How to remove scratches from your home furniture

The scratch on your furniture at home can cause obnoxious stains on your home’s beauty. However, those scratches do not have to remain on it forever, because they can be removed. Here are ways to remove scratches from your furniture:

Use lemon juice or nutmeat

Get some lemon juice and oil, either olive or vegetable and mix them in equal amounts. Rub the mixture with a soft cloth in the scratch’s direction as many times until you can no longer see the scratch. Also, you can use nutmeat. All you have to do is rub the meat of the nut, either walnut, pecan or almond nuts, etc., till the scratch is no longer visible.

Use coffee or tea bags

If there is a light-coloured scratch on your home furniture, place some coffee grounds on it and rub very lightly. for tea bags, dip the tea bag into hot water and after some minutes, dab the tea on the scratch with a pad of cotton wool. The colour of the tea must match the colour of the furniture. Wipe off the excess when you are done.

Use an eyebrow pencil, crayon, iodine or shoe polish

If you have an eyebrow pencil with a colour similar to that of the furniture, use it to fill up the scratch. Do it until the scratch is hidden. You can also use a crayon in the same vein, and you can easily remove the crayon if you want. Additionally, iodine is a great resource. Paint the scratch with iodine and allow it to dry. Remember to mix the iodine with denatured alcohol if you are using it on light-coloured wood. If you have got a shoe polish instead, use a pad of cotton wool to wipe it and apply on the scratch. If you do not have all of the listed materials, simply apply a fresh coat of paint on the area.

eyebrow pencil

How to prevent your furniture from getting scratched

There are several ways to prevent your furniture from getting scratched. Some of the most effective ways are discussed below.

Buy quality furniture

One of the best way to prevent your furniture from being scratched is to buy quality furniture. Quality furniture hardly gets scratched compared to furniture with inferior quality. You can read more about Darlings of Chelsea on to know what types of furniture customers have bought and found to be of high quality. You will also get to know if you can find such high-quality in Darlings of Chelsea store.

Get your pets scratching furniture

Furniture is often scratched by pets like dogs and cats. Divert your pet’s attention by placing scratching furniture in its front. Also, train your pets to stay away from possessions and not destroy them. Sanction them when they do. Provide all they want so that they don’t become a nuisance.

Tell your children to stay away from your furniture

Apart from pets, little children are also responsible for scratching the furniture. Even if their fingernails are not that strong, they can use other objects to scratch the furniture. Keep away such objects from them. Tell them to stay off and be firm about it. Provide them with books and toys or enrol them into programmes that will keep them busy.

Don’t misuse your furniture

Misusing your furniture also leads to scratches. For instance, cutting some foods on a table that is not the kitchen table or countertop, or banging something against the furniture. Use each of your furniture for what they were meant to be used for in the first place.


Organizing Bathroom Lighting

Lighting factors now play an important role in the interior of the house. The atmosphere and theme of the room would be supported by a single element. With proper lighting techniques, can bring the desired atmosphere, such as luxury or warm.

Not only the living room, family, or dining rooms that need to be set lighting, but we can play around with the lighting in the bathroom.

Yes, this one room can be transformed into an attractive place with interior design and proper lighting. In addition to the main light to illuminate the overall bathroom, you can follow the general rules of indoor lighting techniques in general as follows:

“Task lighting”
As the name implies, task lighting (local lighting) is used to provide lighting in certain places that need more light. Examples are given light near the mirror in the bathroom to assist the process of dressing.

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Jakarta Only Losing to Bangkok


The increase in luxury home prices in the city during the first half of this year was one of the highest in the world. During the semester, an increase in luxury home prices in Jakarta reached 28.5% over the same period the previous year.

Last year, an increase in luxury properties in the first half of Jakarta was 14.3%. The price increase is second only to the city of Bangkok, which recorded an increase in the first half of 28.8% over the same period last year. In fact, the world’s luxury property prices in the first half of an average of just 3.5%. Increase in property prices in Jakarta outperformed similar properties rise in Hong Kong, Beijing, Mumbai, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Sydney and Shanghai.

According Fakky I Hidayat, Senior Associate Director of Knight Frank Indonesia, luxury property prices rising trend in Jakarta has begun to take place since two years ago. He also predicted that this price increase has been continued until next year. Because the price of property in Indonesia is still low.

“In addition, the limited supply and more expensive land prices lead to surge in prices, in addition to the high demand for investment,” he said in his research report.

General Manager of Century 21 real estate broker F. Rach Suherman Knigt Frank agrees the calculations.

