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Contemporary Interior Design

Clean, uncluttered space, well-defined decor pieces, cool colors and unique textures are a few basic elements that define contemporary interior designs. Tradition interior designs looked almost opposite as compared to the modern interiors. But the contemporary look is also a fave of all those who loved the ‘rich’ factor of that traditional style. Well, let me tell you that it is fun designing your home by following the contemporary theme. Converting a boring and messy house into a fresh and clean space is what the contemporary interior designing style rightly does. So if you are planning to give a modern makeover to your interiors, get some tips on contemporary interior design mentioned below.

Contemporary Interior Design Ideas

Colors and Themes
When you have a lot of colors to choose from, you need to simply remember to pick a mix of soft and bold colors. While a major space needs to be occupied by soft or neutral shades, add a hint of bold colors that rightly spices up the space. Pillars and deep portions are the best areas to experiment with bold colors. One of the modern contemporary interior design ideas is to use blacks, grays, tans and white. Metallics are also the best part of contemporary design. Color themes are the basics of this style. Many designers follow a particular color theme to decorate the entire space. This ensure a well-defined look that is one of the basic features of contemporary styled interior design. Again reds and grays are a hit when it comes to choosing a theme as both of these can be rightly paired with white, black, off white and many other shades.

Textures and Pictures
As I mentioned above, modern interior design idea is characterized with textures. Be it in wall paint colors or furnishings, textured look is a hit in this style of home decor. Various faux finish techniques are used to jazz up the walls and add a contemporary component between the soft shades. Metallics like sliver, copper, bronze or gold paired with colors matching to the theme are staple of such faux painting textures and designs. You can also have textured furniture pieces, in matt effect. One of thecontemporary design ideas is to keep the flooring soft and light colored with minimum textures. Wall decor mainly consists of textures, wall painting and pictures as well. One of the contemporary decorating ideas is to have picture frames displaying abstract art or large faces and human figures. Such artwork is amongst the popular Asian contemporary interior design elements. A single large frame or a creatively hung collage of diverse themed picture frames is a popular pick of many designers.

Furniture and Furnishings
Even when you design a room from scratch or refurbish an existing space to reflect the contemporary style, furniture and furnishings play an important role in creating the overall effect. If you want a soft contemporary interior design go for furnishings like sofa covers, rugs and also the furniture finishes having light colors like beige, white or off white. Add theme colored dark curtains and drapes, pillows and some trendy and cheap throw pillows to play up the rooms. The furniture used in modern contemporary interior design is more edgy and plush. A few asymmetrical pieces of furniture are commonly used to spice up the effect. Straight lines and un-cluttered space are the basics of furniture arrangement. Also bulky furniture is out and sleek pieces are the ‘in thing’. Furnishing prints are simple, but bold. Tiny and busy prints are a strict no-no in contemporary style.

Focal Points and Accents
Focal points. Yes, the contemporary style features more than one focal point. It can be the only heavily textured wall, a large art work, a pendant lamp set hung from the center or corner area of the ceiling, a unique style furniture piece or a large designer accent that make the best focal points in contemporary interior decor. Modern accent pieces lack those intricate designs and delicate carved features, but they are classy with asymmetrical shapes, too bold or too sleek styled, textured look and use of bold colors as well as metallics. Lamps make the major accent pieces in this style of interior decoration. Lamps are no longer those having transparent or traditional styled glass, these are fresh, colorful and stylish, of course chosen to match the color theme.

This was all about contemporary interior design. Remember the features and characteristics of contemporary interior and get set to revamp your interiors that are ‘less is more’, ‘sleek is hot’ and ‘texture is the key’ styled.

Interior Design

Beautiful Wallpaper

Wallpaper wallAn effective way to renew the house look lived in an instant, affordable, can change the game of house paint colors in this beautiful wall with wallpaper or wall decoration.

Installation of the right wallpaper can create characters as well as foster a new spirit in one room. Of course there are some things to consider when choosing to install the wallpaper beautiful wall decoration, such as:

1. Material Type

Wallpaper material there is from the paper and there is also from vinyl. Knowledge of the types of wallpaper materials to be purchased will certainly make it easier in terms of treatment for both types of wallpaper materials, the course requires a different way of treatment.

2. Styling And Color

To mix and match the wallpaper in a room of the house, of course, need to also pay attention to style and color harmony wallpaper the wall color and other elements in the room such as furniture and also the color of the floor so that it can create the desired theme of the room.

3. Installation Method

Installation of wallpaper can be done by way of horizontal, vertical or any combination of horizontal and vertical. Installation of striped wallpaper horizontally could certainly give the impression of space becomes wider. In contrast, mounting vertically striped wallpaper can give the impression of the room look taller. To install the wallpaper combination of horizontal and vertical as well as special techniques required to plan accurately, so it does not deviate from the desired theme of the room.

Increasing number of choices of materials, style and color wallpapers available in the market, of course, can give itself its own preoccupations in arranging the interior of houses.

Interior Design

Interior Bedroom Children’s Themes

bedrooms kidsStay in the room that looked like a scene in the world of imagination mereka.Seperti in the woods, the world in the ocean, the world of dolls, flowers world. Or according to their imagination about your favorite cartoon characters.

Bedrooms Daughters

Girls 6-12 years of age very fond of things beautiful, funny, beautiful and attractive color. Motifs or floral patterns, dolls, dressing table and mirror as well as the dominance of bright colors such as pink is very ‘girlie’ and the feminine must be very appealing to little girls who have started to want to dress up, play dolls with her ​​peers.

