Best Paint Color Scheme Ideas

Now that you think its time to design and remodel your room, the most important thing you need to consider is the paint color scheme. Whilst a choice of colors is available from the rainbow, narrowing down to take your pick can be quite a task! Following are a few tips to help you select the right color scheme as per the room specification:


Get ready Costs Before Buy Houses

In addition to preparing the budget to buy a dream house, you need to know the other costs that have to be prepared. These other costs related to the licensing interests home.

You can set the amount of the fee for the six purposes, such as for BPHTB (Tax on Acquisition of Land and Building), the cost under the name, notary, fees, insurance and mortgage deed of gift.

BPHTB – Referring to Article 5 of Law No. 21 of 1997, BPHTB rates charged to buyers is 5 percent of the Acquisition Value of Tax Object (NPOKP) net acquisition value Object No Tax (NPOPTKP). NPOPTKP varies by area.

Behind the name – is the name behind the fee charged to change the ownership status of the seller to the buyer. If you buy a house from developers, the cost is usually behind the name has been taken care of by the developer. You simply set up the funds, which amount may vary in each region.

Notary – It’s good any transactions involving land and buildings carried out in front of a notary or official land deed (PPAT). This is because it involves legal aspects. Generally notary will check the certificate and take care of legalities. The cost is also different in each city.

Provisions – If you buy a house with a mortgage, there is a provision fee to be paid to the bank. This fee covers the administrative costs charged to the buyer. The amount varies by bank, ranging from 1 percent of the total approved loan.

Insurance – Any house you buy with a mortgage, get insurance coverage. It is important to avoid bad debts in the future. Insurance is generally offered only to protect the bank’s assets are still in the process of payment (installment). While the assets you already have (already repaid) tidakk replaced any time these losses. For that, you can add a policy to protect its assets.

Deed granting mortgage – This deed is a guarantee of debt repayment to the buyer’s bank. Large depending on the nominal mortgage costs disbursed by the bank. Cost depends deed of each area.

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Finding the Right Floor Covering for Each Room


No matter the room in the house, there’s hardly a more important feature than the floor. This feature essentially comes down to floor coverings. Laminate flooring or hardwood, plush carpet or stone tile, whatever floor covering you choose will give certain advantages and disadvantages. These pros and cons should be weighed according to each room in the house and your personal tastes.

Floor coverings should be one of the more carefully contemplated decisions you make for your home. Their high visibility makes a floor covering a definitive decorating statement. The continual wear of human contact requires a sensible, reliable installation. Without balancing the importance of décor and practicality, you probably won’t be as satisfied with floor coverings as you could be.

Ceramic or stone tiling offer some of the most durable floors available with a nice variety of coloring and tile size and design. Linoleum can still give you the kind of durability for typical bathroom use. It may not offer the same warmth as ceramic tiling, but it can give you a similar appearance for a more affordable price. A small bathroom floor may be a nice place to splurge, given the limited square footage will help control the price. Plus, you should consider how important a bathroom is to you in relation to other rooms in your home. This can also help you decide where to put your money.

Tiling or linoleum can also be a viable option for your kitchen, but hardwood or laminate flooring is usually the standard for a more high-end installation. Kitchens are right on the boundary for moisture risk to hardwood flooring. If you’re thinking of a hardwood floor for this area, just make sure you find a durable wood and take care with the installation and finish. If you like the look of a hardwood floor but are wary of the price, a laminate floor is probably your best bet.


The bedroom is all personal preferences. The least public room in your home should be about what you like and what feels good under your feet. The soft feel of a plush carpet may cushion your bare feet and help put you in the right mood for a good night’s sleep. If you prefer the warmth and elegance of a hardwood or laminate flooring, you can feel the security and pleasure of your slippers sliding across the floor.

Living/Family Rooms
This room is usually all about your family and guests. Do you have kids that like to pop down on the floor in front of the tv? Carpet will help facilitate that atmosphere. If you have kids or pets that may be accident prone, carpet tile will allow you to replace small areas of carpeting, instead of simply trying to move your couch over any unsightly stains. For more mature entertaining, a hardwood or laminate floor probably gives the room a more conversational ambiance.

A basement floor covering is often one of the rooms that causes the most stress for the homeowner and it probably shouldn’t. You know you need a high performance floor covering for the moisture and other hardships the floor must endure, but you may not feel like investing a lot of money in this area, either. Simply put, don’t use a floor covering. Concrete staining can imitate almost any other flooring, is almost always the cheapest option, and can be smoothed and insulated to provide a warm, sleek floor that doesn’t in any way match people’s preconceived notions of what concrete can be.


A Useful Resource for Home Decorating

Is your house in need of improvements? Do you need ideas for redecorating your home? Do you need inspiration for decorating your home? Not to worry, help is already here. One great source of home decorating ideas and inspiration is home decorating magazines.

Exterior and Garden

The Dry Garden Practical

Dry GardenThe concept of a dry garden is a practical alternative to garden design that provides ease of maintenance. Dry garden is as famous as the trend of minimalist-style dwelling house, one of which tropical minimalist style.