“People forced to live in exclusive locations for prestige, but its supply is very limited,” he said.

In his notes, there are three locations in Jakarta the most sharp rise in the price. Within six months the price could rise twice. Namely Pondok Indah, Sudirman-Thamrin, and analytical ability.

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Preparing Your Home For selling

If you’re brooding about merchandising your home on the market, you’ve a tough job previous you. it’s true that the marketplace for homes has full-grown higher over the past few years, however it’s still positively a market out there. so as to organize your home for selling, you would like to create the standard and integrity of your house as robust as doable therefore it gets the eye of the buyer’s eye. the subsequent could be a list of tips that’s bound to assist you get your home up and on the market.

First of all, contemplate doing straightforward repairs around your house like repainting the walls and doubtless adding crown molding to your ceilings. this may up the worth of your home and can not take significantly time or effort on your half. Another issue to think about is to hire out a storage unit throughout the time once your house is on show and solely keep your most tasty and necessary articles of article of furniture within the home whereas you’re merchandising. this may facilitate potential consumers envision their own belongings within the home easier. to boot, the additional that you simply will create your home seem like a model home the higher you may be. For a possible purchaser the impact from a well unbroken and orderly home goes an extended method in determinative whether or not they plan to purchase or not.

In addition to creating certain the inside of the home is ready, you must conjointly contemplate the outside. Hiring a landscaping service to trim the grounds, remulch, or stop working the yard could be a worthy investment. If you recognize your house are shown, have a service create the outside of the house nice. initial impressions area unit vital in home sales.

Also contemplate the importance of your home’s structural integrity. A purchaser WHO is viewing your home they’re going to possible insist that a house review be performed on the house before they purchase it. check that there are not any issues from cracks in walls or perhaps poor and previous roofing. If you recognize of any issues, do not try and hide them. Get them mounted as shortly as you’ll, ideally before your house goes on the market.

One of the foremost vital things that you simply ought to contemplate is obtaining your chimney redone or rebolted. Having associate degree unbarred chimney will threaten the structural integrity of the house and create your overall property price less cash, particularly if you reside in associate degree earthquake space. it’s terribly simple to search out home inspectors WHO will assist you, however you must still rigorously select WHO you wish to figure with. operating with associate degree inferior company may end up within the job being done terribly poorly and not adding to the worth of your home. this is often positively not one thing you wish to happen to you if you’re attempting to sell your home. you have got enough work merchandising the house because it is therefore take care you rent consultants to repair or rebolt your chimney further as the other maintenance. it’s vital to try and do the analysis necessary to make sure that you simply area unit operating with a high-quality company.

The skilled you choose to figure with will certainly be willing to assist with the sale further. take care to raise them if there area unit the other vital problems along with your specific house that he may facilitate with. whereas it should appear too high-ticket, it is usually best to try and do everything you’ll to organize your home for selling to stay the worth up and conjointly facilitate its possibilities to sell.


Key Lawn Mowing Terms that Every Homeowner Should Know

You are out there and you have just experienced your first spring in your new home. Maybe you are a homeowner who has just purchased a lawnmower but you have no idea where to start. There is a list of terms and concepts on lawn mowing that can be of great help in your new journey.

Air Filter

Mowers use engines and an air filter is part of the engine. The air filter prevents particles from entering the engine. Lawn Mowing involves a lot of particles and thus, air filters should be cleaned frequently. They are also cheap and this makes them easy to replace. Annual replacement is recommended.

Lawn Tractor

A lawn tractor is not the same as a lawnmower. A lawn tractor cutting blade is located in the middle of the cutting deck. A lawn mower’s cutting blades can be found below the front of the mower. A lawn tractor can accommodate different attachments. It can comfortably pull a cart.

Cub Cadet commercial mowers


This is a type of riding mower and it is one of the best lawn mowers in the market. It has no steering wheel and it can move at an angle of 180 degrees. This makes it efficient and convenient to use. Cub Cadet commercial mowers are also fast compared to other lawnmowers and zero-turn is expensive but it is worth its cost.

Deck Belt

Deck belt is a rubber band like belt found in a lawnmower. The belt connects the blades with the engine. The connection makes it possible for power to move from the engine to the blades. Deck belts are always in action whenever the lawnmower is in motion and thus they are prone to wear and tear. They should be replaced often to maintain their effectiveness.

Garden Tractor

This is a large tractor compared to a lawn tractor. It is more diverse in its application. It has many attachment options and it can perform complex tasks.

