How To Properly Insulate Your Home

Most modern homes are insulated well, but some older homes could stand to have some additional insulation put in. The only way to figure out if you need more insulation is to find out what the recommended R-values for insulation are in your area. They vary from region to region. Then you will want to check the amount of insulation you have in your attic and basement or crawl space to see if it matches the recommended levels of insulation.

There are various types of insulation you can buy: blankets, batts, and loose cellulose insulation. They all are good for different situations. In the attic you can use any one of these types of insulations. Blankets can be used in the attic as well. For walls, loose cellulose is often used by blowing it into the wall spaces. In the basement, you might want to try putting batts in between the floor joists and along the walls.

Try to keep a good amount of ventilation in the attic and crawl space. You don’t want to over-insulate the space. If you don’t leave enough air space for insulation, warm air can rise in the winter and condense in your attic into moisture where it will end up trapped by too much insulation. This can cause rotting. The same is true about the basement, if you have too much insulation water can be trapped and cause rotting. You should try to keep the insulation away from any metal flues or recessed light fixtures. Try to also keep it away from masonry chimneys.

For safety reasons, you should handle the fiberglass insulation with gloves, goggles, and a respirator on. This may seem like overkill but you don’t want the fiberglass particles getting into your lungs. Over the years, health concerns from breathing in fiberglass fibers has increased and should be taken into consideration when installing your own insulation.

When insulation your home, don’t forget your windows. They should be weather-stripped to keep drafts from reducing the energy efficiency of the house. In addition, if you see any area that has cracks, try to caulk them up. If you have enough money and want to invest in double-glazed windows, these help to insulate the home against heat loss from the windows.

Insulating your home is not a difficult task. There are many different people who can help you get the information you need from R-values for your area to the types of insulation best suited for you job. As always, take your own personal safety into account when choosing to install the material. Try to follow the manufacturer’s directions and keep the ventilation clear so that moisture does not accumulate and cause rot. After you have finished insulating the basement and attic, take a look at your windows and doors and see where some additional weather-stripping might help. If you’re still not happy with the warmth of your home, then think about installing double-glazed windows for added insulation value and home efficiency.


Enjoying a beer bath in Czech

Beer bath, a spa treatment offered by the Czech Republic, managed to attract the attention of tens of thousands of visitors from around the world each year. Although there is no scientific evidence about the benefits of these treatments, but the visitors enjoy and believe the beer bath nutritious for health.

Each year about 10,000 tourists from various countries around the world try the beer bath treatment. This treatment is also becoming very popular in the Czech. Visitors will be treated to a spa is not just for drinking beer, but also a full tub for soaking.

Beer bathSoak tubs filled with a mixture of various herbs that have a calming effect and rejuvenate the skin, as well as mineral water is warm and dark beer from Chodovar. A local resident who became the spa customer, said Monika Krauskopfova beer therapy is very different than the therapy in general.

Meanwhile, Hana Pelanova, spa nurse said that the water in the tub that contains minerals and beer foam helps to soak into the skin. “This is good for hair, nails, and skin peeling, and above all for the circulation of blood,” he said, as quoted by Xinhua.

The enthusiasm of the visitors to enjoy the spa beer brewing business has increased in Chodovar.
However, to be able to enjoy the spa, visitors have to spend 33 dollars for a beer bath for 20 minutes.


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Home Improvement

In order for Exterior Home More Attractive

Do not ignore the exterior of your home when renovating. The exterior of the poor also affect the value of the home and selling your home. If you’re designing a home remodeling budget, consider making the following prettier exterior space.

Some Important Consideration
Some houses have exterior is more easily modified. For example, the design of the 50 or 70’s era is easier than the renovated 80’s style house that has lots of additional features, some of the small window in the lower front part of the house.

A large detached house can be changed by setting a new home or changing the roof line and roof tiles. The house is more simple and offer a renovation as at the terrace. In principle, no striking change is always advisable.

You can get additional living space by renovating the exterior. Consider changing the garage to replace the door with a window and adjust the arrangement of the wall.

Structuring and Make Wall

If your home requires a bit of adjustment mortar between the bricks that need to be replaced, be careful to do it yourself if the area is quite extensive. Instead, leave it to the experts. For example, if the job involves three-quarters of the wall has a layer that is damaged. This will require appropriate materials to the walls and mixing

The new mortar should be adjusted to the existing brick, using pigments that are sold by the store building. Old brick with lime mortar would be more resistant to changes without breakage. While the new cement mortar are more vulnerable cracks and water can leak out through the brick. It can make the surface easy to peel on the outside and moist on the inside. If the building has a coating, can be replaced, and repainted.

