than a $100 and use 50 percent less energy to heat your water. On the home improvement front, homeowner demand for tankless water heating systems has increased by more than 50 percent, according to ServiceMagic, leading online resource connecting homeowners and home improvement contractors.

Home Exteriors and Interiors: European and Middle Eastern Tiles
One of the very first home improvement imports was the clay-tile roofs European settlers brought with them. Further back, tile roofs are present in early Greek civilization, nearly 2,500 years ago. While roofing tiles have since expanded into slate, metal, even concrete, almost every form of tiled roofing has demonstrably better performance than conventional asphalt shingling. Most of these high-quality roofing materials will last 50 years or more, while asphalt may be good for only about a dozen or so years. Thus, though you may pay two to three times as much for your roofing installation for roofing tile, it remains one of the most cost-effective upgrades in the home improvement industry.

Meanwhile, decorative tiles, one of the hallmarks of Middle Eastern and Islamic art, are another part of the ubiquity of residential tile. Whether it’s a kitchen backsplash, a decorative accent for the dining room ceiling, a way to spruce up a bathroom shower, or to create dynamic borders for your flooring, decorative tiles and mosaics are a handy, underutilized home fashion. Indeed, with the most recent, drab decorating trends behind us, a renewed interest in vibrant colors would do good to look at this Middle Eastern tradition.

Tile installation of almost every kind is holding steady or experiencing growth in the residential sector, according to ServiceMagic. The tile project showing the fastest growth is glass tiles and blocks with an increase of more than 30 percent in homeowner demand from last year.

Home Design: The Chinese Courtyard
The Chinese courtyard residence, or siheyuan, is nearly 3,000 years old, but the principle and appeal remain alive today throughout the world. Popular in sunny climates in the western half of the U.S., you’ll probably never see outdoor entertainment areas in the same way with a residential courtyard. Meanwhile, American isolationism has hampered the architectural possibilities. Fighting over fences, hedges, and property lines is a pretty far cry from sharing a wall with a neighboring siheyuan. In many neighborhoods, many siheyuan are built adjacent to one another to form alleyways, known as hutongs. These walkways, however, aren’t so dissimilar from backyard walking paths. Here, too, is an interesting landscaping possibility, as Chinese neighborhoods frequently have ornate gates that mark the entrance to a hutong.

U.S. Home Improvement Exports
It’s a well-established fact that the number one U.S. export is pop-culture in the form of movies, music, TV, etc, but this is far from the only thing. Home builders are taking their business overseas, building American-style suburban homes in northern Iraq. Indeed, American infrastructure isn’t so much a national commodity as it is an international one. In fact, this past year, the Department of Commerce reported that amongst our 14 free trade partners, the U.S. was actually running a $2.7 billion trade surplus for manufacturing exports during the first five months of the year.

Recent cries for protectionism aside, it’s hard to doubt that international trade is still the driving force of a continuously developing global economy. As a homeowner, if you ignore international trends and innovations, you’re likely to be left behind the curve, whether it’s maintaining a sustainable, cost-effective home or displaying a bold, appealing home interior.


Picking Colors For Your Home Improvement Painting Project

Every once in a while, it is important to spruce up your home by applying good coat of paint. If this strikes a chord with you, what you need is a number of strategies on picking colors for your home improvement painting project. A number of design and style factors are necessary in this regard. Each house and home is unique in a number of senses. What color scheme works for one project may be out of place on another one. This means that the decision has to begin with an evaluation of what hues and shades work best in attaining or enhancing the look and feel that defines your home.


What Kind of Kitchen Healthy and Safe?

s the cornerstone of a healthy kitchen should be kept in your home. Moreover, any food to be consumed daily is processed first in it. For that, you should notice the following points, so that food intake remains healthy and good for your family.

Air circulation and light

To create a healthy kitchen, the kitchen needs air circulation and sun exposure is good. Origin of the cooking can damage the health penbghuni home, especially if poor circulation in ryumah.

Meanwhile, the lighting is required to work in the kitchen at night. During the day, solar lighting is required in addition to lighting, is also capable of killing germs. Moisture is lost, if the kitchen is always bathed in sunlight.

Choice of material

You should not one choose material for the kitchen. Assume, for example dishwashing area. If you only use skim the walls are painted only, it is quite possible that part wet damp that mushrooms will quickly grow and multiply easily.

In addition, the material quality kitchen set also has an effect. If using perishable materials, it is possible to easily create holes. Over time, this will invite a mouse nest in it.


If you clean the kitchen was created, something else is also important to create a safe kitchen, this will ensure user comfort kitchen.

However, the security here is not safe in the sense that the thief is free, but the security of dangerous things. Because, in the kitchen there are many things that are potentially harmful, such as gas, electricity, fire or sharp objects.

Therefore, for safety’s sake, to consider the laying of each object and its control. Some things to consider include:

– The placement of gas cylinders are safe. Make sure there is adequate air circulation around the gas tube.

– Put the power outlet away from water sources.

– Keep sharp tools in place that is not within easy reach of children.

– The next safety standards is to provide a lightweight fire extinguisher. This is standard procedure for the prevention of the first case of a fire in the kitchen.

Well, now with a healthy and safe kitchen, all the activity that is passed on in the kitchen was much more comfortable. Your life and family as well as the quality of the household.


Cut flowers, Merry Feast Atmosphere

In the special moments as Lebaran, in addition to doing a little renovation of the house, would need to also beautify the living room with colorful cut flowers. Types of cut flowers sold during Lebaran, among others, rose, tuberose, carnations, carnation, chrysanthemum, daisy, and dahlia.

To get a good cut flowers and make it last longer, there are a few tips you can try at home:

Choose flowers that bloom or bud is showing color. If you want durable, choose flowers that are still buds. Flowers are generally packaged in paper or plastic cone. Choose makhota closed cone, as protected and not easily fall.

Flowers that have both a clean and upright stems. A healthy interest also has a healthy leaf, and free from insects and disease.

Before it is placed in a vase, clear flower stems, discard the leaves are withered, and mucus attached to the petals.

Cut flower stems diagonally with a sharp knife or shears to avoid damaging the flower stem tissue. If the stem is damaged, then the absorption of water and flowers can cepet ugly foul.

To prevent air bubbles trapped in the stem, cut the flower stems under running water or when soaked. This will make the flowers last longer.

Prepare a pot and enough water. Enter into a vase of cut flowers to the stem, not to participate submerged leaves.

Put two drops of bleach to one quart of water to reduce the growth of bacteria and a piece of charcoal to help purify the water.

In order for long-lasting flowers, place flowers in containers that are clean and free of bacteria, which can clog the circulation of nutrients and water. Pots should be cleaned with a mild solution of Clorox before or after use.

Change the water every day on a regular basis. Check the bottom of the shaft, when visible signs of decay, the rot is cut into sections about 1 cm.

Avoid flowers out of direct sunlight. If the flowers on display in the room air-cooled, place the flowers in the open for some time on a regular basis, in order to keep fresh flowers. Because the air conditioning can make the flowers dry faster.

Flowers also need clean air, so it should be placed in a well ventilated environment. Keep the interest of local pollution or cigarette smoke, because it will reduce the beauty and freshness.

Warm water can make flowers bloom quickly. While cold temperatures slow the development and make the series last longer. But keep in mind, water, excessive heat or cold can cause damage to crops.