Mower Deck

A mower deck can be found between the front and the back wheels of a lawnmower. It holds the blades which are used to cut the grass when mowing. This is an essential part of a mower because it determines the size covered by a mower at a single time. The larger the mower deck, the more expansive the area that a lawn mower can cut.


One of the main challenges when mowing is collecting grass and other materials. Some lawnmowers can shred the grass into tiny pieces. This means that there is no need to gather any grass after mowing. The tinny materials also contribute to the nutrient content of the soil. The process of cutting grass into small pieces by a lawnmower is called marching and it is derived from the term mulcher.

Cutting Width

This is the total width of a piece of land that a mower can cut in a single stripe. The width is determined by the size of the mower deck. People prefer mowers with a large mower deck since they reduce mowing time.

Striped Lawn

This is a lawn with stripes. Stripes are formed only by a lawnmower that presses hard onto the grass. A cylinder lawn mower is the best mower to use if you want to have a striped lawn.

Lawn Aerators

Lawn mowing is not all about cutting grass and balancing. It also involves reducing thatch and moss in a lawn to reduce suffocation. This is done by lawn aerators. They can either use hollow spikes to make aeration holes in the soil or small blades to cut excess vegetation.

There are many other terms and concepts in lawn mowing that you should learn. However, the best learning comes from interaction with a lawnmower and the actual practice of mowing.


Metro Park Hotel, Apartment Asri in West Jakarta


As if to establish itself as a pioneer developer of apartments, Great Podomoro Land (APL) through its subsidiary, PT Natural Green Shade, re-sell an apartment project in numbers Kedoya, West Jakarta, the Metro Park Residence.

The project is designed Megatika International is built on an area of 1.8 hectares with a building area reaches 65 thousand square meters. Projects that target the middle and upper middle class has two apartment towers, each tower was built as high as 24 floors with a total of 1,200 residential units.

“Metro Park Residence was built with the concept of Pure Residence (full occupancy), where we create an atmosphere of calm, safe, green, beautiful, and comfortable. We select and create a residential location that can provide a quiet, residential location where Metro Park away from the bustle and noise that is free from noise pollution, “said Rubby Widjaja, Senior Marketing Manager of Metro Park Hotel Metro Park Hotel offers three types of residential apartments, which studios, two bedrooms, and three bedrooms. Studio has an area of 27.58 m2 and 32.81 m2, type two-bedroom has a spacious 53.39 m2, 58.88 m2 and 57.72 m2, while type three-bedroom 88 m2 area. “These apartment units are sold at a price range from Rp 400 million to Rp1, 4 billion,” said Rubby.

In adding, a variety of facilities available in the Metro Park Hotel, including a swimming pool, jacuzzi, children’s playground, flower garden, reflexology path, jogging path, BBQ area, Put Put Golf, sky terrace, and cable TV.

On the security side, added Rubby, Metro Park Residence provides CCTV cameras and security team 24 hours standby. “It is intended to provide safety for all occupants. In addition to a complete facility in it, we also create a cozy atmosphere and beautiful with mananam shade trees and flower gardens around the residence, “he said.

Construction of Metro Park Hotel will begin in September 2012, clearly Rubby, and will be gradually handed over to customers in the month of October 2014. “We market this apartment units in stages. For the first stage that we market, has sold nearly 80%, “he said.


The concept of “Open Plan” As a differentiator Space

Open plan concept in the shelter now more widely applied as settlement houses. Not only fits in a tiny dwelling, but also for homes in larger sizes. Why many are interested in applying this concept?

The concept of open plan turns out to minimize the presence of a wall or vertical elements that differentiate one function room with other rooms. Material that has a major role in the application of this concept is one of the floor. By distinguishing between the two spaces adjacent floor, then psychologically people can distinguish the two functions.

For example, the condition of pantry space adjacent to the dining room. Use of the former are made of ceramic floor mosaics, while the dining room or given a solid wood parquet can already look different.

However, if budget is limited, and you have to buy one type of ceramic, other tactics can be done is to compile the pattern. Or, it could also wear a split level design, the technique distinguishes the space by making a difference in floor height antaruang.

Formed a line height of this level will split into an imaginary boundary between one space to another space. For example, applied to the floor in the living room in a way made higher or lower than the floor in the living room.


Toshiba Launches Four Power TV

PT Toshiba Visual Media Network Indonesia launched four new TV Power has a number of advantages that technology has become the standard for Toshiba’s TV Power. Four of the newly launched TV Power is the PB 201, PX200, PU200, and PS200.

Type size 23-inch PB 201, marketed with a range of Rp2, 5 million and 3.2 inches (Rp3, 5 million). This type is sold freely in the market.

