“Property in Papua Prospects Good, but ..”

Property developments in Papua is lacking in the spotlight. But in fact the growth of business property in the eastern provinces in the country is quite significant.

This was revealed by the Chairman of the DPP Real Estate Indonesia, Setyo Maharso, when contacted, Thursday (26/7) then. In fact, Papua Setyo to categorize as one of the ten most prospective provinces, in addition to Greater Jakarta, West Java, East Java, Riau, South Sumatra, South Kalimantan, East Kalimantan, South Sulawesi and North Sulawesi.

“Growth in demand for properties in Papua triggered by the many immigrants who work there and need a home,” said Setyo. “Most of these immigrants worked in mining and plantation sectors.”

He added that the area is most prospective Papua Jayapura, Timika, Manokwari, Sorong and Biak. “But it is now, still more immigrants become citizens than local property buyers,” said Setyo.

Setyo mengungapkan, business prospects in Papua nice property, but did not grow as fast as in Java. “The problem is that the population of a little,” he said, “besides, the raw materials must also come from other parts, so that home prices to be expensive.

Related prices, Minister of Housing Number 7 and 8 of 2012 set the price of house type 36 in the region 3 (Papua and West Papua) rose from Rp70 million to Rp145 million per unit, provided a minimum of DP increased from 10% to 12.5% . But according to Setyo, the price is not in accordance with the conditions on the ground. “According to my friends in Papua REI members, the price of entry for developers around Rp150 million to Rp160 million,” he said.

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10 ways in which to enhance the Sound of Your home theater System

Quickly improve the sound quality of your entire home theater system with these tried and tested tips.

1. Explore the menus of the speaker setup. – If you haven’t explored the choices menu of your five.1/6.1 A/V receiver setup, chances are high that your sound is maybe out of set. 1st choice is fast enough to travel through, that is that the speaker size: massive, small, or none – for the proper, left, or center speaker. As a general guideline, speakers with 6-inch or massiver woofers square measure thought of large. Next, live the space from the speaker to the observer, by employing a measuring instrument. take care that the sound from all the speakers reaches your ears at precisely the same time. looking on your system, some receivers might use milliseconds instead of feet in inputting values. simply to cue you, 1ms is that the equivalent of 1 foot. Lastly, take care that every one of your speakers square measure equally balanced. regulate the relative volume of every channel till the loudness of every square measure an equivalent.

2. acquire of a sound-level meter. – This device, that measures pressure level levels, is fairly cheap. you’ll want a sound-level meter so as to accurately match sound levels.

3. take care that your speakers and cables square measure in their correct positions. – With all the wires and ports that keep company with your home theater system, it might be terribly straightforward for them to induce called for. take care to assay that the meant wire goes into its right port.

4. Navigate through subwoofer level and crossover controls. – There square measure a lot of to bass department take a look ating than simply test tones and meters. If the bass of your subwoofer is thick or uneven, you’ll 1st attempt to lower its volume. Cranking the bass level on top of necessary could be a quite common malpractice. Larger speakers have the power to supply their own bass, in order that they can sound higher along with your subwoofer’s volume close to the lowest of its vary.

5. build use of speaker stands or brackets. – getting speaker stands or brackets will assist you improve the sound quality of your theatre system, particularly if your speakers were simply placed higher than of} bookcases or on top of cupboards.

6. Maximize the location of the speakers. – Front speakers ought to be positioned as shut as doable to ear level. The left and right speakers ought to be equally distant from the listening position. Optimize angles by directional corner speakers to the most listening position.

7. Curtain up. – Curtains and drapes will really absorb unwanted sound reflections, rising total sound quality of your home theater system. If you’ve got voluminous windows or mirrors, which may build soundwaves bounce all over, you’ll take into account hanging thick curtains.

8. Upgrade the cables of your speakers – top-grade cables will considerably improve the sound of your speakers, particularly if you are still mistreatment skinny, freebee wires.

9. Have a separate power electronic equipment for different devices. – home theater systems will eat plenty of power. employing a single power electronic equipment for all devices within the area, like security cameras for home, along with your home theater system will have an effect on its sound.

10. Your speakers ought to match. – If you are getting to purchase a home theater system, you ought to take into account a matched package. similar to home security cameras, a moderately priced package can supply so much bigger performance.

Leola Huffman, raised in in Center Line, in 2007 Michigan graduated from DeVry University. when she graduates in might 2007, Leola plans to maneuver to urban center, Maryland, wherever she is going to teach public college as a Teach for America corps member. throughout her 2 years with Teach for America. Leola Huffman can earn a Master of Arts in Teaching degree from Johns Hopkins University.


