Children More Like Fresh Fruit In Pieces than the Whole

If the fruit served whole or large pieces dala children tend not to eat them. A U.S. study suggests an accurate solution that is cut up the fruit into small pieces to encourage kids love fruit.

The team of researchers from Cornell University found that U.S. school children are more likely to eat apples that have been cut into pieces while the whole apple is more likely to not be selected. Studies conducted in recent months, involving six schools in New York, United States.

Three schools of them selling apples in pieces. Meanwhile, the other three schools in the form of selling apples intact. Choice, consumption, and the amount of apples wasted calculated before, during, and after the experiment.

Results of a study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, said there are two main reasons why children do not like to eat the whole fruit. Mouth size factor and prevent a messy meal.

Younger children who have smaller mouths, wearing braces, or have lost teeth, looked at the consumption of whole fruits is very hard to do. As for the older girls eating whole fruit in front of other people making a mess and eating is considered shameful.

The study found that sales of fruit increased by an average of 61% when the apple slices served. The research team also adds the percentage of students who consumed more than half of apples increased to 73% when it is dipotong.Efek last a long time even after the experiment ended.

Home Improvement

Special kitchen, Avoid Facing Position Northwestern

The kitchen is the most vital for a building (house), because there are stoves that emit energy Fire. This room is where the food is cooked so that if bad energy in it, then it will be bad because of the fire, and automatically affect the food produced.

In some people found some of the myths surrounding the kitchen layout. Myths include kitchen should be located in the eastern sector of the building, put the stove should be such that when the cook position (facing stove), then swing towards the spatula should be in the direction of the house so that money can be scooped or fortune.

Both views are incorrect. Because, there are still other considerations are more important.

Northwest Sector (Chien), is a metal sector. Therefore, avoid placing the kitchen, especially the stove in the sector. Since the elements of Metal and Fire are very contradictory. If it happens, the greater risk of health problems (respiratory organs) for the residents.

In addition, to house two or more floors, the location of the stove should not be in the bathroom (pit toilets), and not at the bottom of the stairs. Avoid placing the cooker under the exposed concrete beams.

In addition to length and stoves, is actually important to know the quality of energy according to the theory Flying Star (Xuan Kong Flying Star). However, given the energy mapping is based on the direction toward each of the buildings (there are 24 directions or variations), and when the building or house being built (there are eight periods or variations), it is necessary to measure accurately the direction toward which each building. Thus, the general advice can not be described here.

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Weathervanes – American Folk Art

Weathercock, weathercock, up in the sky,
What can you see from your perch so high?

To farmers or to anyone working outside, the weather has always been a very important element. It taught our forefathers to sense impending storms, to hunt from down wind, and to make fires safely.

Before the days of “weather reports” the weather vane was more important then the clock is to workers today. Weather vanes and the wind was a true indicator of weather patterns. Because of this weathervanes became indispensable to the pioneers.

The first weathervanes were made of wood, with an arrow or pointing hand that had north-south directions indicated on them. The wood would rot, so the pioneers got creative and covered the wood with copper sheeting to give the weathervane a longer life. This made the weathervane too heavy, and it did not swing properly.

By definition, a weathervane is a figure that turns freely on a vertical rod and always points into the wind. Weathervane is derived from the word “fane,” which means flag or banner in Anglo-Saxon.

The Greeks erected the first recorded weathervane about 48BC. It honored the Greek god Triton, as they believed the winds had divine powers. It had 8 sides that were carved representing the winds. Even then, they knew wind was a true indicator of weather patterns.

In the ninth century a pope supposedly decreed that every church have a cock on its steeple, a reminder of when Peter denied Christ three times; a reminder that each person would deny Jesus in some way.

The Quakers and Puritans thought weathercocks were graven images, so it wasn’t until the eighteenth century that weathervanes became popular in the United States. At this time many churches adopted either rooster or swallow-tailed vanes.

In 1742, the most famous weathervane in the United States was made in Boston. Shaped like a grasshopper, complete with glass eyes. Just think, if that grasshopper could speak—what a historian it would be. It has survived earthquakes, fires, and the Boston Massacre.

Thomas Jefferson with his creative spirit attached the weathervane on Monticello to a pointer in the ceiling of the room directly below. While sitting inside he could till the direction of the wind.

“The Dove of Peace,” a dove weathervane, was commissioned by George Washington for his estate at Mount Vernon. He commissioned the weathervane commemorating the end of the Revolutionary War.

