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Choosing Furniture from Wood

wood-furnitureChoosing wooden furniture is tricky. Wood furniture is synonymouswith country-house style and ethnicity is one of the interior of thehouse that many people choose. Unique texture and sinews that givethe impression of a natural and warm.

The following points can be used as a reference in choosing wood furniture:

1. Selecting the type of wood is good

Choosing furniture home from weather-resistant wood species and termites such as teak, ebony, mahogany and merbau.

2. The bark surface

Choosing the wood texture with subtle veins without a lot of “eyes” and putty. How this is done for the solid wood and wood finish that still shows the original.

3. Wood finishing techniques

Melamik, shiny furniture, the wood pores closed, scratch resistant but not impact resistant. Polyurethane (Pu), Furniture somewhat shiny, the pores of the timber is closed, scratch resistant and impact. Nitrocelulose (NC), Furniture not shiny, the pores of the wood is still visible, impact resistant and scratch.

As increasingly high prices of real wood, there are also products that many substitutes on the market such as Plywood, MDF and Particle board.

Furniture is a complement of a dwelling house. to look beautiful and comfortable place to live then the election becomes a very important thing. If you intend to buy, then the work is somewhat tricky.

Need foresight and knowledge is quite good with interior designhouses.

The first step taken in selecting the furniture is a ‘survey’ small room in the house. Note the color of the walls, spacious rooms, high ceilings, room accessories and other matters relating to the chosen theme, such as the classic theme, or Mediterranean, or minimalist, or traditional, Balinese and so on. In a large room, you can divide the areas into several different areas. A large space can provide many options for interior and furniture design. If too much empty space, there could be the impression of ‘cold’ at home. For a small space (the space of 3 x 3 meters is a fairly narrow space), you can use the home furniture that seem lightweight and small. Small designs can provide relief effect in the room. Small spaces can also be impressed if not a lot of great stuff and there is a pretty big wall objects, such as painting or photograph that meets one of the walls.

Furniture design can be combined with the wall color. Ideally, the color of furniture is a matching color to paint the walls. When the walls of the room in color Kren, try furniture color ranges in color or monochrome Kren matching. Solid beige or its equivalent could be the base color. You also can choose the colors are more pastel or darker. We recommend that for maximum results, you can use the services of interior designers to organize your space.

For the selection of themes, adjust to the character yourself or your family. A theme reflects the personality of its owner and any arrangement must be consistent. as an example: if you are a busy young man and practical, sometimes you prefer the minimalist design. Certainly not funny when you have a classic chair in a room with minimalist style.

When you buy furniture from a furniture store, of course, in addition to the model, note also the durability. Here are some tips for you:

  • Always read the instructions that came from the shop window. If you find information that contradicts another furniture store, ignore it and still follow the instructions from the makers of furniture design from the store.
  • Comfortable furniture furniture into place dirt and dust accumulation. Stools furniture must be removed before the polish. If not cleaned regularly, this dirt will be piled and mixed with liquid polish and the more difficult to clean and eventually damage the display.
  • Clean the dust on your furniture every week with a soft cloth in the wet. This is to prevent the appearance of scratches. Then wash and polish every month.
  • For wood furniture, always use protection from hot or cold drinks, and avoid the heat of the sun’s damaging the color and finish. Also do not move anything on it to be scratched.
  • Avoid touching the surface of the furniture plant because moisture dangerous for your tooling. Always use a pad so as not to be scratched.
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Move Smoothly, Safely and Trouble-free

movingYou need to rent a big enough van or trailer to carry the amount the objects you want to move across a city or town. Renting a van for moving isnt that expensive as people generally think. Though, its important to know accurate and latest rental guides prior to hiring such van. Moving to a new location can often lead to mental tension and anxiety. Its indispensable to take precautionary steps at this time.

Engaging expert moving services possibly decrease your stress to a great extent. These skilled people know very well as how to move securely, safely and without actually hurting your valuable household articles. When renting a moving truck, the first step you should do is to decide how far you want to move and the size of truck you would need. Nearly all rental agencies make available a truck size-guide to help you choose the most appropriate truck. Numerous rental companies charge a flat daily rate whereas some may charge an inclusive rate.

So, its essential to know the mileage and size of truck you need prior to starting your move. Its always good to hire a truck that is big enough than a small one, simply because it could save a few bucks. For example, a mini mover will be just ideal for a small apartment while almost a 20-foot truck will be ideal to put up a 3-plus bedroom home.

Make sure that the renting truck you hire should be at least 8-12% big. It should be able enough to contain more than what you have planned to stuff. This will guarantee you that there is sufficient space in the truck as more space will be better than little.

To craft your move as just as right possible, you must always reserve the renting truck well in advance. The trucks are liable to be busier on weekends than on weekdays. So, you need to book your van in compliance with the day of your move. Dont forge the booking during the peak season can also affect the cost of renting. Think about these rental guides, as they will give you the best design on how to move smoothly, safely and trouble-free.

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Light Steel Frame Roof

Light Steel Frame Roof

The roof has a function as a cover or protector of the home from rain and heat of the sun and is one component that can add to the overall aesthetics of homes.

The roof consists of the roof frame and roof cover. Type of roof truss used the wood roof frame and lightweight steel roof truss (truss). As for the commonly used tin roofing, asbestos, shingles and tile.

Lightweight steel roof truss into the functional equivalent option in some ways even better than wood materials as more expensive anddifficult to find good quality wood materials.

In terms of durability, lightweight steel roof truss is superior when compared with wood materials. Material mild steel safe to termites, corrosion resistant and resistant to weather conditions.

Lightweight steel roof truss in addition to more economical because they were cheaper than wood material also has a lighter weight. Character and mild steel weights create more robust structure of the house and the roof is more stable against bending, torsion and expansion so that it meets one of the components that support the earthquake-resistant housing.

Zincalume, galvanized and Galvalume support the application of lightweight steel roof truss is more practical because through the fabrication process is then performed on-site assembly process as well as the more precision, thereby reducing the risk of roof leaks that could cause damage to the ceiling of the residence.

Lightweight steel roof truss or roof truss wood selected and used as roof material ultimately is determined based on the needs and desires of the house itself.

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Wood Frame with Aluminum Frame

frameWith the development time, we are more pleased with something practical and doable. Just as in building a house, something that is more easily applied will tend to be selected by the consumer. Previously, we only know the sills derived from wood base materials. For now with the development era wood frame can be replaced with aluminum frame.

The basic ingredients of wood that are increasingly rare and increasingly expensive to be a trend of consumers currently choose aluminum as an alternative to replacement. In terms of cheaper prices for aluminum. In addition to treatment also requires no special treatment. Aluminum is more resistant to weather and of course, resistant to termite problems.

For the wood itself is hard to find good quality. If no price is very high. The base price does not include processing and finishing, when compared with aluminum, then to fall still cheaper aluminum.

But all sides there must be a weakness. For wood frames are particularly vulnerable to the weather. If we choose wood that is less good then the erratic weather changes can make the wood shrinks and expands. In the event of expansion at one corner of the wood (on windows / doors), then it may result difficult to open (blocked). For aluminum also has disadvantages. For example, if when we do the installation by using the Fischer system. This technique relies on the power screw fischer diborkan and planted along the jamb against the wall around the door jamb that has been plastered neatly and very accurately the size and angle elbow. For this installation technique, if something goes wrong in the installation then it can be fatal.

For wooden frames can be applied to any concept of home. But for the aluminum frame only to certain concepts, eg, minimalist or classic European. To use all the back to the consumer.