Adding a protective outer sheath of a wooden building mounted horizonal exterior designer is a favorite of this time. This will enhance your home so do not look boring and can be a suitable extension. However, before enveloping home consider the effect it will have on home values ​​and selling. Some weather barrier boards can be painted or left natural.

The work is often hated exterior paint regularly. If the outer wall of the house has bare brick accents, painting is not required. Brick wall that has been painted, simply brush the surface of the peel and give fungicide to prevent fungus. Then paint with microporous paint. Water-based coatings are more environmentally friendly than solvent-based paints paint. Unfortunately, water-based paints are less durable than others.

Replace Or Repair Window
The window gives identity to the house. Choosing the wrong style can worsen the look of the house. Things to do with the old property is put back window with the appropriate style. Changing window should consider the energy efficiency of lighting, security and air flow. Some of the glass apply
doubles as a way out. There is also a jaca made from PVC which Lebin minimal maintenance although not environmentally friendly. While the iron bars to replace the windows, you could try Critall.

A New Front Door
The front door should be considered to be better suited to the front of the house. A traditional paneled doors you can combine with a few contemporary accents like door knob, numbers on the door and mail slot. Or you can choose contemporary wood doors. If you want the stained glass front door, choose the style motif
the front of the house. For example, select a stained glass motif of birds or flowers for a Victorian-style house, or art deco sunburst motif for Edwardian style houses.

Think to seek advice from a professional before putting on the porch. Home can be a useful addition in front of a regular house. It is important to keep the proportions are comparable to the size of ruma porch. Stick to the decorative canopy for a hostel. It would be preferred children.

Hold Feature
Like the old house to preserve some exterior features, including cast iron accents, ancient guttering and so on. Modern Materials may be minimal care, but they do not look good in old houses. Just clean them with a wire brush and then re-paint. You can also replace it with lighter materials and other artificial
such as plastic or aluminum.

The front or side street, is a plus for the home. You can play it by installing paving stones using traditional patterns and colors designed. But do not forget to ask permission from the manager or developer if feared to disturb the public interest.

Front page
The front garden deserves your attention. Make sure the page is pretty neat and groomed. The trick, clean the streets, trim fence, re-paint the fence and gate. Rows of lights will also add charm to your exterior.

Remove from the Past
Do not be tied to the past. You do not need to maintain the less attractive parts of the house. Like, paving the less neat, sculpture, plastic pot racks, and so on.


How To Choose Construction Services or Contractors

To select a contractor or construction services, you certainly can not directly choose from. It’s good, you choose a construction services company that is really professional. Do not be tempted by the cheap prices. Therefore, it could be, construction services company that degrade the quality of the building in order to suppress the price. You do not want it, when the dream house suddenly cracked and may collapse.

people are still accustomed to selecting construction services based solely on cost. As a result, many people are disappointed because the building did not last long. people should choose a construction services company that has a certificate.

Because these entities must obtain a certificate from the Institute for Development of Construction Services. Through this certificate, you can see the quality of experts working in the company’s construction services, equipment, capital up to the experience of the contractor.


Don’t Ignore Your Cabinet Hardware

As a child, you most likely were told to clean your room. Did you try to cram everything under your bed and in your closet? Chances are, you were caught and then had to spend even more time de-cluttering your room. As adults, we are guilty of a similar crime: cramming pots, pans and food items in our cabinets and pantries. Have you ever taken the time to examine the doors you’re hiding items behind? Over the years, the nicks, dings, cracks and spills accumulate on your kitchen cabinet hardware and inevitably illustrate a home well worn in, stains and all. But just as we were told as children, you cannot ignore the reality that you should replace your cabinet hardware.


Getting Quotes For Your Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen renovation is an exciting, but challenging home improvement project. The challenge begins the moment you decide to start getting quotes for your kitchen reno. What style of kitchen do you want? What style can you afford? A kitchen designer can help you with your decision, but you don’t want to rely on the opinion of one designer or a single quote. The best way to get an accurate and fair quote and get the best kitchen for your money at the same time is to be as informed as possible before you get your quotes.
Kitchen Materials and Their Costs

One L-shaped kitchen with a center island, for example, can cost as little as $ 5000 while the same kitchen made from different materials can cost as much as $ 15,000 or more. These estimates of a variety of kitchen benchtop costs are a good example of how your choice of materials will affect the total cost of your kitchen reno:.

