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Luxury property prices in Asia Continues to Increase

Knight Frank Global Cities Index Prime-second quarter 2012 record, Asia and Europe provide a major influence on improving the performance of the index in the second quarter of this year. Recorded, the price of luxury properties in Asia increased by 3.4% during 6 months of this year compared to the percentage increase in March 2011 and negative 2.5%.

Not much different, prices in Europe rose by 1.3% during 6 months of this year. Knight Frank notes, it shows the performance improvement from the previous year of -3.4% in March 2011.

The improved performance of a luxury property market in Asia in the second quarter of this year mainly due to the strong market performance in major cities of developing countries, such as Jakarta and Bangkok, rather than major cities in developed countries in Asia such as Singapore and Hong Kong. While growth rates in Europe has improved slightly, despite the crisis the euro zone is still worrying and uncertain.

With the high prospect of a bailout plan or the help of an injection of funds will be made, luxury property buyers and investors seem to have separated the major cities in Europe to become the major cities with different categories of market segmentation. Buyers and investors are no longer just pay attention to the major cities that can provide high demand, good quality of life and attractiveness of the world’s buyers and investors, but also an increasing trend toward luxury properties in major cities that can provide high durability due to the impact of the euro zone debt.

For example, London, Geneva, and Zurich, for example. These three cities are located in the up position improved growth performance of the annual average amounted to 10.5%, 6.0% and 5.9%. According to James Price, of the group Knight Frank International Residential Development, the positive performance of some major cities in developed countries in Europe and the United States provides a signal that the trend of migration to the location of the purchase of luxury properties with the location of the level of security is better, more external risk low and the value of the investment more profitable, or “Flight to Quality” is still the main characteristics of the buyers and international investors.

James said, although the index of the research showed positive performance results in the second quarter of this year, but growth in the overall performance of the world’s luxury property market is expected to remain stagnant. According to him, very hard look at the possibility of significant price growth with consideration of the negative risks facing the global economy.


Architecture Tips

Finding a Good Draftsperson

Mass production actually has its edges. If it weren’t for assembly line vogue techniques, we’d have only a few of the trendy conveniences we have a tendency to are currently therefore accustom to. Though it keeps prices down, mass production has one downside that becomes readily apparent during a discipline like construction: It makes everything look constant. Amid the vast quantity of homogenization that happens in several aspects of life during this country, it’s nice to return home to an area that’s actually your own. many householders need a home designed simply the approach they need it, not some house from a cookie cutter builder, and a few are willing to pay a reasonably penny for it.

What a Draftsperson will
As owners explore for the house of their dreams, they’ll find yourself finding a house set up during a newspaper, order plans from a magazine, or simply have a plan of what they might like primarily based on homes they need been in. obtaining those ideas on paper and having blueprints drawn to administer to contractors, however, could be a job that few owners try themselves. Since most municipalities don’t need that construction plans for single-family dwellings be done by a registered architect or engineer, a draftsman is probably going to be ready to place your ideas down on paper at a lower price.

If you’ve got a collection of plans you bought from a magazine or alternative supply, the draftsman also can build modifications to fulfill your wants and/or satisfy native building codes so as to induce a building allow. A draftsman also can take the plans to structural engineers or alternative licensed professionals to be stamped if a specific component within the building ought to would like special thought. Draftspersons also can build drawings of existing buildings if required, like to use for building permits to create modifications.

The Modern Draftsman
Once, a draftsperson’s plans were all drawn by hand, however currently (as with several aspects of recent life) the pc has entered the sphere to permit drafting to be done additional quickly and accurately. the newest laptop Aided Drafting & style (CADD) software will do 3D renderings and drafting which has floor plans and elevations still as plumbing and electrical plans to fulfill the standards set by the UBC, BNBC, BOCA and SBC building codes.

Although personal people might not would like plans for one residence to be drawn on laptop, it’s frequently needed for larger business and governmental jobs. it’s additionally easier to create changes to drawings created on laptop and send them electronically, if needed. thus draftspersons are typically asked to convert plans on paper to a CAD program for future use.