Bedroom boys

Imagination of the watching your favorite cartoon characters on television usually be a dominant accent in the bedroom the boys. While their favorite hobby or sport will look at the typical furniture that needed to store the objects hobbies and their sports equipment. Bedroom boys tend to reflect a strong personality through their favorite activities in a more assertive colors or customize the theme’s favorite cartoon character / superhero.

Interior Design

Spatial Tiny Houses

Small-Home-InteriorIf your house is small, do not be discouraged thereby eliminating the urge to buy furniture because they thought the house would narrow. There are several ways to work around.

‘Small house’ forces you to maximize the function of furniture in the house. That is, you are advised to choose furniture that can be used for various purposes. To overcome this obstacle, the partition is one answer. Partitioning can be a cabinet or shelf as a room divider. In this case the partition has many functions other than as a barrier to the views of the ‘living room’ to the ‘dining room’.

Partitions can be made ​​of plywood which were combined with glass coatings import motifs combine dark and light brown. It’s very in tune with yellow house paint is ivory. On the other hand, the partition will serve as a cabinet, tv rack, and a long shelf. Under Television, part of the partition can be used as a storage closet compact disc collection. In order for the device that you want to keep visible from the outside, use frosted glass in the door. Then be the living room is minimalist but still stylish. Do not forget to place the chair and one back of three separate modern coffee table with glass transparent model of the elbow.

To conjure up so impressed spacious bedrooms, you can put clothes storage cabinets are made of fused multitripleks in the corner with a vanity that direct contact with the bed. Thus these devices can connect in a single unit.

The master bedroom can be transformed into more freely with a bed that is not too large and given a touch of bright color so impressed at large. In order to more functions, bed or cot can be given a drawer for storing clothes, or your favorite linen.

Get around the tiny kitchen can be done by presenting a kitchen set that deliberately matching with the room so that the present alignment.

Interior Design

Room Interior Design

Room interior design is an integral part when it comes to creating a good looking space. There are many elements you need to consider while creating a space. Factors like the available space, light and budget need to be considered while planning room interior design ideas. You need to use appropriate lines, colors, shapes, textures, forms, etc. to create a space which looks like one unity and is eye pleasing. Given below, are tips and tricks on room interior designing, that will help you in the job. You can plan the room interior design online or on paper. There are many sites which will allow you to design a room for as less as 50 bucks. However, with some basic sketching you can create your own plans and don’t have to design a room online.

Room Interior Design Tips & Tricks

Basic Layout
Before starting with any interior design ideas, first of all take a measuring tape and go through different rooms in your house, and measure their dimensions. Or ask your contractor to get the dimensions of various rooms in the house. Then in a sketchpad, draw accurate rooms in a bird-eye view with smaller proportions. This will give you an idea of how much space is available in each room. So, draw rough sketches of each room, and draw the permanent elements in the room in a top angle view. Keep photocopies or scans of these drawings if you want it as a backup.

Theme & Focal Point
Now, consider the whole house as one whole unit, take a walk in different rooms and visualize what all can be done to design the rooms. You can contemplate on a single theme to decorate the house. This is important as a theme gives a sense of harmony to the house, and makes it look like one whole. Then start drawing on the room sketches, the main elements which are necessary in the room. At this point of time keep in mind the focal point in the room. For example, when it comes to living room interior design ideas you can consider a fireplace or a flat TV as a focal point, and arrange furniture and other elements around it.

Symmetry or Asymmetry
You can create a symmetry by arranging things placed on opposite in identical way, or create an asymmetry by using curves or placing objects of contrasting colors or different sizes. However, make sure everything looks well-balanced. Take care that the furniture elements have edges which can be curved or sharp, that match other elements in the room interior design. For kids bedroom interior design ideas go with softer designs, and soft but many colors.

Transition & Lighting
Use smooth color transition when going from one room to other. You can use curved wall design along the corridors to achieve this. When it comes to bedroom interior design ideas, use softer colors and the lighting should be adjustable. You can keep a nice lamp near the bed for soft light, and a ceiling loft light for major illumination, and smaller light at dressing table for more illumination.

Texture & Space
Play with different kind of texture if you like, to create unusual looking surface and interior design styles. You can paint wall in textured paint ideas, or use carpet with texture. Finally, comes adding accents. These help to give a final touch to the room decoration. Try to keep it simple to match a simple and small room, for larger room you can consider placing flattering large accents. 

Make sure you have enough cabinets in your house, to keep your room look neat and tidy and let the room interior design be shown. This is especially important when you are considering room interior design office furniture ideas. Having enough cabinets will help to maintain the clutter, which will go on accumulating with time.

Interior Design

Living Rooms and Bedrooms

Hardwood, bamboo, reclaimed wood floors are on trend in 2012. These surfaces are easily cleaned and maintained. Bamboo flooring is highly sustainable, and has the looks of brand new hardwood. Homeowners looking for something more unique should opt for reclaimed wood floors. These floors are recycled from dismantled buildings and like bamboo floors, are a better choice for the environment. For 2012 any hard flooring option is a solid choice.

Eco-friendly and nature inspired materials are going to be popular choices for homeowners in 2012. Natural wood finishes on tables, dressers and furniture will be reminiscent of the outdoors. Colors that reflect nature, sky blues, forest green and neutrals are on trend. Take it a step further and use low VOC paints and stains.