JK Rowling Build ‘Hogwarts’ in the back home

JK Rowling, author of the bestselling Harry Potter, will make the garden behind her house in Edinburgh, as the Hogwarts playground. Existing schools in the novel and the film will be realized by the fund GBP150 thousand (Rp2, 21 billion).

Rowling plans to build two 40-foot-high tree house for her two children, David (9) and Mackenzie (7). Each timber houses to be built on stilts and has a balcony, carvings, and turrets that are not visible in the Potter adventures.

Both towers are connected by a rope bridge and can be reached through a secret tunnel hidden in a wooden walkway. Rowling has submitted plans to the City of Edinburgh Council. To build a tree house, Rowling invites renowned treehouse designer Blue Forest UK. The tree house is certainly only be built using wood from sustainably managed forests.

Sources at Edinburgh City Council said, “Certainly it clear that it is highly unlikely Rowling did not get permission to build a tree house. Because it’s just a tree house for her two children’s playground, not to be a place to live.”

In the image, the wooden house owned by David’s closest to the secret tunnel and has a trap door that is specially designed and equipped with fireman’s pole to escape into the garden. Kenzie’s home while the wood has a spiral staircase and a playground with a swing set.

Rowling is currently living in the mansion of the 17th century with her husband Neil Murray, David and Kenzie, and and Jessica (18) which is a daughter from his first marriage. Rowling mansion was purchased for more than GBP2 million in 2009, when he saw two of the 31 rooms there.

The luxury property was nicknamed “Fortress Rowling” by some parties for the security fence built and reinforced doors in the house. Using a crane lifted the giant tree to the garden wall to provide more privacy for Rowling and her family.

Last year, Rowling received permission to flatten the 1970’s style house next to his house for GBP1 million to expand the garden. He also obtained permission to build a summer house by the critics called a stone hut inhabited by Hagrid, wildlife supervisor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and who later was appointed Keeper of Magical Creatures teacher, in the Potter stories.

A neighbor Rowling commented, “There’s no one here that will set questions about about the tree house for his son. It was her own money and he’s entitled to do anything with that money. Rowling has spent a lot of money for the trees around his property so even though the house This tree is very large, no one could see it except their own families. However, Rowling is very good and he is well liked here. ”

Based on the Sunday Times Rich List 2012, Rowling’s wealth valued at GBP560 million was recorded. He also reported to have provided more than GBP100 million for charity.


The Renewable Hardwood

Bamboo furniture is undergoing a revolution currently. the country furniture of the sixties and seventies, made of unmilled bamboo shoots and poles, continues to be offered if that is your issue. however there’s a brand new face to the current style of furniture still. Milled, sanded and finished fine bamboo furniture that rivals any hardwood furniture in sturdiness and sweetness is taking the furniture trade by storm. augment that the actual fact that bamboo is one in every of the world’s most environmentally friendly resources to lift, harvest, and use, and it’s clear why bamboo has become one in every of the most well liked furniture building materials on the market.

A Piece of the Tropics
Of course, some individuals like the tropical look and beach-bum feel of rustic bamboo vogue furniture. If you fall into that class, don’t fret. There are actually many furniture producers creating everything from couches to low tables to luxurious lined beds using this time-honored technique of furniture building. see a furniture provider who deals in rustic styles concerning finding the proper sort of furniture for your desires.

Bamboo Basics
Rustic furniture aside, it’s a lot of seemingly that you’ve got been drawn to bamboo furniture by the newer, a lot of finished bamboo furniture hitting the market. If that is the case, here are a couple of basics concerning building fine furniture with bamboo in order that you are well informed after you hit the show floor.

Color: Furniture made of bamboo is obtainable in 2 colours. The shade said as natural bamboo is such as the sunshine color of maple. that is the color of bamboo if it’s manufactured into furniture while not utilizing any techniques to change its natural look. the opposite shade is carbonized bamboo. Carbonized bamboo is that the results of a steaming method that brings out a darker, amber shade within the wood.

Composition: the sleek, fine furniture look you are drawn to is accomplished by cutting the bamboo stalk (bamboo is truly a grass, not a tree, hence a stalk, not a trunk) into little, slim sections and then gluing those items of wood along. reckoning on that face is employed, the tip result’s bamboo plywood or vertical grain bamboo panels. Panels are slightly bit sturdier, though visually there’s very little distinction between the 2.
Durability and Cost: The hardiness of bamboo is what’s very superb concerning this furniture. Bamboo is truly more {durable|tougher} and a lot of durable than oak, the gold normal when it involves hardwood furniture. due to this, bamboo is not low-cost, however it’ll value you but most comparable furniture made of superstar hardwoods like oak, maple, and cherry.