Draftsman vs. Architect
While an architect’s main perform is to style and oversee, a draftsperson’s job is principally to sketch out the styles. If you’re wanting to construct a really custom house from scratch, you will likely find yourself needing the abilities of an architect or a structural engineer. Draftsmen are merely not as completely trained within the style side of home designing, though creating alterations to existing plans and sketching out ideas is well inside their field.


Make your Home Office more Comfortable

Home Office Colors Image

Do you have a home office? If thus, you ought to consider carefully regarding what color you paint it. “There are forever distractions when performing from home, nonetheless studies show that whereas some colors divert from tasks at hand, others will considerably increase a human productivity, concentration and motivation,” says Alison Goldman, promoting Communications Manager for CIL Paints.

Think about your job and what reasonably setting you wish to make.

Blue are often calming and might lower your pulse rate whereas increasing productivity.
inexperienced creates a serene, soothing atmosphere, which may relieve stress.
Red and orange promote excitement and enthusiasm.
Purple is believed to market inventive creativity.
Yellow is cheerful.
lightweight browns and greys deliver a sense of serenity.
Darker browns offer a stoic, earthy atmosphere.

If you cannot decide, the safest alternative can be inexperienced wich is that the preferred color for home offices in keeping with CIL. “Considered to be the foremost balancing hue on the color spectrum and therefore the best on the attention, inexperienced is restful nonetheless rejuvenating.” whereas i really like inexperienced, after I had a home workplace (my current place is thus little it’s all my office!) I painted it cream. I found it relaxing, calm and therefore the least distracting.


Wallpaper & Coverings

Wallpaper is that the wall treatment of alternative for several householders who wish colourful patterns and textures on space walls while not the effort of special painting techniques. Wallpapering could be a surface treatment that’s comparatively simple to use and extremely sturdy.

Wallpaper is therefore named as a result of it always is simply paper, though in some cases it’s made from durable vinyl. Vinyl wallpaper is like minded to use in kitchens and loos as a result of it’s harder than paper and resists moisture. Vinyl is also laminated onto paper or cloth, or cloth will be vinyl-impregnated with a paper backing.

Wallpaper is usually applied over an existing painted wall of drywall or plaster, or it should be applied over a lining coat of wallpaper, that hides imperfections.

In this section of HomeTips, you’ll realize a wealth of useful info on selecting materials, getting ready your walls, successfully applying wallpaper and different wall coverings, additionally as a way to maintain and repair them.

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Office demand is still positive

Indonesia’s economy is stable in the first half of this year a positive impact on demand for office space, especially in the city. Demand that happens, good for office space rental and strata title.

Coldwell Banker reported property consultants, office rental occupancy rate in Jakarta in the second quarter of this year could grow 1.35% from the previous quarter to 96.89%. The details are, the occupancy rate of office buildings in central business district of Jakarta (central business distric / CBD) area surrounding the road Thamrin, Sudirman and Brass grew 1.05% in the second quarter to 97.71%. In fact, outside the central office in Jakarta’s business has grown lebilh occupancy rates as high as 1.73% in the second quarter to 96.07%.

“The increase occurred in offices outside the CBD, such as TB Simatupang area and West Jakarta,” said Research and Consultancy Manager Coldwell Banker Meyriana Kesuma in his research.

Projections, the supply in both regions will reach its peak two years. Conditions of strata title office alias that can be sold just the opposite. According Meyriana, the number of strata title office space sold in Jakarta declined to 94.88%. The breakdown is 98.14% for office buildings in central business district and 88.26% outside the central business district. However, Meyriana not mention in detail the level of decline.

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Woodside, City of the Dead in Utah for sale $ 3, 9 Million

Woodside town in Utah, United States, were busy with 300 people who settled there in the early 1900s when it had a water stop for steam engines. Now the city was empty, uninhabited. Owners will sell off some of the city would cost $ 3, 9 million.

Roy Pogue, 63, is the owner of Woodside who want to sell some of his property because he could no longer take care of the area and told his wife as someone who has no neighbors around them.

Pogue bought this property in 1990 from a doctor in Provo. Originally he planned to farm or raise livestock on the land. But he was even more frequently to help tourists vehicle broke down, allowing him to update a service station and started to run his business.