Weathervane usually feature the interest of the owner; from chicken, horses, pigs, and other livestock for farmers, to deer or water foul for the hunter to sporting scenes or figures of a humorous nature. Weathervanes show off ones personality.

Weathervanes are both plain and fancy, some highly artistic and some humorous, or just an arrow pointing into the wind.

Weathervanes are making a come back, the fanciful designs that reflect the personality of the owners. Placed on top cupolas, weathervanes are giving homes a look to make them stand out from the crowd.


Toshiba Launches Four Power TV

PT Toshiba Visual Media Network Indonesia launched four new TV Power has a number of advantages that technology has become the standard for Toshiba’s TV Power. Four of the newly launched TV Power is the PB 201, PX200, PU200, and PS200.

Type size 23-inch PB 201, marketed with a range of Rp2, 5 million and 3.2 inches (Rp3, 5 million). This type is sold freely in the market.

PX200 types consist of 32-inch type that are sold with a range of 5 million, 40-inch (Rp 8 million), and 46 inches (Rp13 million). While type PU200 consists of size 23 inches (Rp2, 5 million), 32 inches (Rp3, 5 million), and 40 inches (Rp6, 5 million). Both types will be marketed in August.

Other types of Power TV, the PS200 to the size of 32 inches and 40 inches, each marketed with a range of Rp 4 million and Rp 7 million. This type is only available in the market early September 2012.

In general, four types of power TV has a slim design and LED display. As for the Power TV PX200 has a number of features, including Music Search function that lets users find the song title, artist name, album or genre. This TV also lets users watch the video via YouTube, listening to music through the application of I-Concert, receiving radio broadcasts AUPEO, EuroNews broadcasts international news or French 24, interact on social media Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr.

“Toshiba is very serious about the development of television in the design and engineering technologies that can be enjoyed by more circles. We understand people’s desire to get a television with attractive design, latest technology, and an affordable price. “Said June Nishioka, President Director of PT Toshiba Visual Media Network Indonesia, the launch of Power TV, Wednesday (25/7).

Bayu Sinulingga Golden Murti, Product Marketing Manager for Toshiba said the technology is in the auto view Power TV will adjust the background light and a parameter image display with room lighting. “So if more and more dark, more lighting down because the system can automatically read the conditions of the room. Technology makes it a lower energy consumption,” said Bayu when talking with

Bayu explained that the decrease in energy consumption to power a TV with auto view will greatly depend on the room lighting conditions. Auto signal booster can increase the sensitivity of the receiving radio frequency signals in areas with low-level signal reception. While the auto clean auto complete signal booster to improve image quality through the cleaning process interruption during transmission.


Move On Up with Attic Conversions


Many homeowners, when their family grows too big for a small house, will consider room extensions to create additional square footage and space. However, new additions can be expensive, time consuming, and can ruin the look of your exterior façade. Instead, many people decide it best to “build up” by remodeling their upstairs storage area.


Walk-in Closet, Private Boutique in the House

Mentions walk in closet is now increasingly widespread, this room is a storage room garments, bags, shoes, and more. Unlike the closet or wardrobe, walk-in closet with a storage of personal items in accordance with the characteristics of the goods. So it can be well coordinated, making it easy to hold and look at.

As the name implies, it is a walk-in closet allows users through (walk in). If the user can through it, it must be bigger than usual cupboard or wardrobe.

Walk-in closet into the wall and can not be moved or can not be placed anywhere. This will normally be the zone with a bathroom located in the bedroom, so it blends with a dress. The process of bathing into a single unit by choosing clothing and ornate, so out of the bedroom was in order.

To get the maximum grooming, walk-in closet is equipped with large mirrors and lights are pretty bright. Walk in closet also needs to be equipped with lights that turn on automatically when you open the closet door and take the clothes off the lights after we closed the cupboard.

We recommend using a halogen lamp whose light a small neon light or light intensity is adequate, so as to reveal the original color of clothes in the closet. So, we are not wrong to choose or make a mistake unified frontier colors. Seeing the shape, walk in closet are made pursuant to the user’s needs, the room shape and size of the room, so it must be.

walk-in closet is made to order (customized). Walk-in closet was not confined to adults, it can also be used for children and adolescents. Of course, size is also concerned with the safety and convenience in use.

In addition to clothing, be prepared storage bags, shoes, and accessories, such as belts, scarves, scarf, watches, hats, and more. Once the lists of goods to be stored, also specify the amount and character of the goods. Whether it is stored should be hung, or placed in a cardboard box.