Laminate benchtops are the least expensive. Designer laminates cost a little more and the edge treatment, too, will make a difference in price.
Timber starts at about 10-15 percent more than laminate, depending on the type of timber and the finish used.
Engineered quartz benchtops cost four to six times more than laminate, but are far more durable.
Granite prices are roughly the same as engineered stone or quartz, but higher end granites can be considerably more. he price goes up depending on the type of granite chosen and the edge treatment.
Stainless steel tops the list at nearly 10 times the price of laminate.

The cost differences are similar for the doors, drawer fronts and panels used on kitchens. Melamine is the cheapest material you can buy, while a gloss polyurethane surface finish is one of the most expensive.

It’s important that you choose your preferred materials before getting your quotes and get your quotes based on those materials. This is the only way you can compare “apples with apples.” However, in order to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money, you also need to look at the parts of the kitchen that aren’t visible on the surface:.

The quality of the drawer runners and door hinges will make a big difference to the quality of your kitchen.
Cheaper kitchen drawers have thin bottom panels that will bow and even pop out under a heavy load.
Lower quality kitchen cabinets are stapled together, while better cabinets may be dowelled and glued. Mid-range kitchen cabinets are often constructed using screws.

Keep these factors in mind when you get quotes for kitchens. Is one quote a little higher than another because the company uses better construction techniques and hardware? If so, it might be worth paying a little more for a higher quality kitchen.

Kitchen manufacturing is a highly competitive business. This can work to your advantage, but only if you do your homework first. For example, some less reputable companies may not mention the brand of hardware they use in their quote, hoping that their lower quote will “seal the deal.” Always insist on a detailed quote and make your comparisons based on a balance between quality and price. Also don’t forget to ask whether related tradies such as electricians, gasfitters and plumbers are included in the cost of installation.

Getting quotes for a kitchen renovation in Adelaide isn’t easy, but our service makes it easier for you to get quotes service makes it much easier for you. Instead of having to visit several kitchen renovation companies individually, you just need to fill out one simple form and we will handle the rest for you. You’ll get several obligation-free quotes without even having to leave the comfort of your home. The service is free, too, so why not give it a go contact us and get quotes for your kitchen reno today?

The best way to get a fair and accurate quote and get the best kitchen for your money at the same time is to be as informed as possible before you get your quotes.
One L-shaped kitchen with a center island, for example, can cost as little as $ 5000 while the same kitchen made from different materials can cost as much as $ 15,000 or more. These estimates of a variety of kitchen benchtop costs are a good example of how your choice of materials will affect the total cost of your kitchen reno:.

Getting quotes for a kitchen renovation in Adelaide isn’t easy, but our The service is free, too, so why not give it a go contact us and get quotes for your kitchen reno today?

The challenge begins the moment you decide to start getting quotes for your kitchen reno. A kitchen designer can help you with your decision, but you don’t want to rely on the opinion of one designer or a single quote. The best way to get an accurate and fair quote and get the best kitchen for your money at the same time is to be as informed as possible before you get your quotes.

Home Improvement

The Art of Hiring a Contractor

I will be submitting articles on hiring contractors to problem solving typical to not so typical home repairs and improvements homeowners come across. If you have questions, please feel free to submit to this article and I will try to answer your questions. However, for today I would like to discuss Home improvement contractors and the things to look for when hiring one.

In a prior life, I was a home improvement contractor for a number of years and have experienced situations from the other side as a contractor. There are things that a homeowner can look for when hiring a contractor. These things are obvious. First, notice punctuality, Secondly, look at the vehicle that the contractor arrives in. Is it in disrepair?

Think about it a contractor that cares about his business would invest in a vehicle that shows he is serious about business. Now I am not saying he has to show up in a 50,000.00-dollar vehicle. It should be presentable. Next, does he shake your hand when introducing himself? Ask questions, look for tell tale signs. References, a good contractor has a following. Is he licensed? Is he insured?

Taking time to notice these things should help in your decision in hiring a home improvement contractor. Remember there are good contractors out there sometimes all you need to do is ask questions. Only you the homeowner can avoid hiring a wannabe contractor. NEXT: Tales from the Home improvement contractors point of view.

The View from:


Home Decoration Fashion Trends in This Autumn and Winter

Nowadays the modern decoration concept has taken a transition to care for home furnishings and home decorations, and bedroom “soft decoration” has gradually formed a hot topic that people concerned about increasingly.

As to start with “soft decoration”, you could only get a warm and romantic home. At this gold autumn, the home decoration began to entered its prosperous time, many friends began busy and they are bound to in the face of numerous home decoration products and room design styles, so which kind of home design should to choose?

Top 3. Continental Court Style

Continental’s court style design particularly about extravagant habitudes, in a European luxury style design house there are commonly full with laces, complicated creases and luxury brand European-style furniture, thus to create a luxurious style, with soft bed, complex crafted crystal lights, a resplendent bedroom with thick European flavors just constituted.