Realtor Mike Metzger said the property is a potential for someone with entrepreneurial flair. “You can be a sheriff, judge, and executioner in your own town. You also can become mayor. Can be whatever you want. It’s incredible,” Metzger said, as quoted

Woodside is located along Route 6 in Emery County, surrounded by the Book Cliff, was named like that because it looks like a bookshelf. Woodside town itself is surrounded by shrubs and cleaved Price River.

Woodside is also home to the legendary. Historians believe that Butch Cassidy and his gang have used a remote region in the San Rafael Swell near the Woodside as a hiding place. Butch Cassidy was a train and bank robber, and the Wild Bunch gang leader in the American Old West.


According to the phenomenon of Feng Shui Ghost House

The phenomenon of haunted houses are often found in every place. From the business side of the property, it is becoming one of the causes of a house hard to sell. For example, a house in Pondok Indah famous haunted. The house is very difficult to sell, although located in the elite and the price side.

Science of feng shui was never mentioned the existence of ghosts. Phenomenon, is a result of yin energy accumulation is affected by the environment. Outside the home environment that can ‘invite ghost’ is the environment that generates yin energy, such as banana trees, rivers, ponds, cemetery, and so forth.

Fei Xing (Flying Stars)
To explain the negative energy gathered in one place, the science of feng shui to have a branch of science known as fei xing. Many experts interpret fei xing feng shui as a “flying star”, but we chose to call fei xing as “moving star”.

Fei Xing is one technique that computes a good feng shui bad chi energy circulating in the building (house). This technique divides the chi energy into nine types:
1 star: my (male, middle son)
Star 2: kun (women, mothers)
3 stars: chen (men, the eldest son)
Star 4: xun (women, the eldest daughter)
5 star: there is no trigram
Star 6: chien (male, father)
Star 7: tui (female, youngest daughter)
Star 8: ken (male, youngest son)
Stars 9: li (women, girls middle).

Of nine of these stars, there is yin (female) and there is a (male). The stars are stars that are yin 2 (kun), 4 (xun), star 7 (tui), and star 9 (li). All of which is the star’s energy will be circulated and distributed into the building.

When the stars yin energy accumulated in a closed space or sector or not-taken care of like a house that is not occupied, then the sector or the room will appear symptoms of excessive yin energy. When outside the building there is a natural element or elements of yin-energy environments such as banana trees, rivers, ponds, cemetery, and so on-the yin energy that accumulates will be presenting symptoms of a ghost.

To know the symptoms of yin energy is accumulated and cause the phenomenon of ‘ghost’ is it quite easy. Ordinary people can feel it, one moment stands chilling. We usually feel ‘cold’ and there is ‘something’ that exists in the room. It’s a chilling menyebabnya berdiri.Deteksi Luopan Needles
For example, a house built facing south, with an angle of 120 degrees from north. In this house there are three sectors obtain the energies of yin which is a combination of 2-star, 4 star, 7 Star, and Star 9; the sector south, southwest, and west (see figure).

The third sector is able to form a hallway or rooms that are connected to each other. If one sector is affected by elements outside environment which is yin, then in the building there will be a ghost phenomenon. This phenomenon often occurs in buildings that are not occupied or in the room or rooms are always closed. This makes a real yin energy accumulated and formed.

In the practice of feng shui, yin energy that accumulates in the room can be detected by the vibration of the compass needle on luopan (special compass feng shui). When someone who has the ba zi are down (bad luck), then maybe he saw ‘ghosts’ in place.

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Skyscraper Becomes Trends in Asia


The phenomenon of an office building with a height of 150 meters above the center of a worldwide trend. Interestingly, the development of a skyscraper or referred to these skyscrapers have sprung up in Asia.

“The phenomenon of a skyscraper is interesting, because many would be built in Asia. Outside Asia, the tallest building in the Empire State Building New York,” said Anton Sitorus, Head of Research Jones Lang LaSalle Indonesia, the exposure to the second quarter – 2012 in Jakarta , Wednesday (07/18/2012).

Anton said, the countries in Asia precisely ambitious skyscraper project. Based on data collected by property consultants Jones Lang LaSalle, until 2020 the most widely built skyscrapers in Hong Kong with 300 buildings skycrapers, Shanghai with 150 buildings, 150 buildings in Dubai, and New York as many as 250 buildings.