To provide a clean room, walk-in closet using a door that closed to protect from dirt and dust. If any part of the storage will be exposed then there is no harm in glass or doors were open. Indeed, sometimes there are items including collectibles, that every moment unsightly, these cabinets can add lighting and sliding doors or folding of the glass. Once the needs and characteristics of the items to be stored is known, after it was noticed amounts.

Module sizes can be formulated to be used on a walk-in closet, the shape and size of elements such as walk-in closet doors, shelves, drawers and hanging area. The module is the size of each unit to be used repeatedly. For example, the module rack width 40 cm depth 60 cm, and 40 cm high. This rack modules made several pieces, which will be used to store the folded towel, folding clothes, and blankets. The drawer of a certain size will be used to store socks and underwear.

Meanwhile, ties, scarves, veils and scarves stored by hanging. No less important is the type and frequency of use of use. Frequently used items placed in cabinets within easy reach, while rarely used items neatly stored. The style and color of a walk-in closet can be varied to adjust the style of the bedroom and bathroom. In addition to functional, walk-in closet can also look beautiful with the presence of proper lighting.


Using A Preformed Pond in Your Backyard

One of the fastest ways to get a pond constructed in your backyard is using a preformed pond. The premise is simple; you dig a hole and drop a preformed plastic liner into it. Actually, it is a little bit more complicated than that, but you get the idea. The first step is to go to the hardware store and select the preformed pond that you want to install in your backyard. When you get the plastic liner home, you need to measure the diameter of the of the pond section. You also need to make sure you dig the hole deep enough to accept the liner.

Furniture Tips

Eco-Friendly Paints from CIL..

I’m continually on the lookout for eco-friendly product and that i was delighted in the week to find out concerning CIL Paints’ new ultra-low VOC paint. consistent with promoting Communications Manager, Alison syndicalist, ” The paint itself has no VOCs, and is tinted victimization new low-VOC colourants, creating the ultimate product one in all the foremost environmentally-friendly paint choices on the market.” this is often sensible news! I long for the day once all paint corporations build the switch and not sell product containing harsh chemicals – higher for your home, higher for your health, higher for USA all


For more information check out their website.


Declining Cancer Deaths

Rapid advancement of science and modern medicine seems to fruition. Recent data from the American Cancer Society says, cases of cancer deaths dropped by 20% from its peak 20 years ago.

Cancer is one of the most dreaded disease and the second leading cause of death in the United States and other countries. However, the medical world has now succeeded in conquering the “attack” of cancer cells. The proof, the current level of death and diagnosis of all cancers decreased significantly overall.

Recent statistics American Cancer Society says, cases of cancer deaths dropped by 20% from its peak 20 years ago. That is, from 1991 to 2009, 1.2 million lives saved, including 152,900 lives in 2009 alone.

“These data illustrate the lack of progress. As for the site of primary cancer, progress even faster, “says researcher Rebecca Siegel MPH. He served as director of surveillance information on the American Cancer Society in Atlanta, the United States, as reported by WebMD page.

The four major cancer sites are breast, prostate, colorectal, and lung. “The death rate from cancer peaked in the 1990s and we have seen a decrease of 1% per year,” he continued.

In particular, the death rate has dropped by more than 30% for colorectal cancer, breast cancer in women, lung cancer in men, and more than 40% of prostate cancers.

There are several factors that can push this decline. Among other things, reducing smoking to lung cancer as well as early detection and better treatment for colorectal cancer, breast, and prostate. However, not all good news. One of the four deaths in the United States due to cancer and the rate of certain cancers, including liver, thyroid, and pancreas, are on the rise.

This finding also makes estimates of cancer cases and deaths for 2013. There will be approximately 1,660,290 new cancer cases and 580,350 cancer deaths in the United States this year. The findings are published in two reports, namely Cancer Facts and Figures 2013, Cancer Statistics 2013. The second report also appeared in the medical journal CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians.

Siegel said, smoking is a risk factor for some cancers, such as lung, head and neck, pancreatic, and bladder cancers. Moreover, some populations are more malignant cancer and more likely to die than others.

“If we can apply the knowledge we have for all populations, including those who are poor and uninsured, we’ll see more progress,” said Siegel.