Continental Court Style curtains are generally fitted with double design water wave valance, curtain cloth commonly use those flashing fabrics in elegant pale gold and raw white color.

Top 1. French Romantic Style

The living room is cozy and quiet, sun lights sprinkled in gently, relying on a large soft fabric sofa watching beloved book, enjoying the afternoon sunshine, warm, calm, on the white table there’s a hot self-grinding. Romance is exists in these home furnishing flakes, in which raw white color of furniture is more important details.

Top 2. Modern Fashion Style

Modern decorative arts has inducted the creative ideas of modern abstract art also its fruits into the modern interior decoration designs, thus strived to create unique but simplified decorations, these designs are simple, popular and fresh, which are more closer to people’s daily life.

This style design featured and constructed with curves and nonsymmetrical lines, such as footstalks, buds, grape vines, insect wings and various of elegant and waved physical patterns in the nature, which were been applied in decorations of walls, balusters, traceries and furniture.

Top 4. American Pastoral Style

American pastoral style put simplicity at a premium and uphold freedom designs, which was reflected in simple, leisure, green plants, rattan Dining Chairs and network decorations, it is elegant and comfortable, in this style, wooden furniture are generally been kept with their natural wood grains and painted with gloss paints; curtain fabrics are mainly used fabrics with patterns of flowers in the nature, natural colored stripes or pure white voiles, which are concise, fresh and natural.

Top 5. White and Black Style

Black and white style design will go an exaggerated or a minimalist route, if you choose this style design for your home decoration, which will help you to subvert the traditional home decoration style immediately.

The white and black series curtains are mainly themed with classical white-black color, whose decent patterns and geometric textures will soften those stiff and blunt expressions in the room.

It is worth noting that during the course of the room arrangement, you should take care and apply the black color with a moderate scale, too much dark furniture would bring pent-up feelings to peoples in the room. Otherwise, be equipped with several orange cushions or some red furnishings in a small area, which will mitigate those cold and serious atmospheres in the room.

Top 6. New Chinese Style

The decorative material of new Chinese style mainly are wood material, which particular about carving, painting, elegant sculpt, each furnishings are all reflects grand and luxurious characters, each decoration could arouse people to recall their past times, and produce a yearning for a good future.

Chinese-style curtain mostly use fabrics with thick colors, whose texture and patterns are full with national flavors, and the patterns of which in pursuit for simple, grand and exquisite styles, especially those Chinese elements such as tassels, clouds emblems and Mandarin collars and so on, which are applied in the New Chinese style decoration frequently.

Home Improvement

Welcomes TDS 2013, South Solok Tower House Renovation

South Solok, West Sumatra renovated house just to welcome the Tour de Singkarak (TDS), which included 25 teams from several countries on June 2 to 9, 2013. “We’ve allocated a budget in this year’s budget of Rp 4.8 billion for the preparation of the agenda on an international scale. Hopefully South Solok escape TDS assessment of the technical commission,” said Secretary South Solok, Fachril Murad at the Padang on Friday (15 / 2/2013).

He said the amount of the budget is mainly for home renovation gadang priority to revamping the toilet that can be adapted to the habits of foreign tourists.

South Solok area dubbed 1000 house just because there are a lot of standing house typical architecture of the Minangkabau. Conditions that would be the attraction for participants from abroad that TDS. Therefore, it is essential to reform so that the current implementation of the TDS can be used as a resting place for participants TDS and abroad.
We strive to make guests from foreign countries in the TDS will feel comfortable, including when it comes to home owners gadang and community supports.
– Fachril Murad

“We strive to make guests from foreign countries in the TDS will feel comfortable, including when it comes to home and community gadang owners are supportive,” he said.

Next prepare physically crossed the road infrastructure will route TDS, according Fachril, was adequate and the condition of the road is pretty good. Despite a slightly hollow existing agencies to allocate funds for repairs, so there is no obstacle to the preparation of TDS.

South Solok regency Alahan offers a route length of SMF-Muaro Labuh and Muaro Labuh-Padang Aro in front of the office of regent, but of course the decision of the technical committee later.

While the security aspect has coordinated the local police ranks and continued socialization into society intensified in mosques and other community activities, including the banners to be installed.

“We are deeply concerned South Solok to route incoming TDS area, so this area will be lifted and more widely known,” he said.

In addition, the TDS group and participants will also be presented with the beauty of nature and the green expanse of tea gardens and other tourist potential. “We hope participants TDS bike racing with his team know that tea is consumed during the production of the South Solok,” said Fachril.