PX200 types consist of 32-inch type that are sold with a range of 5 million, 40-inch (Rp 8 million), and 46 inches (Rp13 million). While type PU200 consists of size 23 inches (Rp2, 5 million), 32 inches (Rp3, 5 million), and 40 inches (Rp6, 5 million). Both types will be marketed in August.

Other types of Power TV, the PS200 to the size of 32 inches and 40 inches, each marketed with a range of Rp 4 million and Rp 7 million. This type is only available in the market early September 2012.

In general, four types of power TV has a slim design and LED display. As for the Power TV PX200 has a number of features, including Music Search function that lets users find the song title, artist name, album or genre. This TV also lets users watch the video via YouTube, listening to music through the application of I-Concert, receiving radio broadcasts AUPEO, EuroNews broadcasts international news or French 24, interact on social media Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr.

“Toshiba is very serious about the development of television in the design and engineering technologies that can be enjoyed by more circles. We understand people’s desire to get a television with attractive design, latest technology, and an affordable price. “Said June Nishioka, President Director of PT Toshiba Visual Media Network Indonesia, the launch of Power TV, Wednesday (25/7).

Bayu Sinulingga Golden Murti, Product Marketing Manager for Toshiba said the technology is in the auto view Power TV will adjust the background light and a parameter image display with room lighting. “So if more and more dark, more lighting down because the system can automatically read the conditions of the room. Technology makes it a lower energy consumption,” said Bayu when talking with

Bayu explained that the decrease in energy consumption to power a TV with auto view will greatly depend on the room lighting conditions. Auto signal booster can increase the sensitivity of the receiving radio frequency signals in areas with low-level signal reception. While the auto clean auto complete signal booster to improve image quality through the cleaning process interruption during transmission.

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Eco-Friendly Paints from CIL..

I’m continually on the lookout for eco-friendly product and that i was delighted in the week to find out concerning CIL Paints’ new ultra-low VOC paint. consistent with promoting Communications Manager, Alison syndicalist, ” The paint itself has no VOCs, and is tinted victimization new low-VOC colourants, creating the ultimate product one in all the foremost environmentally-friendly paint choices on the market.” this is often sensible news! I long for the day once all paint corporations build the switch and not sell product containing harsh chemicals – higher for your home, higher for your health, higher for USA all


For more information check out their website.


Target Profit Up, Continues Expanding Metropolitan Land

PT Metropolitan Land Corporation (MTLA) is optimistic that this year will receive a net profit of more than 2011 ago. This was stated by President of the Metropolitan Land, Nanda Widya, yesterday.

“If a year ago, we had a net profit of Rp150 billion, meaning that this year more than that,” he said. “It refers to the first-half profit this year has reached Rp80, 7 billion, while at the same period of 2011 ‘only’ 63 billion.”

On the other hand, added Nanda, marketing sales until the end of June 2012 reached Rp383 billion. The biggest contributor came from residential projects, which amounted to Rp287 billion. The largest contribution contributed by Metland Menteng (28%), Metland Cullinan (21%), and Metland Tambun (20%).

Metland Puri
MTLA is preparing a new housing project at Puri numbers. Observing location, Nanda said it would build a residential high.

Project that stands on an area of 60 hectares will have five clusters, where each cluster has about 130 housing units. “Selling price above Rp 1 billion per unit,” said Nanda.

According to Nanda, Metland Castle will begin running in 2013. Its construction is aligned with the construction of expressway exit Puri at a cost of Rp250 billion. Construction of this expressway exit involves a consortium of three parties, namely the Metropolitan Land (with a contribution of 26%), who built the Great Sedayu Green Lake City (about 60%), and the rest of Bina Sarana Blooms (BSM).

Grand Metropolitan
In addition, the MTLA also developing a mixed-use projects in the area of West Jakarta, the Grand Metropolitan, which consists of strata title offices and apartments. Project that stands on an area of 4120 square meters will be connected with the Metropolitan Mall Bekasi opposite. “When combined with the Metropolitan Mall, area of land about 30 acres,” said Nanda.

Projects to be launched in September 2012 is expected to be completed in 2014. Construction of Grand Metropolitan estimated construction cost of about Rp198 billion. “The funds obtained from the IPO, presales, and internal cash,” said Nanda.

Nanda said, this office building will be the first in Calcutta. “Bekasi shortage of office space, so many companies operating in Jakarta, office in Jakarta. If they are based in jakarta, we contribute to reducing congestion Jakarta, “he concluded.