The first step to create a dry garden is determining the concept and character of the park to be made. This needs to be done so that the presence of a dry garden can further reinforce the desired house style as a whole.

Plants grown in dry gardens selected types of plants that do not require extra care, such as Pandan Island, Casuarina or palm – Paleman. As for small plants can be selected types sanseviera and Cactus. Plants – the plants are plants that do not require much water making it suitable for homeowners who do not have much time to perform maintenance garden.

Other additional components to the park can use a dry powder coral, coral brushes, stone and sand mixed with other elements desired such as garden lights, pond, trails, gazebo and even bridges.

Things to note on a dry garden is the availability of sunlight, whether it be the location of a dry garden in the shade or in a sunbathe. It is closely related to the types of plants suitable for the location of the park.

Basically a dry garden can be made at the residence anywhere, could be on the front, rear, side or below the void that is at the center of residential houses as well as more flexible against the available land area.


Tips Choose Clothes According to Body Shape

Woman’s body appeared to have different categories. In order to choose the right clothes, you should know your body shape before buying clothes.

Type of Apples

Women with apple body shape, body characteristics is at the bottom tend to be large, especially the buttocks or hips. Ceramic by using brightly colored clothes. Avoid dark top. Or it could be a stiff jacket that covered a great impression.

to subordinates, can select the material with a dark color and sleek skirts memorable. To be able to use jeans boot cut.

Type of Sand Jam

Type hourglass is an ideal type for a woman. Body that tapers at the waist and look sexy. In order to appear slimmer, use a dress with A-line skirt or can use a pencil skirt.

For subordinates, can wear pants with any model home is not too big at the bottom. models such as high-waist and low referees.

Type of Apples

Women with apple shape, typically are short and rounded bodies tend to the center a little larger. In order to form the middle does not look can be tricked by using a model of empire dress with collar bebentuk V.

For the bottom, can be used with a straight cut pants. Avoid memggunakan clana with a lot of detail, so as not to appear “unbiased”. Pants with slim or boot cut could be an option or can also wear skirts that seem slim folding.

Type Straight

For women who have a body straight or skinny impressed. Can wear clothes that have details like wrinkles, ribbons and other accessories. Avoid wearing clothing made ​​from thin or lightly impressed, because it will increasingly look skinny or thin. Also use belts also great for accessories.

so what are you waiting, adjust your clothing to your body shape to look ideal and beautiful.


One Design, created Dead Space

One often led to designing the negative space or dead space in the dwelling. If allowed, are a bad influence?

If left unchecked, the negative space or dead space will affect the overall appearance of occupancy. Negative space would make the existence of the chamber reduces the effective area of space. The house then was narrowed, because over time the negative space expanding or messy. It could also, negative space is a “second home” for pests such as cockroaches and rats. This may occur when you use this space to accumulate goods and rarely cleaned.

Examples of designs that can lead to negative space as a form of space with the acute angle of 90 degrees or less, or a circular room. The streamlined shape is sometimes difficult to execute a function. These forms are created because the land is difficult to elaborate such as trapezoidal, parallelogram or a triangle.

Major factor in the design space is one of the design. If you do not have the capacity design business, the services of architects can be used to create efficient home design, but still comfortably habitable. In addition, the habits of the household needs to be changed. As goods pile up the habit and routine cleaning is an example.

Residential lots of negative space in a corner of the room is empty. Angle is mostly neglected because they do not carry out certain functions. In fact, the space of these angles should be used. Cultivate a corner you can create by placing furniture, like bookcases, accessories, put a storage cupboard, vanity mirror and sink. Or, you could add a shoe rack, towel racks, dispensers, hangers, or where umbrellas and hats.

Corner of the room can be processed into the corner as well as storage space as well as a venue for “showing off” a private collection. It’s good when you take advantage of this space into a focal point in the room rather than making it “warehouse” impromptu.

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How Long Should Aquarium Lights Burning?

By installing the lights, the display aquarium, especially fresh water would be more charming. Luminescence colorful fish scales would be exposed to the eye soothing sight.

Many aquarium owners who do not care about how many hours the aquarium lights. In fact many are turning for 24 hours. And besides this is a waste of electricity can also harm fish in it.

With the lights constantly making the water temperature gets hot. It would harm the fish collection. Moreover, there are some fish that can not stand living in the water to a certain temperature.

Not only that, with the power turned on throughout the day making the fish did not have a chance “to sleep”. And consequently, the fish are usually calm can suddenly aggressive.

The light also makes the plants in the aquarium to be fast growing. No wonder the longer we turn on the lights in the aquarium will make the water cloudy faster.

So how long should the aquarium lights? According to some sources, the ideal is between 8-10 hours a day. If there are plants in the aquarium water, the lights can be turned up to 12 hours.