According to Anton, the tallest building in the world today is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. However, the future appears to predict the other competitors, one of which is The Kingdom Tower in Jeddah. Then, what about Indonesia?

Anton said, Indonesia was in fact not miss because it would have called Signature Tower skyscrapers built by PT Danayasa Arthatama. Building 638 meter altitude this will be the world’s five tallest buildings in 2020.

He acknowledged, though still about eight years longer, Indonesia, especially Jakarta, will have the tallest building. In Jakarta today was marred by the construction of skyscrapers. According to him, development is quite high as in 2009 still amounted to 40 buildings, now in 2012 to 75 buildings. In 2020 a tall building in Jakarta is predicted to reach 250 buildings.

The tallest building in Jakarta is still held by the Pensions 46 with a height of 262 meters, followed by Menara BCA building with a height of 230 meters and third in Equity Tower is the building with a height of 220 meters. The third building is destining to high office.


Garden Party, Simple But Special ….

This simple idea turns out to still make the holiday feel special. Held a garden party as a venue for gathering with family, for example.

Incidentally today is not the rainy season, the garden party will be suitable. Moreover, the feast of Eid al-Fitr is a family gathering once a year event, it could be a fun event!

Preparations do not need to be complicated. Garden land in your house can make the party area. Of the nuclear family to a close friend you can invite over here.

Garden party would be impressive if it is decorated beautifully, simple, and unique. Towards the evening is the best time to start this event. Let’s see some tips on arranging a garden party the following:

Number of guests

To avoid trouble on the day of “H”, making the guest list beyond the nuclear family is the first step in the right thing to do. You and your partner need to adjust the number of guests with a total area of this garden party. This is to avoid the crowded room in your garden is tiny.


You can define and decorate the entrances to the area penggiring party guests. Many accessories can be used to decorate the main entrance or fence suit the party theme. Due to special holiday feast, you can make a diamond ornament, Eid cards, or other decorations such as drum or a mosque,

As the choice of decor, you can also use dried flowers or fresh flowers wrapped in tape with a variety of ornaments.

Guiding the way

When the dark night falls, you would need “a guide” from the entrance. The most common would put small candles as a sweetener atmosphere.

For additional decoration, if you have an ornamental pond in the garden, provide the candles floating on the surface of the pool or on the edge of the pond. Nothing wrong with making lanterns vintage patterned using fishing line in the middle of the party arena. You can make your own, right?


To cover the dining area, you can use a small tent in a corner of the area. This tent also could you use to place a sound system to play music as Eid or sitting area for parents and mothers who breastfeed.


Because the gathering is intended as a fun event, make sure you provide the form of a long table as a place to enjoy the main course. The touch of a long table made of wood become an attractive option, with a table leg wrapped with ribbon.

Because it is a natural outdoor, perfect your decor can be added to bring the chair of wood.


You can start by preparing the dishes that have been adjusted by the number of your guests. Do not forget, torehkan their names placed on recycle paper on a plate. Aside from being a surprise, this will certainly add to the warm familiarity of your garden party.

Welcome garden party!

Furniture Tips

“The House” World’s Most Expensive Apartment Unit

Japan Sotheby’s auction rate a one-bedroom condo for JPY1, 8 billion or about Rp226, 8 billion. With the exorbitant prices, making the condo unit that is named “The House” has become the most expensive in the world.

Floor area of 412 m2 Penthouse 10 apartment is sold JPY1, 8 billion. For comparison, the average price for apartments of similar size “only” reached USD1, 982 million (about Rp19, 6 billion).

This luxury apartment units and a variety of rare furniture accessories from around the world, including accessories made from wood and stone imported from Italy. Terinsiprasi interior shape local culture of Japan, but it influenced modern culture. One of them, form a kitchen and dining room are open, stylish Ryotei.

In addition, this property features a number of facilities such as jacuzzi, walk-in wardrobe, large closet behind voyer, Parisian-style terrace, and a garden in the courtyard outside.

Condominium Minami Azabu, where “The House” is located in the most luxurious condominium complexes in the district Minamiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo. Known as the celebrities and tycoons, the price of apartments in this area can range from JPY1, 27 billion (Rp160 billion).