Environmentally Friendly
The other reason customers are drawn to bamboo is its well-earned name as a inexperienced building material. As mentioned before, bamboo is truly a grass. which means it grows faster and might be harvested earlier than trees. Furthermore, it does not ought to be re-planted once every harvest since it’ll simply send up new shoots. In different words, bamboo plantations will regularly harvest identical stand of bamboo each few years in perpetuity, while not harming the plant (it’s like mowing your lawn). Once you narrow down an oak tree, however, it’s gone forever.

Talk to a retailer who focuses on bamboo furniture to search out the proper piece of furniture for your desires. By shopping for bamboo you will be obtaining one in every of the strongest, most sturdy and most stunning items of furniture you have ever laid eyes on. and you will even be investing during a piece of furniture that you just will get pleasure from with smart conscience for years to come back.

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Luxury property prices in Asia Continues to Increase

Knight Frank Global Cities Index Prime-second quarter 2012 record, Asia and Europe provide a major influence on improving the performance of the index in the second quarter of this year. Recorded, the price of luxury properties in Asia increased by 3.4% during 6 months of this year compared to the percentage increase in March 2011 and negative 2.5%.

Not much different, prices in Europe rose by 1.3% during 6 months of this year. Knight Frank notes, it shows the performance improvement from the previous year of -3.4% in March 2011.

The improved performance of a luxury property market in Asia in the second quarter of this year mainly due to the strong market performance in major cities of developing countries, such as Jakarta and Bangkok, rather than major cities in developed countries in Asia such as Singapore and Hong Kong. While growth rates in Europe has improved slightly, despite the crisis the euro zone is still worrying and uncertain.

With the high prospect of a bailout plan or the help of an injection of funds will be made, luxury property buyers and investors seem to have separated the major cities in Europe to become the major cities with different categories of market segmentation. Buyers and investors are no longer just pay attention to the major cities that can provide high demand, good quality of life and attractiveness of the world’s buyers and investors, but also an increasing trend toward luxury properties in major cities that can provide high durability due to the impact of the euro zone debt.

For example, London, Geneva, and Zurich, for example. These three cities are located in the up position improved growth performance of the annual average amounted to 10.5%, 6.0% and 5.9%. According to James Price, of the group Knight Frank International Residential Development, the positive performance of some major cities in developed countries in Europe and the United States provides a signal that the trend of migration to the location of the purchase of luxury properties with the location of the level of security is better, more external risk low and the value of the investment more profitable, or “Flight to Quality” is still the main characteristics of the buyers and international investors.

James said, although the index of the research showed positive performance results in the second quarter of this year, but growth in the overall performance of the world’s luxury property market is expected to remain stagnant. According to him, very hard look at the possibility of significant price growth with consideration of the negative risks facing the global economy.



Building Material Options for Healthy Homes

You know, the little girl 30 times more sensitive to pollution substances hazardous materials in the house?

Who does not want the house into a place that supports our health? The whole family lived in the house, so that the home health care must be strictly maintained. In selecting materials, it helps us pay attention to the health of building materials, especially for a very diverse selection of material lately and we can choose a material that is harmful to health.

Unconsciously, building materials, especially the new often contain hazardous materials that can cause disease, especially the building materials industry, such as wood, particle board, paint, plastic pipes, and so forth. Building materials can cause various diseases such as cancer, respiratory disorders, skin diseases and so forth. Surely the most disadvantaged victims are residents of the house because every day should come into contact with hazardous materials, especially small children. The following table harmful building materials:

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Office demand is still positive

Indonesia’s economy is stable in the first half of this year a positive impact on demand for office space, especially in the city. Demand that happens, good for office space rental and strata title.

Coldwell Banker reported property consultants, office rental occupancy rate in Jakarta in the second quarter of this year could grow 1.35% from the previous quarter to 96.89%. The details are, the occupancy rate of office buildings in central business district of Jakarta (central business distric / CBD) area surrounding the road Thamrin, Sudirman and Brass grew 1.05% in the second quarter to 97.71%. In fact, outside the central office in Jakarta’s business has grown lebilh occupancy rates as high as 1.73% in the second quarter to 96.07%.

“The increase occurred in offices outside the CBD, such as TB Simatupang area and West Jakarta,” said Research and Consultancy Manager Coldwell Banker Meyriana Kesuma in his research.