Log Home Basics

As we start to research log homes, it quickly becomes apparent that there is much more variety than one would ever think. Not only do log homes come in all shapes and sizes, but the logs themselves come in as many variations as you can imagine. Once you decide on the look you want, you can start eliminating manufacturers that don’t provide your system.

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Hooked on Bedroom Remodels


Peter Pan and his adventures battling Captain Hook are equal to our wildest, most enjoyable dreams. Is it any wonder, then, that all of Peter Pan’s escapades started in a bedroom? If you’re looking for a way to turn your boring bedroom into a place where dreams come true, then maybe it’s time that you give your bedroom a facelift, or more, with a bedroom remodeling project.

Finding Your Happy Thought
You might think that a professional designer has all the answers when it comes to creating the perfect bedroom design for you and your home, but much as Robin William’s middle-aged Pan couldn’t fly until he discovered his happy thought in the 1991 Peter Pan movie “Hook,” interior designer Corinne Matthews, owner of Dream Room Designs in Atlanta, GA, says that each homeowner has to figure out for themselves what it’s going to take to turn the bedroom they have now into the bedroom of their dreams. “Ask yourself, how do you want to use the bedroom? How do you want it to feel?” she suggests. “If I come in and just tell you (what to do),” says Matthews, “then it’s my bedroom, not what you’re looking for.” Instead, she encourages homeowners to do their homework, and think carefully about what they’re trying to achieve. If aiming for the brightest star in the sky and then veering a little to the left isn’t helping you get on course, here are a few more of Matthews’ proven suggestions to help you find your bearings.


  • Magazines—It’s unlikely that Peter Pan or any of the Lost Boys ever read a book cover-to-cover, but we doubt they would have objected to picking up a comic book now and again. For homeowners looking to create a perfect Neverland of their own, Matthews says that looking through design and home magazines is “a great place to start and get ideas.”
  • Websites—Websites can be equally helpful. “There are sites now that have galleries of finished bedrooms for you to look at,” Matthews points out. That allows you to see for yourself how different design ideas might translate into a finished product.
  • Think Tinkerbell—In other words, take note of even the smallest details. “Even if you see a single bed or chair that you like, it can help generate ideas to go on,” says Matthews.
  • Keep Your Radar Up—Peter Pan never let his guard down, and you shouldn’t, either. Matthews recommends that homeowners keep their eyes open when they go on vacation, visit hotels, and visit the homes of friends and family, as all of these can end up being sources of inspiration for your upcoming remodel.
  • Note What You Don’t Like—Peter Pan knows what he doesn’t like, including pirates, bedtimes, and gravity. Understanding what turns you off can be a valuable tool in bedroom design as well. “What you don’t like is just as helpful as what you do like,” says Matthews, “especially in working with a designer.”Still Looking For Some Pixie Dust?
    Despite following all of Peter Pan’s advice, and no matter how hard Lady Wendy tried, she still couldn’t fly on her own. It ended up taking a little sprinkle of Tinkerbell’s pixie dust to finally get her up and off the ground. If you’re still having a hard time getting started, here’s some pixie dust of the bedroom design variety to help you fill your sails and get your head up into the clouds, where it belongs:


  • Think Cozy—”Most homeowners are interested in creating a fairly warm space,” says Matthews, who recommends that homeowners “focus on things that make it feel intimate, romantic, and warm and cozy.” That means choosing soft, warm colors, carpet instead of tile, flowing window treatments, and comfortable bedding.
  • Don’t Overdo It—You’ll never hear those 3 words uttered in Neverland, but in bedroom design land, they’re words to live by. stresses the importance of not overcrowding, noting that “the bedroom is your personal space, and should be open and not claustrophobic.” That means getting rid of the computer desk, the dressing table you never use, and replacing unnecessary furniture with less obtrusive storage solutions, like getting rid of your bedside table and installing out-of-the-way shelving instead.
  • Dream Big—If you like dreaming about your future bedroom as much as you like dreaming, period, then designing your new bedroom is a good time to let your imagination run free. After all, nobody ever accused Peter Pan of thinking rationally and keeping his feet firmly anchored on the ground. “A lot of people are looking for a master bedroom suite,” says Matthews, “including things like a built in spa, and an adjoining master bathroom.” Bedroom remodels are one place where luxury is often the rule, rather than the exception.Know How Much Treasure is in Your Pirate Chest
    On a final note, Peter Pan would much rather crow like a rooster than act in a sensible manner. Unfortunately, homeowners often adopt the same mindset when it comes to splurging on bedroom remodels. Despite the fact that the bedroom is a great place to cut loose when it comes to pampering yourself, Matthews is quick to encourage people to stay within their means as they transform their dreams into reality. “High end isn’t as popular as it used to be,” observes Matthews. “There are a lot of people, particularly now, that are making changes on a more modest budget.” That’s an insight worth paying attention to, especially if you’ve been counting pennies instead of sheep. Just keep reminding yourself that the goal is getting more sleep, not losing it, and you’ll be well on your way to making all of your bedroom remodeling dreams come true!

Hooked on Bedroom Remodels