Early detection is very important. By running regular cancer screening, increasing their chances of recovery. “More than 1 million people still live. That is a large amount of the population, “said Aaron Cy Stein MD PhD, Head of the Department of Medical Oncology and Therapeutics Research, City of Hope Cancer Center, Duarte, California, United States.

It benarbenar interesting, but Stein added that he wanted to see the death rate dropped to zero. With a good decision, it means that regular screening and a healthier lifestyle, such as quitting smoking.

Stephanie Bernik MD, Chief of Surgical Oncology at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, the United States said, early detection and better treatment plays an important role in reducing deaths from breast cancer. “We have a good recovery rate and now add good,” he said.


Gloomy No More for Basements Apartments

If you’ve got a basement you most likely struggle with a similar issues as the general public who have basements. they have a tendency to be dark, dreary and arduous to brighten. however with the correct light-weight, colours and a focus to detail a basement will become simply as stunning as the other space in your home. whether or not it functions as a rec space, an office, a bedroom or a whole apartment, follow a number of the following pointers to form a stunning basement.


A layered lighting set up is of the utmost importance during a basement. Low ceilings and tiny natural light-weight create the bulk of basements dark and therefore the solely thanks to counteract it’s with correct lighting. kick off with the right ceiling lights. Pot lights typically work best. Track lighting is an choice however if the ceilings are notably low the tracks will take up valuable area.

Once you’ve the ceiling lights, watch out of the task and ambient lighting. Use a mixture of table lamps, floor lamps and wall sconces. If area permits you’ll be able to additionally droop a pendant or chandelier. There doubtless will not be area within the center of the area, however if you’ve got a dining space or island where there will not be a risk of anyone hitting his or her head, it are often a pleasant addition.

Color the overall rule is that lighter colours are best during a basement. light-weight and bright materials, floors and design can facilitate elevate up a dark and dreary basement – however they don’t seem to be the sole choices. you’ll be able to actually accompany darker colours as long as you’ve got sufficient lighting.

That said, do not accompany a dark color on the ceiling. it’ll become oppressive and significant. a decent plan is usually to travel with a lighter shade of the wall color or some version of off-white. it’ll create the ceiling seem higher that is precisely what you would like during a basement. during a basement you would like to draw the attention up and build the maximum amount height as attainable.

Hanging art on the walls is another good way to include color and pattern into a basement. take the planning you would like and then choose it. simply make sure to not droop your art too high. droop it at eye level to form the illusion of height higher than the piece.


A lot of individuals merely quit when it involves the basement. It becomes a dumping ground for additional furniture and different stuff that does not have a home on the higher floors. If you would like your basement to appear sensible you must abide by a similar rules you’d upstairs and prepare things appropriately. take into account traffic flow and build conversation areas.


When it involves flooring within the basement there is one vital factor to contemplate – the dampness. notwithstanding where you reside there is a sensible probability that your basement are going to be to a small degree bit damp. this can be why you do not usually need to use hardwood flooring. The moisture will cause it to expand and become deformed. to induce the planning while not the fear elect laminate or built flooring. There are plenty of nice choices that look simply nearly as good as hardwood.

Whatever flooring you select (whether it’s vinyl, laminate, tile, etc.), continue it throughout the whole basement, even in several rooms. The continuity can create the area seem larger. Whenever you modify the flooring it creates a visible break and makes an area seem slightly cluttered.

If you would like to feature some color and pattern use space rugs or carpet tiles. Wall-to-wall carpet isn’t a decent plan during a basement owing to the dampness. A rug will get a trifle mildew-y, and if you ever have a leak or flood you will have to exchange the whole factor. It’s a lot of easier to induce a section rug cleaned if there is ever any water injury.

Window Treatments

Basement windows could also be on the little aspect however they are simply as necessary because the windows in the other space. cloth window treatments are continuously nice and may be a terrific ornamental component, however if you would like to maximise light-weight whereas still maintaining privacy there are some choices. corporations like Hunter Douglas and Levolor create solid sheer window treatments that enable the sunshine to filter through whereas still maintaining your privacy.

Painting Brick one thing that is commonly found in bound sorts of homes (especially those from the 60’s and 70’s is an previous brick fire. often they are stunning previous options that may be left as-is – however a lot of commonly they are dirty, dated and lined in soot. To considerably lighten things up paint the brick. Some individuals are against the thought of painting brick, however there is no use in holding onto one thing that cannot be cleaned and brings down the total space. Paint it and you will be amazed at the distinction it makes in your entire basement.