Projections, the supply in both regions will reach its peak two years. Conditions of strata title office alias that can be sold just the opposite. According Meyriana, the number of strata title office space sold in Jakarta declined to 94.88%. The breakdown is 98.14% for office buildings in central business district and 88.26% outside the central business district. However, Meyriana not mention in detail the level of decline.

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Woodside, City of the Dead in Utah for sale $ 3, 9 Million

Woodside town in Utah, United States, were busy with 300 people who settled there in the early 1900s when it had a water stop for steam engines. Now the city was empty, uninhabited. Owners will sell off some of the city would cost $ 3, 9 million.

Roy Pogue, 63, is the owner of Woodside who want to sell some of his property because he could no longer take care of the area and told his wife as someone who has no neighbors around them.

Pogue bought this property in 1990 from a doctor in Provo. Originally he planned to farm or raise livestock on the land. But he was even more frequently to help tourists vehicle broke down, allowing him to update a service station and started to run his business.

Realtor Mike Metzger said the property is a potential for someone with entrepreneurial flair. “You can be a sheriff, judge, and executioner in your own town. You also can become mayor. Can be whatever you want. It’s incredible,” Metzger said, as quoted

Woodside is located along Route 6 in Emery County, surrounded by the Book Cliff, was named like that because it looks like a bookshelf. Woodside town itself is surrounded by shrubs and cleaved Price River.

Woodside is also home to the legendary. Historians believe that Butch Cassidy and his gang have used a remote region in the San Rafael Swell near the Woodside as a hiding place. Butch Cassidy was a train and bank robber, and the Wild Bunch gang leader in the American Old West.


Design House Fence

The fence not only as a protector of the home, in addition, the fence is also a sweetener of occupancy which is also a symbol of social status and artistic value of the house itself. In choosing a suitable fence, fence Match minimalist model of your home with style, design and advised to avoid complicated and difficult.


The main factor to consider is the aspect of harmony between the fence and looked home. Unsightly fence that is the right proportion, semodel, rhythm










There are many examples of “minimalist fence” for your home property, from the design model of an iron fence railing minimalist classical to modern models.

model pagar minimalis


Model of the fence for the house has many design options, more flexible, ornaments, and materials can be selected more iridescent. It can also be applied in various forms and themes. Trend of ever-evolving forms of the fence to follow the developments in technology and variety of building materials.



contoh pagar minimalis

Minimalist designs generally use pola2 fence line of symmetry, both horizontally and vertically. While using only the color black, and white abu2 in general. Most of the black color of choice because it gives the impression of firm or strong.


Naah, for those who want to inspire more complete, please search using the “Mbah GOOGLE” guaranteed lots of ideas for your minimalist fence design.



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Skyscraper Becomes Trends in Asia


The phenomenon of an office building with a height of 150 meters above the center of a worldwide trend. Interestingly, the development of a skyscraper or referred to these skyscrapers have sprung up in Asia.

“The phenomenon of a skyscraper is interesting, because many would be built in Asia. Outside Asia, the tallest building in the Empire State Building New York,” said Anton Sitorus, Head of Research Jones Lang LaSalle Indonesia, the exposure to the second quarter – 2012 in Jakarta , Wednesday (07/18/2012).

Anton said, the countries in Asia precisely ambitious skyscraper project. Based on data collected by property consultants Jones Lang LaSalle, until 2020 the most widely built skyscrapers in Hong Kong with 300 buildings skycrapers, Shanghai with 150 buildings, 150 buildings in Dubai, and New York as many as 250 buildings.

According to Anton, the tallest building in the world today is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. However, the future appears to predict the other competitors, one of which is The Kingdom Tower in Jeddah. Then, what about Indonesia?

Anton said, Indonesia was in fact not miss because it would have called Signature Tower skyscrapers built by PT Danayasa Arthatama. Building 638 meter altitude this will be the world’s five tallest buildings in 2020.

He acknowledged, though still about eight years longer, Indonesia, especially Jakarta, will have the tallest building. In Jakarta today was marred by the construction of skyscrapers. According to him, development is quite high as in 2009 still amounted to 40 buildings, now in 2012 to 75 buildings. In 2020 a tall building in Jakarta is predicted to reach 250 buildings.

The tallest building in Jakarta is still held by the Pensions 46 with a height of 262 meters, followed by Menara BCA building with a height of 230 meters and third in Equity Tower is the building with a height of 220 meters. The third building is destining to high office.